There are plenty of situations in which taking your engagement ring off actually protects it from getting damaged, and saves you from potentially losing your favorite piece of jewelry. 

If you’ve ever questioned when to take your engagement ring off in order to keep it safe, read on! We’re offering expert advice on ten situations you might be hesitant about. Learn more about when it’s safe to wear your engagement ring and when it’s best to tuck it away, so it can shine bright and beautiful.


Ten Times When You Should Take Off Your Engagement Ring 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off On Your Wedding Day 

Let’s start with the most-searched question; do I wear my engagement ring on my wedding day? The answer is that it’s really up to you. According to The Knot, most people move their engagement ring to their right hand so that their wedding band won’t be “upstaged.” But, you can totally take it off and leave it safely at home or with someone you trust. You definitely don’t want to worry about losing your engagement ring on your big day! 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Traveling 

While it depends on where you are going and the kind of vacation or trip you’re taking, it’s important to treat your engagement ring like any other valuable item. In some situations you might feel more comfortable leaving your engagement ring at home. If you’re going on a crazy adventure, like rock climbing or hiking, it might be best to leave it at home. If you’re going to the beach, definitely avoid wearing it. The sand can damage the setting of your engagement ring and you risk potentially losing it in the ocean. In any case, you can always hide your engagement ring in a safe or a jewelry box while you’re out having fun! Check out our favorite jewelry traveling case here.


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When You Sleep 

Another popular question is; do I sleep with my engagement ring on? Again, completely up to you, but if you’re more of a wild sleeper and you’re paranoid about your ring coming off or getting snagged, then it’s probably best to take it off when you sleep. 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Swimming 

It’s best not to wear your engagement ring in the swimming pool. Because of the chlorine, you risk causing discoloration to both your stone and band. Same goes for hot tubs, and we already covered the beach! To be cautious, it’s best to take off your engagement ring when you go swimming. 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Showering 

If you’re wondering if you can wear your engagement ring in the shower, the answer is that it’s best if you take it off. If you’re in a rush and forget, don’t worry. It’s okay to keep your engagement ring on in the shower every now and then, but avoid making it a habit. The scented soaps and various beauty products can cause buildup on your gorgeous rock! 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Exercising

What to do with your engagement ring while working out? If you’re a fan of the elliptical, running outside or on the treadmill, etc. your engagement ring is probably safe to stay on. If you’re weightlifting or putting a lot of pressure on the band of your ring, take it off and leave it somewhere safe. The pressure can bend your band. To be 100% safe, you might want to avoid exercising in your engagement ring. Check out these new watches from Citizen that are great for workout enthusiast.


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Using Hand Sanitizer or Washing Your Hands 

Chances are you’re washing your hands and using hand sanitizer way more than usual right now! When washing your hands with gentle soap and warm water your engagement ring is totally fine; no need to stress about taking it on and off. You should definitely be taking your engagement ring off to apply hand sanitizer, however. Because of the harsh chemicals in hand sanitizer, like rubbing alcohol, your ring can lose its sparkle and the metal can get discolored. 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Cooking

It depends on what you’re making! If you’re not getting crazy in the kitchen and your hands are staying relatively clean, your engagement ring is likely to be totally fine. If you’re really hands-on, and mixing dough, handling meat or getting greasy, then it’s a good idea to take your engagement ring off so it stays protected. 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Going Through Pregnancy

Every woman is different, so there’s no telling how your pregnancy will be and if your fingers will swell, but if you want to be really safe avoid wearing your engagement ring in the early stages of your pregnancy. This way, if you do experience swelling, you can avoid the problem sooner rather than later. If it makes you anxious to have your engagement ring off for a few months, consider putting it on a chain and wearing it around your neck! Make sure to add your promise ring too! 


Take Your Engagement Ring Off When Gardening or Using Tools 

This one is pretty obvious; don’t wear your engagement ring while gardening! Chances are you will be hands-on and you don’t want dirt and soil to get into the small crevices of your engagement ring and ruin it. Even if you wear gloves, you risk snagging your ring on the material, so it’s best to keep your ring in a safe place while you’re out tending to the plants!


Even if you’re hesitant, there are clearly situations in which taking your engagement ring off is a no-brainer. Take care of your jewelry and especially your engagement ring by being careful, keeping it safe and keeping it clean to maintain it’s sparkle and shine. Check out our jewelry care and cleaning guide for more tips, or make an appointment with one of our experts to get all questions answered!