Caring & Cleaning Jewelry

Just like the loving commitment your jewelry represents, it needs to be cared for regularly. With the proper care, your jewelry will last for now & forever.

At Home Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Diamond Cloth A diamond sparkles by reflecting light. If a diamond is dirty with even just a finger smudge, light will be unable to pass thru and the diamond will not scintillate. 

Use a lint-free diamond cloth to quickly remove smudges and skin oils. Place the diamond inside the cloth and rub it firmly.

Be sure to never touch the inside of the cloth because this will only add unwanted skin oils to your cleaning cloth.

Jewelry Cleaning Solution
You may want to purchase an inexpensive jar of jewelry cleaning solution from Rogers & Hollands, Ashcroft & Oak, or you can make your own by diluting an ammonia based household cleaner (not a cloudy one). When cleaning, first soak your jewelry then gently scrub with a soft-toothbrush.

For hard to reach places, try using a toothpick or unwaxed dental floss. After cleaning, rinse the piece in water and dry with a lint free cloth. (Important: Do not use chlorine or rubbing alcohol on jewelry. Chlorine will create pits in karat gold and rubbing alcohol will leave an unwanted oil residue.)

Jewelry Storage

A diamond is the hardest material known to man, making it extremely scratch resistant.

However, diamonds will scratch other diamonds, gems, and metals if allowed to rub together.

Therefore, it is important to store diamonds separately, preferably in a cloth or velvet lined jewelry box with individual compartments.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning Care

Ultrasonic Cleaners The most effective way to clean your jewelry is with an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners send high frequency sound waves through a detergent solution dissolving oil and removing dirt from the entire piece, including those hard to reach places.

Visit us anytime for your free ultrasonic cleaning and inspection. We recommend professionally cleaning your jewelry at least once every six months.

How To Clean Your Jewelry