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Top 7 Diamond Shapes & What They Say About You

What does your choice in diamond shape or enagement ring shape say about you?

Often the first step in choosing an engagement ring is determining the shape (round, princess, marquise, etc.) of the diamond you like best.

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How Will It Look: Diamond Carat & Pearl Size Charts

We’ve also created handy charts that let you compare all of the most popular diamond and pearl earrings sizes at once. Generally, the more carats a diamond is, or the larger the pearl, the more expensive it will be. But bigger isn’t always better. Try to get a feel for the size of earrings your wife usually wears. Are they small and dainty or big and flashy? Choose a size that best fits with her usual style.

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3 Colorful Engagement Rings She Will Say Yes To

Want your engagement ring to stand out from the crowd?

A uniquely colored gemstone engagement ring might be just what the bride ordered. They’re beautiful. They’re unusual. And they can be a great value. 

The decision to commitment can be scary, to a colored stone engagement ring that is. Here are a few ways to add that color without going overboard.

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To Shop Together or Not? Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring

The next step is to think about how you’re going to propose, and, of course, the engagement ring! Traditionally, choosing an engagement ring has been a job just for the guys. But times have changed, and more and more couples are choosing to shop for an engagement ring together. But which way is best? There are certainly pros and cons for each situation. Whether you choose to shop together or alone, we are here to guide you through the entire engagement ring buying process.

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New Styles for a New Year: 2019 Engagement Rings

Happy New Year!  Isn’t it lovely to start the New Year with fresh styles and new twists on old favorites? We’re always updating our collection of engagement rings to be sure you’ll find your perfectmatch and have styles, just as unique as you, to choose from always. Here are 5 brand new styles we’re excited to introduce to you in 2019.

Meet Calla

Calla is the newest addition to our gold engagement ring collection.  Crafted in 14 karat white gold, Calla’s center is made up of four princess-cut diamonds surrounded by a halo of 12 round brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Calla Engagement Ring

Calla’s unique twisted band is also enveloped in diamonds for ultimate glitter and shine.  Calla has a 3/4ct. total diamond weight. A matching wedding band is available to make your set complete.

Meet Morgan

Morgan is crafted in a unique 14 karat yellow & white gold setting. This gorgeous engagement ring features a round diamond center that is surrounded by 27 brilliant-cut round diamonds for added sparkle & elegance, creating a stunning halo diamond design. Morgan has a ½ct. total diamond weight.

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