These last few months have been a trying time in the world. A glimpse of hope and solace may have come from the thoughtful conversations, love, and companionship of our partners. Whether in close quarters or through Zoom and video calls, you and your partner have made it through some challenging hurdles. If you can take on the battles life has thrown your way in 2020, you can take on anything. In fact, through these lessons, you may have decided to make your partner the one and only - and propose! 

It’s still a wonderful time to celebrate love! With creative innovations, both in practices and in style, 2020 (while bringing sadness) has had a chance to produce wonderful opportunities to stay connected. 

Tips on Getting Engaged After Quarantine 


If you’ve decided to pop the question to your partner during or after quarantine, there may be a few tips to keep in mind to make this engagement special and memorable. With implementations in a place like social distancing and limited gatherings, it may be hard to carry out the engagement you had previously imagined. However, there’s never been a better time to create lemonade out of lemons… so it’s time to improvise!

  • Suggest a Self Care Spa Day Nail salons and other beauty services may be closed near you, so instead, recommend your partner have an at-home spa day, just the two of you, or with a family with friends (this way her nails will look amazing when she’s showing off her ring!)

  • Ask for Letters or Video Clips If you and your partner are looking to celebrate alone, but want to have a touch of family and friends present, suggest they send in cards and video clips (just make sure you’re sneaky about the delivery). 

  • solitaire engagement ringsPlan a Video or Zoom Call With travel limited and people not wanting to gather in larger numbers, there’s a way to have all your loved ones there (with Zoom or FaceTime!). Schedule a call for right after (or hey, during!) to have everyone say their good wishes and congratulations.

  • Outdoor or Distanced Celebration of Close Family and Friends With outdoor gathers being a safer option for (small) gatherings, invite a few close loved ones to celebrate together. 

  • Take a Scenic Walk, Hike, or Stroll Many scenic trails, parks, and beaches have been slowly opening. Whether it’s a romantic sunset walk or champagne on the beach, make your engagement a special one by utilizing open spaces in nature. (Talk about a photo-op!) 

  • Taking advantage of Current Engagement Ring Trends Seasonal and current trends speak to the time and space in a reflective and prominent way. By picking a jewelry stone or setting that is seasonal, you’re taking advantage of the design and artistry that is moved by the era.


Engagement Ring Trends 

Speaking of following current trends, this spring and summer have given light to some of the most beautiful engagement ring trends. From affordable and classic staples to rose gold settings and opal stones, this era has gone a little vintage and decided 1920 was worth a revisit. We’re curious to see which styles are your favorite!


Rose Gold Engagement Rings for Women

ellie ring

A trend that’s here to stay, rose gold is a twist on the precious metals that are guaranteed to make any onlooker gawk at its beauty. The classic and bold essence of the golden sheen, with a pink paired hue, is a metal perfect for any engagement ring setting (with multiple stones). Not only is this the perfect choice for those who can’t get enough pink, but it’s also a versatile finish that compliments any look. 

  1. Sabrina Diamond 3/4ctw Twist Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold This incredibly stunning Sabrina engagement ring is crafted of twenty-eight ½ carat diamonds complimented by a twist-shank halo that curves lavishly in a beautiful 14 karat rose gold setting. Best of all, this ring has a gorgeous ¼ carat center diamond.

  2. Judith ArtCarved Diamond Semi-Mount in 14k Rose Gold This "Judith" ArtCarved® diamond engagement ring is beyond stunning! Totaling .39 carats, these semi-mount Diamonds are set in smooth 14 karat rose gold design, and would make any ring finger sparkle and glisten.

  3. Ellie Diamond Princess-Cut Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold Want to feel like a princess? Start your own fairytale by creating this precious rose gold engagement ring, with our iconic “Ellie” design. The Ellie is a stunning princess-cut diamond center engagement ring with 32 round diamonds in a perfect halo.


Teardrop Engagement Rings

melina pear engagement rings

You may know this style as the pear. Stunning, dimensional, and unique, this teardrop/pear engagement ring style is an old school trend that is coming back (thank goodness!). The teardrop engagement ring trend actually started in the 1400s by a Flemish cutter. So, you may be ahead of the trend curve in 2020 - you’re actually rocking a classic staple. Additionally, those who wear the teardrop or pear shape, are known to be powerful and romantic women!

  1. Gabriel & Co. “Paige” 14k White Gold Pear Shape Halo Semi-Mount This beautiful diamond teardrop engagement ring is a classic piece of jewelry. The pave diamonds and the halo add the additional sparkle, as the .32 carat shines in the middle. 

  2. Palmer Pear Fancy Double Diamond Halo Engagement  Fashioned of 14 karat white gold, the 'Palmer' is one of our favorite teardrop-shaped engagement rings! Selecting between a 1-1/3 carat of white diamonds, this ring is truly a masterpiece you’ll feel delighted to wear on your ring finger.

  3. Melina. Pear Halo Engagement Ring 1ctw. In 14k White Gold This Melina pear shaped halo engagement ring features one carat of brilliant cut white diamonds, giving it a truly magnificent illuminance. To top off this ring (in all its glory), it’s set in a beautiful 14 karat white gold band.



Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings

sapphire engagement rings

Do you like Princess Kate’s engagement ring? What about icon Elizabeth Taylor? If so, you may want to follow their lead and opt for a mesmerizing blue sapphire engagement ring. If it’s good enough for the Royals and Hollywood’s best - it’s certainly dazzling and upscale enough for us. 

  1. Oval Sapphire & Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold This alluring sapphire engagement ring features an oval sapphire center stone and is surrounded by light-catching diamonds on the engagement ring. Topping off this ring to perfection, the setting is crafted 14 karat white gold.

  2. Three-Stone Emerald-Cut & Half Moon Sapphire Engagement  This stunning engagement ring is crafted in a 14-karat white gold setting that complements a natural blue and white sapphire three-stone design. This gorgeous ring is a perfect choice for a chic, modern, and sophisticated bride-to-be.

  3. Three-Stone Cushion & Heart Sapphire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold  Set in 14-karat white gold, this elegant engagement ring features a blue and white sapphire three-stone design with added shimmer along the side of the setting, making this ring a perfect choice for your lovely bride-to-be.


Affordable Engagement Rings

Diamond Double Halo Teardrop 3/8ctw. Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

Whether you and your partner believe in minimalism, have a budget in mind when it comes to spending, or are looking to place monetary resources elsewhere - no worries! Some of the most classically beautiful engagement rings are available for purchase at a totally affordable cost. Between changing up stones, opting for clusters, or changing your metal band preferences, there are ways to cut costs without compromising style. 

  1. Diamond Double Halo Teardrop 3/8 ctw Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver This trendsetting teardrop halo engagement ring is crafted in lustrous sterling silver and features 63 (yes, 63) round-cut diamonds in a unique floating double teardrop halo design. A perfect choice for today's contemporary woman, this bold and sophisticated engagement ring will truly complement her creative sense of style.

  2. Round 1/5ctw Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver Featuring brilliant-cut diamonds, this engagement ring showcases a two-tone design for optimal style points. This ring is the perfect symbol of your commitment between you and your partner and a lovely addition to any jewelry collection.

  3. Black Emerald-Cut Diamond Halo 1.20ctw. Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold This stunning (and cutting-edge) engagement ring features a unique emerald-cut treated black diamond. This staple stone is featured as the centerpiece with a total of 52 bright round-cut genuine white diamonds along the sides. This pretty halo ring is crafted in 10-karat yellow gold and has a beautiful sheen with a high-polish finish.



Opal Engagement Rings

opal engagement ring

A few would call opal rings vintage, or maybe antique… but we call them gorgeous and charming. Something about an opal ring says nostalgia with a side of excitement. With this style of engagement ring, you and your partner will be the talk of any gathering, as the light catches the opal’s surface and reflects onto everyone. Dazzling! 

  1. EFFY Oval Opal & Diamond Halo Ring in 14k Rose Gold Opals and Diamonds! Combining two of the most beautiful creations on earth to sparkle on a ring finger, this gorgeous Effy gemstone ring is crafted in 14 karat rose gold and features a beautiful oval opal. Its center is surrounded by a vintage-inspired halo of diamonds as well as a split side (of the band) covered in diamonds.
  2. Crown Oval Opal, Diamond & Pink Tourmaline Ring in Rose Gold This beautiful ring features an oval opal center gemstone and is surrounded by an abundant amount of sparkling diamonds (46). To finish, the ring is accented with two pink tourmaline gemstones, and set in 10 karat rose gold - to really tie in all the colors together.

  3. Vintage-Inspired Oval Opal & Diamond Ring in 10k Yellow Gold This beautiful and classic, vintage-inspired gemstone engagement ring, features a dazzling oval center and is complemented by surrounding diamond clusters. This ring not only prides itself on its stones, but it’s precious metals too! As the setting is crafted of 10 karat yellow gold.


Hopefully, our signature 2020 engagement ring trends will help amplify and display the love you and your partner feel so passionately together. We’re so excited to help you celebrate love, commitment, and companionship!