The start of each year is a time of new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and plans for how to be better in the coming months.  While thoughts of upkeep on your home, car and body may be top of mind; your jewelry collection is another asset that benefits from yearlong upkeep, care and special attention.  Follow our month-by-month guide for a checklist of ways to keep your jewelry in tip-top condition! 

  • January: Make Your Jewelry Resolution
  • February: Add a Heart, Make Something Special
  • March: Check Your Watches
  • April: Diamond Inspection Time
  • May: It’s Time to Redesign
  • June: Restring Pearls
  • July: Travel Tips (necklaces never tangle again!)
  • August: Cleaning The Right Way
  • September: Be Smart, Get Insured
  • October: Cash in Old Gold
  • November: What’s My True Size?
  • December: Get A New Shine

Read below for details on each month with complete inspiration, ideas and how-tos!

January: Make A Jewelry Resolution

The cold, dreary days of winter have a greater impact on your jewelry than you might imagine.  Over time, sheets and clothing can snag the prongs of your rings or bend the posts of your earrings.  Gloves and mittens pose a threat to delicate prongs on rings and can snag your bracelets as well.  Take special care when taking off and putting on these items to avoid damage to both your gloves and your jewelry. 

Key times to remove jewelry:  (The 4 S’s!)

  • Shower
  • Sleep
  • Sweat
  • Swim


#1) Since loosened prongs and clasps could cause diamonds and gemstones to fall out, turn your ring to the palm of your hand before putting on gloves.

#2) It is best to put earrings on after you are fully dressed and to take them off before getting undressed to defend against damage and loss.

February: Add A Heart, Make Something Special

Heart themed jewelry is the perfect match for this month that’s all about celebrating love. Pendants and rings with heart shaped designs adorned with diamonds or precious gems make great additions to your jewelry collection, and you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day sales to get the pieces you love for less this month!

In the heartwarming story below, two nieces were gifted with a smaller version of their favorite aunt’s ring that they both adored as little girls.  

original ring & replica

The CADThe original sketch & CAD (computer animate design) for the replicas

Rogers & Hollands helped recreate that ring so that each niece could have an identical one of her own. Here's how! 


"As a little girl, and pretty much all my life, I had been in awe of the large heart ring my aunt always had worn. My cousin and I have even jokingly fought about who will get it in the will! To my surprise, in August my loving aunt went to Rogers & Hollands and worked with the staff to create two exact smaller replicas of her beloved heart ring. She gifted it to me and my cousin and it's one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. Couldn't of been possible without Rogers & Hollands, I am forever grateful for their help!" 

A. Pictured:The original sketch & design for replicas


B. Pictured: The CAD (computer animate design) for the replicas 

C. Pictured: The orginal ring top left and replica ring bottom right 


March: Check Your Watches

While you’re setting your clocks one hour ahead, you’ll have an opportunity to also check on and replace watch batteries, especially in watches that are worn only for special occasions. 

Doing this yearly inspection can save you from discovering a dead battery on the very day you planned to wear that special timepiece


#1) This is also a great time to bring your watch into one of our stores for water pressure testing.  This test ensures that moisture does not rust your movement, dial or hands. 

#2) How about a new watchstrap?  A new band will not only extend the lifetime of your watch, but can also be used to create a whole new look if you choose a different color or material.