Father’s Day is coming up fast; do you have a gift for Dad picked out yet? From staple timepieces to flashy rings, today we’re going to give you some ideas in a gift category you may have never considered before - jewelry! 

It’s a wonderful feeling, to give a gift that showcases not only how much love and compassion you share for a person; but also lets them know how much their love and support means to you.


The Sophisticated Dad

This is for the man who sticks to a routine, but is not obligated by it. He enjoys life’s simple pleasures and gets enjoyment out of a long-day’s work doing what he cares about. We’ve rounded up three staple Father’s Day gift ideas to fit the sophisticated dad that he’s sure to love.

Movado Men’s Swiss Sapphire Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

The simple elegance of this timepiece is universal enough to be worn inside and outside the office. The absence of numbers gives the face an elegant and sophisticated appeal as it allows the gold-tones to truly stand out. Best feature of this Movado watch? The case is filled edge-to-edge with dark metalized sapphire crystal, gold-toned Museum dial and push-button deployment clasp.

Movado Men's Swiss Sapphire Gold-Tone PVD Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 39mmJK Crown: Men’s Onyx & Diamond Accent White and Rose Gold Ring

Exclusive to our JK Crown Collection, this diamond ring brings multi-tones together in a classic way. As the combination of sleek black onyx and ten karat white and rose gold are perfectly interwoven and complemented with a beautifully cut diamond accent center.

Men's Diamond & Onyx White & Rose Gold RingMen’s Stainless Steel Curb Link Bracelet 8.5

There’s something timeless and bold about a classic stainless steel linked bracelet. With the addition of the curbed accent links, this piece adds a layer of uniqueness to a traditional wear. Measuring 8.5 inches across, this piece is sure to fit a wide variety of wrists. Plus, this is one of those perfect Father’s Day gifts as it’s able to withstand many of life’s obstacles (that a dad may typically face), as it’s crafted with durable stainless steel. Or, you can shop all men's bracelets here.
https://rogersandhollands.com/mens-stainless-steel-curb-link-bracelet-85The Sporty Dad

This is the man who never misses his team’s game (whether home or away). He’ll spend his afternoon bike riding local trails or hitting the golf course. This sporty dad needs Father’s Day gift ideas that will wear with him on his many adventures. If something is happening outside, this guy is sure to be right in the action. Below, we’ve rounded up three Father’s Day gifts perfect for the sports guy.

Movado Museum Classic Men’s Watch 0607273

While we don’t recommend wearing this watch through the trenches (or during an actively physical sport) as it’s topped by a crystal sapphire set, this Movado timepiece is great for the days dad heads into the office, out to watch a sports game or even on the golf course since the cognac leather is wearable and moves with you. Plus, this piece is 30 meters water-resistant which is perfect for the man who prefers to be outdoors.

Movado Museum Classic Men's Watch 0607273Men’s Black Leather and Nylon Braided Bracelet

Made for the man who’s bold and rugged, the combination of leather and nylon makes this a staple accessory for the man on the move. Dad is safe to sport this braided bracelet whether he’s bike riding, playing his favorite sport, hiking or any other activity he loves. Stainless steel and leather wristband bracelets are great gifts for Dads with a little edge.  They’re great for everyday wear and are sure to bring his already cool style up another notch!

Men's Black Leather & Nylon Braided Bracelet

Satin Gun Metal Money Clip

Perfect for the sporty dad who may not always want to carry a wallet around, this satin gun metal money clip is the perfect accessory to prevent bills or cards from flying away during one of dad’s many adventures. Dad is sure to get many compliments on the piece, as the high quality gun metal gives this clip a real dynamic edge.

Satin Gun Metal Money ClipThe Modern Dad

This dad is very in touch with all the advances of the modern world. He may have the latest in new technology spread throughout his home, or even drive a smart car. Whatever’s the new gadget on the street, your dad has to have it. Luckily, these characteristics and interest can translate over into modern and sleek jewelry designs. Below, we listed four Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for the modern aged man.

Movado Men’s Swiss Museum Classic Mesh Bracelet Watch

As this modern design timepiece represent a new age piece of art, Movado designers in Switzerland brought the elegance of simplicity to the Black Museum Classic. The stainless steel mesh bracelet not only gives the watch a sleek design, but adds a layer of functality and wearability. You can never go wrong with a well-made and stylish designer watch for Dad. Whether your Dad prefers a classic, elegant, sporty or trendy look, you’re sure to find his perfect match in our collection.

Movado Men's Swiss Museum Classic Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet Watch 40mm

Men’s Created Sapphire and Diamond Ring In Sterling Silver

Who says the modern man can’t have an element of flare and luxury. This beautiful ring is made up of sterling silver and fashioned with a cushion-cut sapphire gemstone with surrounding diamond accents. It’s important to note, with this particular piece it’s handmade to order.

IBGoodman Men's Created Sapphire & Diamond Ring in Sterling SilverMen’s Stainless Steel Fashion Bracelet

Unlike the other bracelets on our list, this piece brings together modern flare with a classic design in mind. Made up of 8.25" stainless steel, this bracelet draws together a masculine feel in a stylish and modern way - the perfect statement piece.

Men's Stainless Steel Fashion Bracelet 8.25"

Round Bronze Tri-Color Gear Cufflinks

While not for the modern dad who works at a startup culture sans suit, this is for the modern dad who still fancies himself in a nice suit and tie and wearing the accessory features. These cufflinks pay a large amount of focus to detail, as the nuances of the clock mechanics are all mapped out within the links in multi-tones. Best of all, the fixings are pulled in together and framed by gunmetal case to complete the design. Does the Dad in your life work in an office with a business attire dress code? If he’s surrounded by others dressed in suits every day, he may be looking for something to make his own look a little more unique and personalized.

Round Bronze Tri-Color Gear Cufflinks

The Practical Dad

This is for the man who may not know he can incorporate jewelry pieces into his everyday routine or wardrobe. For awesome Father’s Day gift ideas, try opening his mind to new and introductory jewelry pieces he’s sure to love. Below we’ve outlined three Father’s Day gifts, perfect for the practical dad. 

Raised Letters Rectangle Monogram Cuff Links In Sterling Silver

Maybe your dad wears a suit and doesn’t mess with the idea of adding cufflinks, or he doesn’t know he should be adding cufflinks, this is where your gift comes in! Creating personalized Father’s Day gifts, goes beyond the monogram, but touches on what staple or practical use your dad may be getting out of his gift. These personalized, rectangular cufflinks fit just the ticket.

Raised Letters Rectangle Monogram Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

Raised Letter Polished Monogram Money Clip In Sterling Silver

Another one of our personalized Father’s Day gifts on the list, this money clip is the perfect gift for the dad who stuffs money in his back pocket. While the idea of a wallet may be a nice gift, the money clip is a great alternative as it’s versatile and on the go. Measuring only 54x19mm, this sterling silver clip is a great practical and stylish Father’s day gift.

Raised Letter Polished Monogram Money Clip in Sterling Silver

Satin Gunmetal James Michael Skeleton Dial Pocket Watch

For the practical man, there’s nothing more important than being on time. For some, they don’t like the idea of being constrained by a watch on their wrist - and this is where the pocket watch comes in. As it’s still considered rude to glance down at your phone amidst meetings or dinner, the pocket watch is not only a stylish alternative, but a piece that adds some elegance into your day to day activities.

Satin Gunmetal James Michael Skeleton Dial Pocket Watch

The Dad Of Luxury

This dad has worked hard to build up his successes, whether it’s a work empire or just the appreciation of a salary well earned. Sure, he may be a little flashy - but there’s nothing wrong with flashy! Below, we’ve rounded up two of our favorite luxurious pieces, fitted perfectly for Father’s Day gift ideas for the man of luxury himself.

Round All Polished Top Signet Ring 14x14mm in 10k Gold

There’s nothing more glitz and glamour than showcasing bold gold pieces. With this Signet Ring, you have the opportunity to personalize it to your father. Best part about the piece? The handcrafted 10 karat gold screams luxury.

Round All polished Top Signet Ring 14x14mm in 10k Yellow Gold

Men’s 5-Row Pave Round Diamond Ring

Wait, we’ve topped it! What’s more glitz and glamour than gold? Five rows of pave round genuine diamonds! This piece features five separating rows of white diamonds, set in a 10 karat yellow gold & sterling silver design. Our collection of jewelry for him offers a wide variety of styles and designs of right hand rings!

Men's 5-Row Pave Round Diamond Band

No matter your dad’s taste or style, these gifts are a great way to show your love and adoration for the special father in your life.

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a gift for Dad, there are actually many options in our men’s collection that will definitely make his day extra special. 
We hope this guide gives you some new ideas for gifts for all the Dads in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your father, husband, grandfather or brother, we’re sure that any of these unique pieces will be treasured for years to come.