Why We Love August’s Birthstone, The Peridot

Ever wonder why this month is represented by the Peridot and what it means? Read on as we break down this glistening green stone and what makes it unique.

From its extremely long past, to the birthstone's reported healing properties, it’s truly one of a kind!

August peridot

How The Peridot Received Its Name

Some might know of the Peridot gemstone as the olivine, while both refer to this idiochromatic gem, we should clarify the difference. Olivine is the name of the mineral the stone is made out of, whereas Peridot is the classified name of the gemstone. The name Peridot originates from the Arabic word, ‘faridat’ which means gem. This gemstone can also be seen in ancient Greek’s culture, where they referred to the Peridot as 'the goldstone'.

FUN FACT: Having quite the past, the Peridot’s recorded history can date back all the way to 1500 B.C. in Ancient Egypt, making it the oldest used gemstone in human history. 


History of the Peridot, aka the ‘Goldstone’

If you were born in the month of August, and consider the birthstone Peridot your favorite gemstone, you’re in good company. Peridot is said to be one of the favored and highly worn gemstones of the great Cleopatra. Given it was located on ‘snake island’ back in Ancient Egypt, it was a dangerous stone to dig from the earth - making it rare and exclusive. Warding off evil spirits, Peridot was also used by priests as early as 200 B.C. These gemstones can be found dressing the dedicated Three Holy King’s Shrine in the Cologne Cathedral (located in Germany) - all 200 carats worth! 


Where Does Peridot Come From?

Peridot is from out of this world, literally. Some traces of Peridot can actually be found in fallen meteors as well as on the moon. Other than beyond the ozone layer, Peridot can be found in many different locations around the globe in hardened and cooled lava. The first recorded extraction of Peridot was found in the volcanic grounds near the Red Sea. Currently, many Peridot gemstones come from countries like: Myanmar, Pakistan, Kenya, Mexico, Vietnam, Tanzania, Australia and China, as well as parts of the United States!

FUN FACT: Peridot has been found on Mars, the moon, and even in meteorites! Thankfully, you don’t have to travel the stars to find this stone.

Peridot Facts & Meanings

Shades of Green

What makes the August birthstone truly unique is the fact that its one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color: an olive-green. What can impact the intensity and shade of the green is how much iron is in the crystal structure. Peridots range from a very light yellowish green to an off-brown green. The rarest and most valuable Peridot stone has a very rich and deep green shade. 


Peridot Jewelry 

August babies tend to be natural born leaders and Peridot jewelry represents something rare, unique and first of its kind. Wearing this stone tells the world you are strong and a force to be reckoned with! (Much like Cleopatra.) Peridot jewelry is also believed to have mystical and metaphysical properties when it comes to healing the body, such as bringing good health and aiding in a proper night’s sleep. 


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Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Sale

Peridot Birthstone Rings 

Also known as the stone to help bring a peaceful relationship, what could be more fitting than putting a Peridot stone on a beautiful ring. 

  • Oval Peridot and Diamond Twist Ring Made of classic white gold, this ring’s setting features a four prong oval setting which with a beautiful Peridot stone. Along with the Peridot stone, this ring is accompanied by sparkling white (round cut) diamonds in the twisted-style band. 

  • Round-Cut Peridot & Diamond Infinity Ring This infinity style ring, centers with a beautiful 4mm Peridot and set in a framework with sterling silver. Surrounding the Peridot, are 32 glistening diamonds (even extending to the band)!
    Round-Cut Peridot & Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver

Peridot Birthstone Necklaces

An ideal gift for someone’s birthday, Peridot necklaces are the perfect way to showcase this beautiful green stone. 

  • Peridot & Diamond Infinity Drop Pendant What we love about this expert-selected piece, is the true uniqueness of an infinity drop pendant. Centered by a stunning Peridot gemstone, the drop pendant is crafted from sterling silver and surrounded by white genuine sparkling diamonds.
    Peridot & Diamond Infinity Drop Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • Peridot Infinity Necklace It seems as though the Peridot stone has been around for an infinity, given its vibrant past. Now, be able to officially wear these beautiful stones in a setting it was made for. Crafted from sterling silver and 7 Peridot gemstones, this green infinity necklace would truly make the perfect gift.
  • Peridot Double Halo Pendant While the Peridot stone is the staple in this double halo pendant, the star of the show is surrounded by beautiful sterling silver fame work (measuring at 18” long). This is the perfect gift for a sister, friend or future bridesmaid.

Peridot Birthstone Bracelets

See how incredible the August birthstone can look in this staple, best-selling piece.

  • Peridot Adjustable Bolo Bracelet Along with being a personalized gift for an upcoming birthday, this August birthstone/Peridot Bolo bracelet is completely adjustable - making it a perfect fit for anyone. Chain crafted and made from sterling silver, each of the 17 Peridot stones are embedded into the bracelet and secured.
    Peridot Adjustable Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver


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