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  1. New Styles for a New Year: 2019 Engagement Rings

    Happy New Year!  Isn’t it lovely to start the New Year with fresh styles and new twists on old favorites? We’re always updating our collection of engagement rings to be sure you’ll find your perfectmatch and have styles, just as unique as you, to choose from always. Here are 5 brand new styles we’re excited to introduce to you in 2019.

    Meet Calla

    Calla is the newest addition to our gold engagement ring collection.  Crafted in 14 karat white gold, Calla’s center is made up of four princess-cut diamonds surrounded by a halo of 12 round brilliant-cut diamonds. 

    Calla Engagement Ring

    Calla’s unique twisted band is also enveloped in diamonds for

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  2. Your Month-By-Month Jewelry Checklist Guide

    The start of each year is a time of new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and plans for how to be better in the coming months.  While thoughts of upkeep on your home, car and body may be top of mind; your jewelry collection is another asset that benefits from yearlong upkeep, care and special attention.  Follow our month-by-month guide for a checklist of ways to keep your jewelry in tip-top condition! 

    • January: Make Your Jewelry Resolution
    • February: Add a Heart, Make Something Special
    • March: Check Your Watches
    • April: Diamond Inspection Time
    • May: It’s Time to Redesign
    • June: Restring Pearls
    • July: Travel Tips (necklaces never tangle again!)
    • August: Cleaning The Right Way
    • September: Be Smart, Get Insured
    • October: Cash in Old Gold
    • November: What’s My True Size?
    • December: Get A New Shine

    Read below for details on each month with complete inspiration, ideas and how-tos!

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  3. Our Favorite Fan Photos: Fall 2016 Edition

    Our Favorite Fan Photos: Fall 2016 Edition

    Go ahead ladies, flash that sparkler. Take a peek at some of our favorite shares from you, our guests! Want to be featured in the next edition? Just snap a pic and upload to Instagram using #ashcroftandoak or #rogersandhollands

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  4. Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

    Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are asking our jewelry lovers to "Think Pink" this month and every month throughout the year. Both the Promise of Hope Collection™ and the Survivor Collection™ feature jewels & gems that look cute and benefit the cause.

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  5. Fall Jewelry Must Haves: Swoon Over Right Now

    Fall Jewelry Must Haves: Swoon Over Right Now

    New & heating up, get ready to update your jewelry wardrobe with these Fall styles! Take a peek at what we’re seeing you swoon over right now...

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  6. 5 Things to Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer

    Want to know how to get your dream wedding photos?

    From catering, to dress fittings to centerpieces and flowers, you’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting the perfect day to say “I Do!” After all that effort making your wedding vision come to life, you want to ensure that your photographer captures everything just as you remember it!

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  7. Looks You Love: Favorite Romance Film Jewels

    Looks You Love: Favorite Romance Film Jewels

    Ever watched your favorite classic romantic movie & lusted after the jewels on screen? Here’s how you can recreate those looks you love with pieces from our collections.

    Rubies: Pretty Woman (1990)

    In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian receives an unbelievably gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace from Edward (Richard Gere) that is estimated to be worth at least $1 million. Rubies are said to bring luck in love to the wearer, making them a perfect complement to this romantic Cinderella story. Our website offers quite a selection of ruby jewelry including these stunning ruby earrings to help you create your own Pretty Woman look!

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  8. Your Favorite Gifts To Give & Get: At $150 & Less

    Your Favorite Gifts To Give & Get: At $150 & Less

    Jewelry can be very expensive, but you don’t always have to break the bank in order to get the bling!  Our collection of best selling gifts for $150 and below has everything from sterling silver rings to diamond stud earrings.Whether you’re shopping for a special someone in your life or treating yourself, here are our favorite gifts at prices that are too good to miss! Top 50 gifts Under $150.

    Earrings: Always the perfect fit

    Diamond stud earrings are a look that suits every style.  They are elegant, classy and can complete both a casual and a dressy look. Think diamond stud earrings are way too expensive?  Think again!  We’ve got brilliant-cut and princess-cut styles for just $150! 

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  9. Take Your Summer Style Up a Notch: Must-Have Accessories

    Summer is finally here, and we are so excited to show off all the new styles for the season; like off-the-shoulder tops, florals, stripes and bold colors.  Your closet may be full of all the latest fashions, but do you know how best to accessorize those cool summer looks?  Keep reading for our advice from our experts!

    Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace in 10k Yellow Gold

    Shy Creation: Diamond V-Shape Necklace 14k Rose Gold

    Layered Necklaces:

    Off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops and dresses are all the rage among fashionistas right now.  This style leaves a lot of real estate for flaunting another of this summer’s trends: layered necklaces.  

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  10. Want Your Engagement Ring to Look Brand New For Years?

    Your Engagement Ring Can Look Brand New for Years! Simply Follow These Tips From Our Jewelry Experts."I just got engaged!  I love my ring so much and I want to make sure it sparkles like this forever!  Do you have any tips for caring for engagement rings?"

    Congratulations!  We’re so happy to hear from newly engaged couples. We definitely can help you keep your engagement ring shiny and bright with these tips from our jewelry experts: 

    1) Have that ring insured!

    This should be one of the first things you do after the excitement of being engaged.  No one ever wants to think about their precious ring being damaged, lost or stolen, but unfortunately, it can happen.

    And while the emotional value of your ring is impossible to replace, ring insurance can cover the replacement cost.  Ring insurance can be bought as an extension to your renter’s or homeowner’s policy. Or, for more coverage (replacing the actual lost or stolen ring), consider a company that specializes in jewelry insurance. Here are some additional ring insurance tips:

    1. Take pictures of your ring.
    2. You should have received a Statement of Value document when you purchased your ring (if not, request one!). We require the original receipt from your purchase in order to properly complete the Statement of Value for you. Once completed, these Statements of Value generally satisfy insurance company requirements for jewelry riders appended to homeowner's policies. Keep it somewhere safe as you'll likely need it when looking to insure your jewelry.
    3. Keep in mind that the value of your jewelry can increase over time. It is important to obtain a current Statement of Value every 2-3 years and update your policy when the value of jewelry changes to ensure adequate coverage with your insurance company.
    4. Keep a copy of your purchase receipt on your computer or in a safe.
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