If you’ve been dreaming about a princess cut diamond engagement ring for as long as you can remember, you’re definitely not alone. In fact, behind the quintessential round diamond, princess cut engagement rings are the most popular diamond shape amongst brides who are drawn to the excitement and are true romantics at heart. 

There are lots of reasons why women swoon over the diamond shape known to manifest beauty, style, and edge. Save yourself from tons of Googling - here’s a complete guide to buying a princess cut diamond engagement ring, including the stone’s history, characteristics, benefits to buying, and more! Keep reading to learn all about the diamond that will make your dreams come true. 

Characteristics of the Princess Cut Diamond 

A princess-cut diamond looks like an upside-down pyramid, so its face-up appearance achieves more brilliance and fire than other square-cut diamonds. The number of facets and their arrangements can vary widely, but because of its symmetrical shape, a princess cut diamond perfectly captures light, resulting in a beautiful display of brilliance and sparkle. 

Shape: Princess cut diamonds are created from a hybrid of shape and cutting styles, resulting in a diamond that produces more sparkle than a regular square or rectangular diamond. The ideal ratio of a square cut princess diamond is, from length to width, 1.00 to 1.05. This offers a perfect square shape to the naked eye. For a more rectangular-shaped princess cut, the ideal ratio is 1.07 to 1.15. Once you decide how you’d like your princess cut to look, make an appointment with our jewelry professionals to help you get the ring of your dreams! 

Clarity: Inclusions, the small imperfections within a diamond, are not nearly as visible in princess cut diamonds as they are in other diamond cuts. To keep their breathtaking sparkle, SI1 clarity grades and higher are recommended. 

Color: Evaluating the color of a princess cut diamond really depends on the preference of who will be wearing it! Some prefer the warmer tones of color grades G-H while others prefer the cool tones of grade D-F. Choosing a near-colorless stone, like G, H, I, or J, is recommended for a princess cut diamond as these grades will avoid a yellow appearance, but you’ll still get the best value. 

Price: Princess cut diamonds tend to be more affordable than round diamonds. Why? They’re pretty efficient diamonds for manufacturers because they use a large percentage of the rough diamond. This means that less material of the precious stone is wasted, which brings the cost down. For example, a round diamond typically contains 40% of its original carat, while a princess cut diamond retains about 80% of its original weight. You can expect to pay less for a princess cut diamond than a rough diamond of the same carat weight! Bonus! Plus, since the table of a square diamond is larger than its pavilion, a 1-carat princess cut will look larger than a 1 carat round diamond. For a better understanding of pricing based on carat size, keep reading while we explore our favorite princess shaped engagement rings. 


Our Favorite Princess Cut Engagement Rings  

elegance engagement ring

Elegance: If you want more than one show-stopping princess cut diamond on your finger, this is the ring for you, as it features a 1-carat princess-cut diamond center with two princess cut diamonds on each side. As if that wasn’t enough, princess cut diamonds adorn the band of this ring, too. There’s a reason we call this one Elegance! 



Aria: Extra trendy, this engagement ring is a 7/8ctw quad twist, princess cut, double diamond halo engagement ring crafted in smooth 14 carat white and rose gold. Fun fact: rose gold helps accent the sparkle of a princess cut diamond. If you think it looks beautiful on your screen…wait until you see her on your finger! 



PauletteA simpler option, this ring is set in 14k white gold with a ¾ carat princess cut center stone. For extra sparkle, this stunning engagement ring includes 24 half-carat brilliant-cut diamond accents, resulting in a beautiful display of diamonds. 



Calla: Start your forever with one of our newest engagement ring styles. If you can’t decide between princess cut and round diamonds, this dazzling ring has four princess cut quad diamonds at its center and is surrounded by 42 brilliant-cut round diamonds to truly give you the best of both worlds. 



Sienna: An elegantly crafted diamond twist shank made in 14 carat white gold with a princess cut center stone of .40ct. Accented with brilliant diamonds on its halo and shank, it sparkles like nothing else, and will leave you breathless! 


Tip! Keep Your Princess Cut Protected 

To prevent the corners of your princess cut diamond from getting damaged, make sure to get a setting with four prongs. The corners of a diamond-like this are the most fragile, so without the best protection, they can chip or snag. A v-prong (another setting option) or four-prong setting will keep your diamond safe and sparkly!


The History of the Princess Cut Diamond 

A precursor to today’s princess cut diamond is a diamond cut known as the Profile cut, designed by London diamond cutter Arpad Nagay in 1961. The Quadrillion, a similar cut with 49 facets, was created and distributed by Ambar Diamond in Los Angeles, and in 1971, the Barion, a square cut with rounded corners, was created by South African cutter Basil Watermeyer. After several years of research, the modern-day Princess cut was born - a stunning square stone of (typically) 57 to 76 facets arranged similarly to the round cut brilliant diamond. While some people refer to it as a square-shaped diamond, the princess cut is this diamond's most commonly known name. 


The Popularity of the Princess Cut Diamond 

Considering how attention-grabbing the princess cut diamond is, it’s no surprise that it’s a well-loved engagement ring option! It’s the top choice when it comes to fancy diamond shapes, and is the second most-purchased stone shape (behind the standard round diamond). Stars like Cameron Diaz, Emily Ratajkowski, and Snooki can all be seen rocking beautiful princess cut engagement rings! 

True to its name, it’s hard not to feel like royalty with a princess shaped engagement ring. Princess cut diamonds look beautiful in any style--from solitaire to three-stone--and its geometric shape makes for an elegant choice for a modern style with unmatched sparkle and shine. Now that you know everything there is to know about princess shaped engagement rings, visit our online collection to find the ring you’ve always dreamed about.