Giving a gift, regardless of the occasion or person, can be seen as a token of love, appreciation or respect. When gifting an individual something special, like jewelry or a staple accessory, the sentiment is raised to the next level.

Finding a heartfelt, meaningful gift is no easy feat, whether you're searching for something memorable to give your best friend, mother, or grandmother or simply want to buy something for yourself. That's where personalized jewelry comes into play.

Everything from rings to personalized pendants, the option to engrave your special someone’s name, significant date or message onto an item they’ll hold onto forever is limitless. With so many choices out there, how do we narrow down which gifts to personalize?

We’ll break down the importance behind personalized gifts and why it’s now more popular than ever to incorporate customization into our jewelry. 

Why Do We Personalize Jewelry?

To create a one-of-a-kind gift, of course! The trend of customization and personalized jewelry is exponentially growing. The reason for this is the emergence of true identity and individuality.

People are no longer looking to match their neighbor, but instead stand apart in sentiment and meaning. By giving personalized gifts, like jewelry or a token accessory item, you’re truly appealing to that individual’s unique sense of self. 

Show her you care by adding beautifully engraved initials or a heartfelt message to our collection of personalized womens jewelry. Engraved lockets and birthstone rings are classic jewelry pieces she will treasure.

The Importance of Jewelry Gifting Personalization 

Not only is gifting a piece of tailored jewelry unique, it speaks volumes in thought and care to the person receiving it. Authenticity, amongst the latest generation, is one of the most prized and meaningful traits one could possess. In a world of ‘add to cart’ functionality, many feel like their staple pieces (like jewelry) are shared with the masses.

By going a step further and adding that layer of personalization to the gift, you’re telling that person that you picked out this piece specifically for them, for a special reason. Every time they look at it, they’ll be reminded of you and the thoughtful meaning of your customized gift.

Personalized Jewelry

What Jewelry Can Be Personalized?

Everything from personalized rings, personalized pendants, to even personalized money clips - there’s no shortage of wonderful items to add your unique touch to. Below, we’ve broken down 10 of the most recommended jewelry gifts to personalize. 

Pendants and Necklaces

Some of our most popular personalized gifts are custom pendants and necklaces. From purely customized pieces, to themed pendants and necklaces that are made special with an additional engraving, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. Listed below are five different styles of personalized pendants and necklaces, each unique in their own way. 

1. Gold Bar Engravable Necklace For those who appreciate the popular geometric trend in modern jewelry, this rectangular necklace is for you. Crafted from fourteen karat yellow gold, this piece is exquisite, dainty and held up by a beautiful gold link chain. Fitting up to 10 characters, anything from a name, a note, to a sentiment is possible for engraving. 

2. Nameplate Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver If interested in a more dynamic approach to showcase an engraving or personalization, this pendant in rhodium plated sterling silver uses laser-cut design to sculpt out nine characters of choice. After your name or message is crafted, the pendant is completed with a high polish finish for a lasting shine - so you’re individuality is always sparkling. 

3. DISNEY Iconic Mickey Mouse Necklace Whether for a child or an adult, this themed Mickey Mouse Necklace from everyone’s favorite franchise DISNEY, makes for a wonderful gift. Not only is this personalized pendant unique to the individual, it incorporates an avenue of their personality they admire and love (and who doesn’t find the magical wonder in DISNEY films and theme parks).

4. Monogram Plate Necklace Long gone are the days of monogrammed luggage tags and decorative towels, the latest trend of showcasing your initials on personalized pendants and necklaces. This laser high polished monogrammed pendant has room for three letters and is crafted from gold plated sterling silver, measuring 15.8x18.5mm. Best of all, after the monogram is created, the necklace is then polish-finished to ensure a long lasting shine.

5. Stainless Steel 24” Plain Cross Necklace Set in stainless steel, this women’s cross pendant is a wonderful gift for the spiritual person in your life. Accompanied by a 24 inch cable chain, this necklace allows the cross to hang directly over the heart, symbolizing a beautifully deep message. By adding the engrave option to this piece, you’re able to personalize the cross with up to 10 characters. 

Personalized plate necklace

Personalized Rings

Another way to go when deciding which pieces of jewelry to personalize are customizable rings. While traditionally rings are perceived in a romantic notion, there are many ways to both wear and gift a ring that can speak to admiration and friendship. Shop all rings to personalize. 

6. Cushion Satin Top Signet Ring This signet ring crafted in beautiful and elegant fourteen karat white gold, features a cushion cut satin top. The cushion cut satin top makes a great canvas for a customized engraving to turn this gift into a personalized ring. The ring can support either an individual’s initials or a full name (with up to 10 characters), for the additional engraving fee. 


Personalized Jewelry Bracelets

One of the most beloved options when it comes to customizing pieces of jewelry are bracelets. As they’re versatile and notably complete any look, many are going in this direction when providing their loved ones with personalized gifts. Shop all bracelets you can customize.

7. Adjustable Bolo Bar Bracelet Featuring a three millimeter bar, this Bolo Bar Bracelet is a classic staple to any outfit or occasion. As this bracelet is crafted from sterling silver and completely adjustable, it makes for an amazing gift. Top it off by adding your engraving, which allows up to 10 characters on the bolo bar. 


Personalized Jewelry Accessories

For those in your life who aren’t big into wearing jewelry, no worries! There are still many options to hand over the perfect, sentimental gift. When deciding which accessory gifts to personalize, it’s important to speak to the person’s personality and functionality. Below, are three different directions to take when deciding which accessory piece to customize.

8. Raised Letters Oval Border Monogram Cuff Links Wearing a suit can sometimes take the creativity out of self expression. This is where customized and engraved cufflinks come into play. These sophisticated fourteen karat yellow gold cufflinks measure in at 12x17 mm and are laser designed to fit your raised initials or monogram (up to three characters).

9. Satin Gun Metal Money Clip To those who prefer carrying money clips over a signature wallet, this customizable (and high quality) Satin Gun Metal Money Clip is for you. This perfect man’s accessory can be engraved with up to 10 characters, making it one of the most unique and fun personalized gifts

10. Men’s White Satin Photo Insert Pocket Watch This classic and distinctive pocket watch from James Michael, is crafted from mother-of-pearl and silver, giving it a distinctive and luminous glow. While the watch itself is both beautiful and dignified, the most important feature is the compartment to showcase personalized photographs of loved ones.

Whether you’re trying to find a gift to celebrate a specific occasion, or just want to make someone smile for no reason at all, a personalized gift unique to them really shows how much you care.


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