The underlying theme for 2020 is non-traditional, no question about it. Jewelry trends have shifted along with the desires of the consumer, and gemstones that have previously gone overlooked for the clear diamonds and pink sapphires are now taking center stage. Case in point, the Morganite, a pink variant of the Beryl, the same mineral as emeralds and aquamarine. The morganite has risen into pop culture recently with the engagement of Robyn Dixon, of BravoTV fame. Ex-husband Juan Dixon proposed with a "jaw dropping" 5 carat , emerald cut, morganite center stone in 1.2 carats of diamonds, all set in 18k white gold. This stunning engagement ring set the internet on fire as a knock to traditional tastes.

Robyn Dixon Engagement Ring

Dixon, in her instagram post, emphasizes the spiritual connection to the stone with the caption "...Morganite is a very gentle stone, allowing for easy, gentle release of emotions, “like an angel holding my heart”. Morganite’s clear and pure heart energy eases the pain of old emotional wounds and forgotten traumas. Unfulfilled emotional needs and unexpressed emotions are brought forth by Morganite as it nurtures the emotional body."

Emerald Cut Morganite Engagement Ring

Originally discovered off the coast of Madagascar in 1910, the New York Academy of Sciences named the gem after J.P. Morgan, it’s chief financier. Color is the most important thing to consider when seeking morganite. The range of hues can fluctuate between light peach to salmon, and even as dark as a violet-pink. The most desirable being the elegant pink and rose variants, common in engagement rings due to their femininity and gentleness. The cut will play a much bigger part in color selection than some of its colorless counterparts due to pleochroism (in which coloration varies to the viewing angle). The more angled facets, the more ethereal color spectrum potential. While inclusions of magnesium can add to the pleochroism, the stone is typically eye clean and without visible flaws. The richer the color, generally the more sought after the stone will be.

Morganite Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Morganite is a very rare gemstone, but fortunately this rarity has not effected price. Affordable jewelry can be readily found, without sacrificing brilliance, color or size. With less expensive gemstones, the durability is often called into question. The morganite ranks between 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it durable enough for everyday wear as long as no unnecessary scratches or knocks occur. With an underlying meaning of love, romance and innocence, don't hesitate to bring the playful and exciting morganite into your collection. Find stunning Morganite jewelry in our jewelry collections.