Getting ready for the next step in your life [engagement] can be scary. Finding out her ring size doesn't have to be so tricky. Here are some tips on how to find her ring size without blowing your cover.

Ring Size?

Be Resourceful.

If she tends to wear rings, it should be simple enough to take one temporarily from her existing collection to size. Aim for one that fits her ring finger – regardless of whether she wears it on her left or right hand. Using an online ring sizer you can match it with the correct size.


Even if you are planning a surprise proposal, it could be that she’s made sure a close friend or relative knows her ring size on the off-chance that you ask them for help. Her mother or sister should be able to help you, and even if they don’t already know it, they might be able to subtly find out without making her suspicious.


More and more couples are making the decision to experience browsing engagement rings together – that is, with no surprise proposal. This makes establishing her ring size very simple. This be a fun & romantic event – and even a little telling. Take this as an opportunity to learn which shapes & styles she likes, and those she’s not too fond of. You might even ask her to pick out a few favorites for you to choose from. Keeping an element of surprise later, without the uncertainty of whether or not she’ll love it.


If you are having trouble finding out her size, don’t worry. We recommend ordering on the larger side as it’s much easier to resize a ring that’s too big, rather than too small. Either way, you may want to start by browsing our engagement ring collections, OR schedule an appointment at one of our locations!