Pre-engagement rings are seeing a rise in popularity, with the non-traditional matrimonial norms over taking the traditional. 

Heart Pre-Engagement Ring

The concept of pre-engagement rings is nothing new in our society, and this idea has been traced all the way back to 15th century England. In that era these posy rings, as they were called, were engraved with romantic poetry, and adorned with gemstones. 

See this beautiful Diamond Cluster Heart Shape Pre-Engagement Ring to the right in 10K Rose Gold > 

As the "posy ring" faded in popularity, the acrostic ring (a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words) was the pre-engagement ring of desire for the Georgian and Victorian era. These rings would feature an array of gemstones that would spell out a “secret” message between the giver and recipient. For example, “Adore” would be spelled with the stones Amethyst - Diamond - Opal - Ruby - Emerald. Now, that’s a trend worth making a comeback. The white & rose gold diamond pre-engagement ring shown here features 1/4 carat total weight brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Pre Engagement RingTHE PROMISE RING

The promise ring would appear in the more recent past, the 1970s. High school boys gave a ring as a sign of “going steady.”  While the names and historic significance are different, the meaning is the same. Pre-engagement rings are just what they are, a promise to marry, eventually. Whether due to financial circumstances, or merely one’s desire to take things slow in the relationship, the pre-engagement ring is a gesture of commitment.


Pre-engagement rings and promise rings are similar in the sense of the representation of commitment, but they differ in how they are worn. Since pre-engagement rings are a placeholder for the soon-to-follow engagement ring, they can be worn on the recipient’s left ring finger. Promise rings are generally worn on any of the other fingers, but that one.  Typically, to avoid confusion, the promise ring is worn on the right ring finger.

Is a pre-engagement ring or promise ring right for you? That is the underlying question. Marriage is not for every relationship, but monogamy usually is. This token of love and promise to one another is a great way to celebrate this.


Pre-Engagement Ring

The pre-engagement ring has an endless selection for all styles and tastes. Generally the stones will be a little smaller, and the metal not quite as pure. While larger diamonds are the universal sign of engagement rings, a stone under .25 carats will avoid this confusion. The birthstone is another way to tailor this relationship milestone to the wearer and would allow for the ring to shine next to the engagement ring which is right around the corner. See the round-cut diamond three-stone pre-engagement ring 1/4ctw. in 10 karat rose gold to the right.

Simplicity is key in a pre-engagement ring - rings engraved with a message, that could be worn next to the engagement ring to come, are a favorite among couples. Cluster rings give the wearer the same option to stack in front and behind the forthcoming engagement ring.

Whether you are high school sweethearts that saved a little money to offer a token of eventual matrimony, or a gen-z couple at odds with society’s concept of traditional marriage, the pre-engagement ring or promise ring has a place in any relationship that values the love for one another and promise to remain faithful. See some of our beautiful selections throughout our website. These include promise rings, birthstone rings, and other affordable rings.