Placing an impeccable diamond on your finger (and then showing it off!) is one of the most unforgettable parts of getting married.

But your engagement ring should also be entirely your own. If that means nixing an everyday design for something more individual, like a black diamond, or even a ruby, so be it.

But how can you tell which ring is right for you? Astrology, duh! Your zodiac sign doesn't only reveal your individualities, but also your style tendencies and your taste in design.

Trying to figure out which engagement ring best suits your partner’s preferences, personality, and style?

Aside from asking (or consulting loved ones), there’s another way to guarantee your fiancé-to-be will love their ring! Believe it or not, knowing the zodiac sign of the one you want to marry will help you select a ring that best suits them!

Engagement Rings for Aries, Fire Sign – March 21-April 19

An Aries is confident, optimistic, energetic, honest, and extremely passionate. They love physical activity and fun. Needing a ring that is elegant and functional is a must. The engagement ring for an Aries will have to represent her strength! The dynamic shape of marquise cut diamond rings is perfect for an Aries because they love to take things head-on!

The marquise cut diamond engagement ring setting from our Gabriel & Co. NY collection reflects the high energy of the Aries woman. The points at each end of this cut represent her strength. This extraordinary stone will also provide plenty of sparkles; something this fire sign will appreciate.


Engagement Rings for Taurus, Earth Sign – April 20-May20 

A Taurus is sensual, traditional, practical, devoted, and lovers of anything beautiful. Your partner desires an engagement ring that exudes quiet sophistication. Make sure that your choice of engagement ring is not trendy or flashy, but one that demonstrates true value and beauty.  

Emerald cut diamond rings, like this lab grown emerald cut solitaire diamond engagement ring, is perfect for this woman ruled by the goddess Venus. This sophisticated stone will put a smile on the beautiful face of your Taurus woman every time she looks at it. 


Engagement Rings for Gemini, Air Sign – May 21-June 20

A Gemini is affectionate, curious, talkative, and bright. A lightweight ring to keep up with an always moving energy is crucial. A Gemini may use their hands when multitasking or speaking, so it’s important to make sure the ring has a lot of sparkles that will reflect her fun-loving, social nature with each toss of the hand.

A modern center stone flanked by two side stones, like the Melina pear halo engagement ring, would be perfect for the Gemini, as the sign is clearly symbolized by The Twins. Your partner may have many facets to their personalities (as most Gemini’s do), so a stone with the most facets will please her dazzlingly popular persona. Shop all three-stone diamond engagement rings here.


Engagement Rings for Cancer, Water Sign – June 21-July 22

Cancers are highly sentimental, emotional, sympathetic, and imaginative. Your fiancé to be most likely care deeply about her home, family, and loved ones. An engagement ring that exudes old fashioned family tradition (like a vintage look!) will be loved by a Cancer. Tip: Since Cancer rules the mother, a diamond-cut similar to her own mother’s ring would be ideal! 

If that’s not an option, a vintage style engagement ring, like the Blake vintage-inspired princess cut engagement ring, would be lovely for the partner ruled by the moon. This style ring is perfect for someone who knows how important the past is to build a wonderful future… and is super romantic. 


Engagement Rings for Leo, Fire Sign – July 23-August 22

A Leo is flashy, dramatic, passionate, creative, and self-confident. A natural-born leader, Leo’s accomplish anything they put their mind to. Their fun-loving nature makes them the life of the party, so an engagement ring that says ‘here I am’, will make her look as special as you see her. 

Since Leo rules gold and the sun, a large diamond in a yellow gold setting, like the London diamond engagement ring in 14 karat gold, would be perfect for your Leo love. It would demonstrate how loved your fiancé-to-be is by you, and make her truly sparkle inside and out. Shop all yellow gold engagement rings here.


Engagement Rings for Virgo, Earth Sign – August 23-September 22

A Virgo is kind, hardworking, practical, and organized. She has a deep sense of love for humanity and is loyal to a fault. A very elegant, perfect, and simple stone would make a hardworking and humble Virgo’s heart sing.

A beautiful round cut solitaire diamond ring, like this classic round, would be the perfect selection for your Virgo love. Classic, like her. Shop all solitaire diamond engagement rings here.


Engagement Rings for Libra, Air Sign – September 23-October 22

A Libra is gracious, diplomatic, social, and feminine.  Ruled by the planet Venus, a Libra loves beauty and peace and will do anything to avoid ugliness or conflict. Fascinated by balance and symmetry, a Libra’s jewelry should reflect this same harmonious principal. 

A beautiful faceted and cut-to-perfection round diamond with a stone on each side, like our "Gia" ring pictured below, can reflect the joining of two individuals becoming one - and would be perfect for your Libra love. This cut stone reflects your truly romantic future fiancé.