What is a promise ring? While many have heard of the practice or know someone who may be wearing a promise ring alongside their partner, a lot of individuals admit they’re unsure of the purpose of promise rings and the significant meaning behind them.

More than gifting a piece of jewelry, promise rings for couples (as well as individuals) symbolize a token of longevity and commitment. 

Since there are a few unknowns when it comes to the true definition of a promise ring meaning, we broke down the history and stories behind the practice as well as our favorite styles of promise rings. Read on to see if you, or you and your partner, could be ready to make the next big step and commit a promise.  

The History Behind Promise Rings

Believe it or not, we can date promise rings all the way back second century BC. In ancient Rome, there were laws put in place that detailed a bride and groom must hold off on announcing their marriage for a certain period of time while the courting process was taking place. With the time in waiting, women would wear the rings as a token of promise to their future partner. 

Since that time, the meaning behind the promise ring began to change, but always kept similar intentions. The most relatable, and closest version to our knowledge of promise rings for couples, comes from 1600 England.

Known as Posy Rings back then, each of these tokens came with (yes a promise) an engraving or gemstone to signify romance. Some of the engravings on the rings would be popular love poems or romantic scripts.

Promise Rings

A Promise Ring’s Meaning

Given every person and relationship is different, there can be many meanings behind the staple question, what is a promise ring? The most popular and well known meaning behind the ring, speaks to the practice of promise rings for couples. Notably known as a precursor for an engagement, promise rings are perfect for couples not ready to take on the next step of marriage, but have the understanding that they see a future for themselves together. 

Another significant meaning behind promise rings for couples, or for an individual, speaks to chastity and saving themselves for marriage. Worn as a promise to abstain from sex, promise rings can be gifted from parent to child, in a relationship, or to one’s self.

Celebrities like Jordyn Sparks and the Jonas Brothers, popularized the practice in the early 2000s as they wore promise rings for this purpose. Alternatively, couples can decide to gift promise rings to one another to vow a monogamous relationship and how they intend to be intimately exclusive. 

While couples gain all the spotlight when it comes to wearing promise rings, friends can also share this special bond as well. Growing up, the iconic best friend necklaces, charms, and bracelets were tokens to one another to signify the importance of one another’s platonic friendship.

Now, the practice has moved its way over to matching promise rings. Just like we can showcase how a romantic partner holds a special place in our hearts, so can our best friends. 

Best Promise Rings

Styles of Promise Rings

Now that we’ve covered the many variations of a promise ring meaning, it’s time to jump in and discuss the various styles, collections, and versions of promise rings on the market. We believe quality should be the core essence of a promise ring.

Whether you prefer many stones, a singular stone, or a twist on the classic promise ring, we have a wide variety of options meant to fit any taste. 


Stand Alone Stones

The closest traditional ring to a standard engagement style, the singular stone is the perfect option for those looking to purchase a promise ring for couples. Some say, the significance of one stone on the ring can stand for endurance and stability - the most ideal combination for a couple looking to declare their promises and future to one another. 

Diamond Embrace Promise Ring

What is a promise ring without a little pizzazz? While the Diamond Embrace Promise Ring takes on a classic approach with the singular stone, there’s an element of fun and a touch of whimsical as the band swirls approaching the beautifully cut center diamond in 10K white gold. 

Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring

What we love about the Diamond Solitaire Promise Ring is it’s nod to a traditional staple with a subtle twist. As the dainty band reaches the diamond center, the ring is met with a heart outlining the stone in 10K white gold.


Symbols and Unique Shapes

Crafting meaning behind strong symbolism and shapes has been conveyed since the beginning of our communication with one another, recently it also has been an immensely growing trend in the jewelry community - particularly promise rings. Regardless of which direction your promise ring meaning takes (individual or couple), there are creative outlets through symbols and shapes to help showcase your belief behind the ring. 

Diamond Heart Scroll Design Promise Ring

Hearts, typically the most romantic symbol we have, is the perfect expression for self or intimate love when it comes to a promise ring. Featuring 11 cut diamond stones, this Diamond Heart Scroll ring is an elegant take on a vintage-style ring. The intricate crafted design made from 10K white gold will feel like a staple piece in your jewelry collection.

Diamond Accent Heart Promise Ring in Rose & White Gold 

If you’re a fan of multi-toned jewelry, this Diamond Accent Heart Promise Ring is for you. Comprised of both rose and white 10K gold, the band features both two hearts in the design as well as embedded diamond settings. We recommend this piece as a promise ring for couples, as the two matching hearts symbolize the joining of two physical hearts. 

Diamond Infinity Promise Ring

Just like the promise you’ve made to yourself or another, the infinity symbol stands for a lifelong commitment. Made of quality sterling silver and brilliant cut round diamonds, this ring will help stand the test-of-time alongside you. 

top promise ringsMultiple Stone Promise Rings

Growing more and more popular, is the styled approach of incorporating more than one (or two) stones on a ring band. Comprised of anywhere from two to dozens of individual stones, we’re keeping up with the latest trends and creating many variations of the multi-stone styles in our promise ring collections

Diamond Square Cluster Heart Sides Promise Ring

A true work of art, this Diamond Square Cluster Heart Sides Promise Ring takes the word multi-stone to a whole new level. Comprising many brilliant cut diamonds to create a cluster-center, the ring itself looks like one larger diamond stone surrounded by many individual stones. Our personal favorite touch, outlined by quality sterling silver are two surrounding heart designs giving the piece a beautiful touch.

Three-Stone Diamond Fashion Promise Ring

For those who like the appearance of dainty and simple, this 3-stone diamond fashion promise ring is right up your alley. In a band set of sterling silver, three classic diamonds are placed in the center where the two winding bands reach one another. 


Crossover Promise Rings

Last on our list, are our crossover bands. Giving the piece dimension and added layers of texture and design, the crossover bands have become a fan favorite for many reasons. As this is a promise ring (as opposed to the engagement ring and wedding band combination), the dual band is nice to wear as a stand-alone piece. Below, we’re featuring two of our favorite crossover bands from our promise ring collection. 

Diamond Three-Stone Crisscross Promise Ring

Another ring on our list that fits the vintage-style look, the Diamond Three-Stone Promise Ring features a crisscross band and three elegant diamond stones. As if that isn’t enough sparkle, two of the alternating cross bands feature a complete row full of diamonds, making this an incredible gift and promise ring for a loved one. 

Diamond Beaded Crossover Promise Ring

If you’re looking for quality, added dimension, and femininity to your promise ring, look no further than our round diamond beaded crossover promise ring. Featuring a round-cut white diamond (G-H-I, 12-13) and two bright marquise-cut white diamonds (G-H-I, 12-13) along the sides, with a 10K white gold band - it truly is an incredible piece of jewelry. Best of all, the ring is enhanced with a high-polish finish and a final touch. 

Regardless of your style or personal meaning, we have plenty of promise rings to choose from to symbolize your love and devotion.


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