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  1. A Guide to Diamond Carat Ranges & Sizes

    Recently a guest e-mailed us with a question we’ve heard often from our guests.  We’re publishing our response here on the blog to share our advice with all of you.

    These diamond and pearl size charts for carat weight will help you determine the actual millimeter size of every shape!

    I’m interested in buying either diamond or pearl solitaire earrings as a birthday gift for my wife, but I’m having trouble deciding which ones to buy.  I can’t figure out how big each of the earrings are or how they would look on her. I’m also not sure which type she would like best.  Can you help?

    Great question! You definitely can’t go wrong with either diamond or pearl earrings, so you’re on the right track already!  Both are classic pieces that can be dressed up or down, so they can be worn casually or for a night out. Check your wife’s jewelry box to see what types of stones or gems she already has, and choose the one that would add something new and different to her collection.

    We totally get that buying earrings online can be tricky if you’re not familiar with sizing terminology or just can’t picture how what you see on your screen will look on an actual ear. That’s why we recently added photos to each of our diamond solitaire stud earrings and freshwater pearl earrings product pages showing how that particular piece will look on the typical woman’s ear. We’ve also created handy charts that let you compare all of the most popular diamond and pearl earrings sizes at once. Check them out below!

    When buying diamond or pearl jewelry, it also helps to know the terms used when describing their size. Diamonds are sized by weight and measured in carats (1 carat= 200mg), while freshwater pearls are measured by their diameter in millimeters. Generally, the more carats a diamond is, or the larger the pearl, the more expensive it will be.  But bigger isn’t always better. Try to get a feel for the size of earrings your wife usually wears.  Are they small and dainty or big and flashy? Choose a size that best fits with her usual style. 

    Finally, diamond stud earrings most commonly in two shapes; round and square princess cut.  Both are equally beautiful and versatile, so choosing one over the other is just a matter of personal preference.

    We hope this information helps you pick the perfect pair of earrings for your wife!  Thanks for choosing Rogers & Hollands to be a part of your wife’s special birthday moment! 

    Do you have a jewelry related question, or are you looking for some advice on finding the perfect gift, engagement ring or wedding band?  Our experts are here to help!  Submit your questions to (email address) or over on our Facebook page.  We might even publish our answer here.  Also check out our blog for gift guides, diamond and gemstone information, jewelry trends and more!

    Looking For Pearls?

    Looking for Round Diamond Stud Earrings?

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  2. Take Your Summer Style Up a Notch: Must-Have Accessories

    Summer is finally here, and we are so excited to show off all the new styles for the season; like off-the-shoulder tops, florals, stripes and bold colors.  Your closet may be full of all the latest fashions, but do you know how best to accessorize those cool summer looks?  Keep reading for our advice from our experts!

    Layered Necklaces:

    Off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder tops and dresses are all the rage among fashionistas right now.  This style leaves a lot of real estate for flaunting another of this summer’s trends: layered necklaces.   To achieve this look, pick 3-4 necklaces of varying lengths and wear them all at once.  Combine shorter chains with longer pendants or lariat necklaces. Try mixing it up with different colored metals: gold, silver and rose gold look amazing together!  Layered necklaces can also be used to accessorize deep V-neck tops and tanks.  And best of all, this look works well with all types of patterns, designs and colors from stripes to gingham to floral!

    Double Strand Diamond Bar Necklace in 10k Yellow GoldFreshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace in 10k Yellow GoldShy Creation: Diamond V-Shape Necklace 14k Rose Gold

    If you’re looking for a way to show off your own unique style, layered necklaces are a great choice, since you’re using a variety of pieces from your own collection. Personalize the look even more by adding in a pendant featuring your birthstone or an engraved piece with your name or initials.

    Gold Bar Engraveable Necklace in 14k YellowCreated Ruby & Diamond Birthstone Pendant in Sterling SilverCreated Alexandrite & Diamond Pendant Sterling Silver

    Stackable Rings & Bracelets:

    Another terrific thing about summer fashions is the fact that your arms are free from sleeves and ready for you to show off bracelets and rings! Just like layered necklaces, stackable rings and bracelets continue to be very much in style this summer.

    New to stacking bracelets? It’s easy to accomplish the look you’re after, because there really aren’t any rules! You can include a mix of cuffs, bangles and chains in different widths and even different metals. Your watch counts too, and makes a great focal point to build on. Add some personalization by including bangles with charms that show off your initials, interests and hobbies.

    Diamond Heart Wrap Bangle in Sterling SilverInitial A Charm Bangle Bracelet in White BrassBlue Topaz & Diamond Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver

    The same suggestions apply for stacking rings – just don’t go overboard or you could end up with a clunky appearance and really heavy fingers! Show off your individuality with rings of varying styles from modern to vintage or create a dynamic look by including multi-colored gemstones.

    Diamond Woven Design Band in 10k Rose GoldAmethyst Stackable Gemstone Ring in 10k White GoldFreshwater Pearl Open Shank Ring in 10k Yellow Gold

    Add a Pop of Color:

    Summertime is when you break out the brightest colors and patterns in your wardrobe, and the same goes for your jewelry. Colored gemstones dazzle in the bright sunshine and go great with a tan! Some of our favorite summer gems are sapphires, emeralds, opals and rubies.

    COACH Delancey Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch 36mm 14502654Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant in 10k Yellow GoldRuby Oval & Diamond Band in 10k Rose Gold

    Summer offers so many opportunities to show off the jewelry that’s been hiding underneath bulky sweaters all winter long. What’s your favorite way to accessorize your summer fashions? Share your styling tips by leaving a comment below!

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  3. Jewelry Picks for Dad: A Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Father’s Day is coming up fast; do you have a gift for Dad picked out yet? Today we’re going to give you some ideas in a gift category you may have never considered before- jewelry!  While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of a gift for Dad, there are actually many options in our men’s collection that will definitely make his day extra special.  Here are some ideas from among the best sellers in men’s jewelry.


    You can never go wrong with a well-made and stylish designer watch for Dad. Whether your Dad prefers a classic, elegant, sporty or trendy look, you’re sure to find his perfect match in our collection.

    Cuff Links and Tie Accessories

    Does the Dad in your life work in an office with a business attire dress code?  If he’s surrounded by others dressed in suits every day, he may be looking for something to make his own look a little more unique and personalized.  Cuff links, Tie Tacs and Tie Bars are perfect for adding just a little something extra to highlight his personal style (and they’re way more interesting than buying Dad another tie!)  These accessories are also great for any Dad who has an occasion to get dressed up, such as a wedding!


    Stainless steel and leather wristband bracelets are great gifts for Dads with a little edge.  They’re great for everyday wear and are sure to bring his already cool style up another notch!

    We hope this guide gives you some new ideas for gifts for all the Dads in your life.  Whether you’re shopping for your father, husband, grandfather or brother, we’re sure that any of these unique pieces will be treasured for years to come.

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  4. A Match for Moms of all Types: Mom's Official Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for the special mom in your life, whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, grandmother or your best friend.  According to the National Retail Federation, Americans planned to spend $4.2 billion on jewelry for Mother’s Day in 2016, making it one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts.

    But all moms are different and it can be tough to figure out which piece mom would like best. Our Mother’s Day gift guide is here to help!  Whether your mom is trendy, sporty, all about the glam or classically elegant, we’ve got her perfect match. 

    The Trendy Mom

    The Trendy Mom is always up-to-date on the latest fashions and accessories.  She follows all the fashion blogs and knows exactly what styles all the celebrities are wearing.  She’s dressed to impress and always sports the hottest looks.  These styles from Shy Creation and Gucci are sure to make a trendy mom’s day:



    The Classic Mom

    She’s classically cool and effortlessly put together at all times.  Classic Mom loves the basics that never go out of style.  A strand of pearlsdiamond studs, and a simple, yet elegant pendant are a must for this mom:



    The Frugal Fashionista Mom

    There’s nothing a frugal fashionista loves more than getting the hottest styles for the lowest prices!  This mom wouldn’t want you to spend a ton of money on her Mother’s Day gift, but she would be delighted with any of the gorgeous pendantsringsearrings or timepieces from our top gifts under $150 collection!



    The Glamorous Mom

    Glamorous Mom is all about the bling!  She wants all the sparkle, glitz and glam she can get. These gifts from EFFY Jewelry and Movado timepieces will definitely satisfy the glamorous mom’s flair for pizzazz!



    The Artistic Mom

    She’s all about color and unique designs.  Artistic mom will love colored gemstonesbirthstone jewelry and pieces with intricate patterns.



    Athletic Mom

    Sporty moms are jewelry fans too! Whether it’s a bangle with a charm representing her favorite sport, or a watch or earrings that are perfect for wearing while going for a run, we’ve got plenty of choices to make athletic mom’s day!



    The One-of-a-Kind Mom

    This mom loves to be unique.  Nothing thrills her more than owning one-of-a-kind or personalized pieces.  If you know a mom like this, check out our exclusive JK Crown collection, designs & pieces which you can only find on our website and in our stores.



    We hope this guide takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for mom. Comment below and let us know which type of mom you’re shopping for this year, and which item you think best fits her personality!

    Here’s to a Mother’s Day filled with shimmer & shine! 

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  5. Spring 2017 Color Report: 3 You Need in Your Collection

    We do not think we are exaggerating when we say these are THE most-wanted gemstones for Spring 2017.


    Morganite’s hue ranges from a soft salmon to a vibrant blush, and its elegance makes you adult enough to wear it.

    Looking for something truly exceptional? According to our gemstone experts, this gem is becoming harder and harder for jewelers to nab due to demand- meaning its increasing rarity is making it tough to add to your collection. Not to worry, we have 25 for you to get right now. 

    Morganite’s growing popularity stems from its pink, blush-like hue which compliments every skin tone; although the gem appears ultra-pricey, she won’t break your bank. The stone sparkles best when surrounded by accent diamonds, but let’s be honest, what doesn’t?




    Amethyst gems illuminate a dreamy, vintage-purple hue that is taking over 2017 from the runway to weddings and everything in-between. Moreover, we are not the only ones obsessing.  Industry influencers who assemble the Pantone Spring Fashion Color Report (yes, that exists) conclude that the rosy undertones radiate on the skin and produce a healthy glow when worn.

    The amethyst indicates a number of things in addition to being “fashion forward”. As February’s birthstone, this “stone of friendship” signifies purity & trust.

    These punchy purple pieces are a great way to introduce feminine shades to your jewelry collection this year.




    Don’t ever underestimate this classic. Because if these new styles tell us anything, it’s that there’s nothing “old school” about these new pearl designs.

    Make a statement and queue the “oohs and ahhs” with a signature piece from our pearl collection of rings, ear climbers and new golden south sea pearl pendants. 

    Pearls, natural or cultured, are formed when a mollusk produces layers of nacre (pronounced NAY-kur) around some type of irritant inside its shell. In natural pearls, the irritant may be another organism from the water.



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  6. Favorite Fan Photos: Spring 2017 Edition

    Go ahead ladies, flash that sparkler. Take a peek at some of our favorite shares from you, our guests! Want to be featured in the next edition?Just snap a pic and upload to Instagram using #ashcroftandoak or #rogersandhollands





    Now, we want to see even more! Share your sparkle with us on Instagram & you just might be featured here!

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  7. Valentine’s Day Contest Winners Revealed!

    There’s nothing we love more than hearing about your special happily-ever-after moments.  That’s why last month, in celebration of love and Valentine’s Day, we ran a Facebook contest in which we asked our followers to send us the story of their engagement. From carefully composed to totally spontaneous to asking with the help of friends or fun props, we loved reading all of the incredibly sweet, hilarious and thoughtful proposal stories received.

    Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our 5 special winners who each received a $50 gift certifaicate. Read the winning engagement stories below:

    Alysa C.

    “My fiancé and I were "reliving" our first date at Navy Pier in Chicago. He wanted to do everything we couldn't do the first time we went because we didn't have any money. One of those included getting our picture drawn. So we went to get the picture done and he asked if we could do a pose.

    The guy said yes, so he got down on 1 knee and I laughed and told him to get up, and then he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.

    We have been together for almost 9 years and will be getting married on our 10-year anniversary next year!!! My ring was actually custom designed by Rogers & Hollands in Old Orchard Mall.”


    Erin P.

    “Jacob surprised me by showing up at my work. I had no idea that he was going to be proposing. He told me that he had to work and we wouldn't be able to see each other at all that day. I was so surprised and I couldn't stop crying, I was so happy that I could barely even get myself to say the word yes through the happy tears.

    We decided to get married on September 6. It was the five-year anniversary of when we had started dating. For Jacob's wedding present I surprised him by getting him the ArtCarved ring that he had really wanted but knew he probably wouldn't be able to get.

    Every year we like to celebrate our anniversary by taking pictures. On our one your anniversary Jacob got a second band for my ring, even got down on one knee to give it to me.

    I love our 2 anniversary pictures even though we fell out of the boat.

    For my birthday this year Jacob upgraded my rings to my forever set. My original engagement ring wasn't from Rogers & Hollands and had some structural problems. He saw that they had a ring just like the one I had been dreaming about even before we got engaged, but couldn't afford. I'm soooooo happy with my rings and the story that they tell.”


    Haley W.

    “I had JUST turned 20, we were high school sweethearts. He joined the Army, so we decided to get married and go together. He called my dad from a friend’s cell phone in the bathroom at basic training, to ask permission. I planned a wedding in 2 weeks, and we got married when he came home over Christmas leave. No romantic proposal, but still the same feeling!  After 11 years, 2 kids, deployments and 6 moves, he still makes my heart skip a beat!”


    Lauren B.

    “I was 7 months pregnant, it was my birthday, and my love coordinated a surprise day off with my boss. He picked me up with a dozen roses, a comfy shopping outfit, and took me to Chicago for a day of shopping and yummy food. We got home right before midnight, and he asked me to get a bag from our son's nursery, that I thought was still not finished. I opened the door to find his nursery complete, and turned around to him proposing! While we were gone my parents were at our house setting up my son's room!!

    My now husband planned everything perfectly and proposed right at midnight. ‪He woke up early that day after I left for work, got half the nursery done, and had coordinated my surprise day off with my boss, had my parents involved in planning and finishing the nursery, got me my favorite roses, and spoiled me rotten, all while remembering to bring me a comfy maxi dress for a day of shopping. It doesn't get any better than that. The fact that my family was involved meant so much to me!  Going on 4 years of married life!” 


    Lyn K.

    “Nearly three years after meeting, which coincidentally was at a wedding, we were moving in together! On our first night in our new home, I pulled into the garage after working a long day as a nurse, feeling ambivalent about our first night in our home.

    As I walked in the house Eric was playing "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw, the song we always said would be our first dance song at our wedding. He was dressed up nice and I was confused as to what was going on; he began talking and dropped to one knee, which lead to me crying! He proposed and I said "Yes!" At the time I didn't know it, but he recorded the proposal so we have been able to watch it back together and re-live all the wonderful emotions. Finally, of course the ring was gorgeous, and from Rogers & Hollands.”


    We enjoyed reading these so much that we asked our home office and retail staff to share their engagement stories as well.  Here is one of our favorites, from Melissa B.:

    "David had begun plotting ideas for the engagement ring and proposal by early 2015, much to the annoyance of Melissa's bridesmaid Catherine who would be pestered with requests from David to covertly solicit color, cut, and size preference. After months and months of debate David disguised a business trip to Rogers & Hollands in Chicago to design the ring on his own.

    Upon completing the purchase in April, David placed an unexpected call to Catherine on April 23rd to which she picked up asking, "Is it the same thing we talk about every 2 months?" David replied "Yes, I just signed for the delivery and I'm proposing next weekend when you are shooting Melissa's graduation portraits!"

    The following week as Melissa went to have her hair and nails done in the morning, David was nervously practicing proper posture and trying to find which pants pockets hid the ring box best. After a few cap and gown photos on the University of Texas in Arlington, Catherine brought Melissa to River Legacy Park in Arlington. Melissa and David posed for some couple photos over a bridge in the park and as Catherine gave an all done wave to Melissa she turned to leave but David grabbed her left hand and started mumbling at first. Melissa didn't know what to make of it until David began going down on one knee. As David rambled after forgetting everything he had rehearsed in the morning Melissa kissed him and softly said, "you already know the answer," with that David anxiously asked "will you marry me?" Catherine was snapping away as David put the ring on Melissa's hand and picked her up in their first kiss as an engaged couple."


    If these stories leave you longing for your own special engagement moment, click to view our engagement ring collection

    With new styles arriving all year-round, you’re sure to find your perfect match! Oh, one more thing, you can submit your proposal story to us via Facebook or Instagram!

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  8. A Gabriel & Co. Story: The Lost Engagement Ring

    Losing an engagement ring is every woman in love's nightmare. Sadly, for Ciara, it became her reality. "I went running one night and when I got home I look down and realized I had lost my rings," she said, "Me and my husband, who recently proposed after returning home from a nine month deployment in Afghanistan, looked everywhere.

    I have never prayed over a material object as I did during these two days, because the ring was more than that. It had come from my soulmate. I was heart broken and devastated."  

    Spent and exhausted, Ciara posted on every yard-sale website in Clarksville. Her message was simple. "If there are any good people left in this world, my wedding bands & engagement ring were lost last weekend...Please, please be a good soul and turn it in. I'm hoping it turns up. My husband and I have looked for 2 days now." Ciara also emailed all the local news websites, lost / found pages and soon had hundreds of people sharing her story across social media. 

    That same day, a woman in Clarksville found a ring in a parking lot.  Naturally, she didn't know to whom it belonged but she noticed two engravings inside the ring. The first said "Gabriel & Co."

    The second engraving was a serial number.  EVERY GABRIEL & CO. ENGAGEMENT RING HAS A UNIQUE SERIAL NUMBER.  NO TWO RINGS ARE ALIKE. Because of what this woman - who prefers to remain anonymous - noticed, this story went from tragedy to triumph.  Knowing our brand, she reached out to Gabriel & Co. to help find the owner.

    She went directly to our Gabriel & Co. website and through it contacted one of our community managers, who received the message within the hour and immediately enlisted our social media and sales rep teams in order to track down the owner of the ring. The ring was traced to an Ashcroft & Oak store in Tennessee. One of the store clerks not only recognized the ring immediately, but remembered Ciara and how happy she had been to get it.

    By the next morning not only had the ring been safely delivered to the Ashcroft & Oak store, but Ciara had been notified of its return. For Ciara it was an unforgettable experience. "I had stayed up till 6 am that morning keeping up with social media,' she recalled, "seeing if anyone had heard anything. I finally fell asleep at 10am, awakening to discover I had a missed call on my phone. Little did I know it was my local jewelry store calling to tell me "Ciara, we have your ring". I broke down in tears of joy. I couldn't believe it had been returned! Me and Brandon now joke we already have the best bedtime story to tell our future children,"

    Had the ring bore another brand name, it's unlikely Ciara and Brandon would be the bearers of such a happy bedtime story. Each engagement ring's inscribed individual serial number is Gabriel & Co's way of helping a couple fulfill the promise of eternal love.  

    It is a commitment we take seriously. It is a commitment that sets Gabriel & Co. apart from all other creators of bridal jewelry. We couldn't be more proud of this singular reputation.  And we couldn't be more pleased to know that because of our commitment, Ciara will never forget that the return of her ring  was "One of the best days of my life!"

    This story was originally published on the Gabriel & Co. Tales Of Engagemen

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  9. Your Favorite Gifts To Give & Get: At $150 & Less

    Jewelry can be very expensive, but you don’t always have to break the bank in order to get the bling!  Our collection of best selling gifts for $150 and below has everything from sterling silver rings to diamond stud earrings.Whether you’re shopping for a special someone in your life or treating yourself, here are our favorite gifts at prices that are too good to miss! Top 50 gifts Under $150.

    Earrings: Always the perfect fit

    Diamond stud earrings are a look that suits every style.  They are elegant, classy and can complete both a casual and a dressy look. Think diamond stud earrings are way too expensive?  Think again!  We’ve got brilliant-cut and princess-cut styles for just $150! 

    Diamond Classic Stud Earrings

    Hoop earrings are perfect for showing a little more flair and adding an extra pop to any outfit. There are so many fabulous looks to choose from! Check out these stunning yellow gold hoop earringswhite gold hoop earrings, and sterling silver hoop earrings.

    Hoop Earrings

    Sterling Silver Rings

    Sterling silver rings can be simple, flashy and everything in between. Wearing multiple rings at once is very on-trend right now, and with these prices you can choose a variety of looks without busting your budget! Here are some of our most popular looks: princess tiara ringmulti-heart ringblue infinity ring, & the heart & arrow ring. 

    Sterling Silver Rings


    Pendant necklaces make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to make a statement with their jewelry.  A pendant has the power to change an outfit from casual to dressy or from plain to pizzazz! From pretty & petite diamonds to bold & colorful gemstones, browse these glamorous & alluring pendants, pearls, and more statement-making pieces to find the perfect one for your special occasion. 

    heart pendants

    Pictured left to right, linked hearts pendantpink gemstone open heart pendantdouble heart beats pendantruby hearts pendant

    Birthstone Jewelry

    Birthstone jewelry makes for a special and symbolic gift for birthdays or romantic celebrations. Legend has it that wearing a stone during its associated month provides healing powers. We carry birthstone stud earringsbirthstone sterling silver rings and birthstone pendants in styles and prices that are sure to impress! The best birthday gift? Something true to you & perfectly symbolic!

    Shop birthstone rings, birthstone necklaces, and other birthstone jewelry right here! Celebrate your birthday with gorgeous gems featuring a signature style & a meaningful symbol for each month.

    Pictured left to right: aquamarine pendantpearl stud earringsamethyst ringgarnet earrings.

    Disney Jewelry©

    Do you have any Disney fans in your life? Our Disney pendant collection features your favorite Disney classics like Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella at magical prices that everyone will love!

    disney jewelry

    For Men

    Why should women have all the fun when it comes to jewelry? We have many great options for men as well!  Elevate his look, and the special occasion, by exploring our handsome hand-picked collection of men's accessories. Here are some of our best sellers in cufflinksmen’s watches and men’s bracelets.

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  10. Looks You Love: Favorite Romance Film Jewels

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air! Ever watched your favorite classic romantic movie & lusted after the jewels on screen? Here’s how you can recreate those looks you love with pieces from our collections.

    Rubies: Pretty Woman (1990)

    In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts’ character, Vivian receives an unbelievably gorgeous ruby and diamond necklace from Edward (Richard Gere) that is estimated to be worth at least $1 million. Rubies are said to bring luck in love to the wearer, making them a perfect complement to this romantic Cinderella story. Our website offers quite a selection of ruby jewelry including these stunning ruby earrings to help you create your own Pretty Woman look!

    Pretty Woman Jewelry

    Pearls: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

    Who can forget Audrey Hepburn’s pearl statements from Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Already an icon of elegance and femininity, Audrey’s appearance in the movie marked the beginning of a new fashion trend: pearl jewelry.  As Holly Golightly showed us, pearls can be both sophisticated and witty, elegant and full of zest. Discover our pearl collection, including this classic pearl necklace to add some timeless charm to your repertoire. Plus, at this price, you can buy 3 or more to create a unique look that mimics Audrey's yourself! 

    Breakfast At Tiffany's Pearls

    Sapphires: Titanic (1997)

    Perhaps the most famous of all movie jewels is Titanic’s “Heart of the Ocean” necklace. The centerpiece of Kate and Jack’s tragic love story, the necklace was inspired by a blue sapphire necklace that is known to have been on board the Titanic. Would a “Heart of the Ocean” necklace make your own love story complete?  Our exclusive JK Crown "Blue" Collection offers two stunning diamond and sapphire pendants that will make you feel like the star of your own happily-ever-after romance! 

    Titanic Necklace

    Diamonds: The Great Gatsby (2013)

    Set in the 1920’s, The Great Gatsby features amazing scenery re-created with meticulous attention to detail to match the era. The same can be said for the jewelry featured in the film, created especially for the movie by Tiffany & Co.  If vintage jewelry made popular in the “Roaring Twenties” sets your heart aflutter, you’ll love our collection of vintage inspired jewels, including white gold engagement rings, earrings and pendants similar to those worn by Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan.

    Gatsby Jewelry

    Diamonds: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

    It was in this, the most well known of Marilyn Monroe’s movies, that she first mentions the greatest truth of all times: “Diamonds are girl’s best friend”. If you love diamonds as much as Monroe’s character Lorelei Lee, you should definitely check out our collection of diamond masterpieces, which includes everything from diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to engagement rings! And if you’re looking to capture Marilyn’s look, look no further than this diamond bracelet to perfectly match Lorelei’s movie style!

    Monroe Jewelry

    Diamonds: Moulin Rouge! (2001)

    In the movie Moulin Rouge!, the set decorations, character’s appearances, costumes and especially the jewelry were executed with such impressive effort and grace that it’s easy to imagine what it must have been like to visit the French cabaret in the early 1900’s. Did you know that the necklace worn by Nicole Kidman is made with 1,308 diamonds and is one of the most expensive jewelry pieces in movie history, with an estimated value of $1 million? While we can’t hook you up with a necklace quite like this, we can offer up an amazing pair of diamond earrings that will be hard to distinguish from the pair Nicole Kidman wears in the movie.

    Moulin Rouge Movie Jewelry

    Pearls: The Notebook (2004)

    How many of us have dreamed of being Rachel McAdams’ character Allie from the Notebook, one of the most romantic and heart wrenching movies of 2000’s?  Allie is forced to choose between her head and her heart when it comes to love. You can have the very same pearl earrings worn by Allie at a price both your heart and head will love!  And if it’s her ring you have your heart set on, our white gold engagement ring collection has many similar options to choose from. 

    The Notebook Pearls

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