Which is historically the best summer month? July of course! Why? Because it holds only the most significant summer celebrations – think 4th of July, International Kissing Day on the 6th and don’t forget about Sprinkle Day on the 23rd!

For us, when it comes to July celebrations and traditions (in the jewelry world), we’re most excited about July’s birthstone, the ruby.

Most notably known as the ‘king of stones’, it is said that this beautiful red gemstone can symbolize qualities like passion, success and bountiful energy. With a vibrant past and cherished history, it’s no wonder this magical stone holds so much desire and praise in present day.


The Importance of A Ruby

Glistening and beautifully red, a ruby actually has a scientific reason why it sparkles. While the chromium present in a ruby gives the stone its vibrant red color, the same mineral also gives it the dazzle and sparkle of a luminous glow. Named in latin as rubeus, meaning red, the very name that was bestowed upon the ruby has exclusively to do with its stunning color.

Warriors, back in the day would wear or even embed rubies into their skin, as they believed this July birthstone signified strength and protection. Being the second hardest gemstone in the world (following the diamond), it makes sense that the ruby with significant strength symbolizes protection. 

July Ruby

Differences in Rubies

Found in locations all over the world, rubies (like people), have different backgrounds, qualities, and differences. First, we have the Burmese ruby stone, notably known as one of the top quality ruby stones.

Don’t be surprised to find a blemish mark on rubies like these, as it can signify a naturally made ruby. Another ruby found in the world, is the African ruby stone, which gives off a darker color (think more of a purple hue).

There are also stones that come from regions of Madagascar, Tanzania, Afghanistan and Thailand. Thankfully, there’s also the ability to create beautiful rubies, which are crafted from the same chemical compounds used in the creation of natural rubies. 

Birthstone Ruby Facts

Ruby Jewelry

Now that we’ve talked all about the July Birthstone, rubies, let’s talk about fan-favorite ruby birthstone jewelry! From ruby rings, ruby necklaces and ruby earrings, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to rocking this classic red gemstone. Below, we’ve outlined six of our best-selling ruby jewelry items. Read on to see if any of these signature items spark your fancy, especially for those born (or who have loved ones born) in the month of July.  

Best of all, during the month of July, as our way to celebrate, all ruby jewelry is on sale with 30% off in-store and online! Think of it as a special way of saying happy birthday!

Ruby Rings

Adding sparkle to any finger they touch, the first category on our list are ruby rings. We’ve selected two of our favorite ruby rings to share:

  • Ruby & Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Ring Centered around a genuine oval ruby gemstone, this engagement ring is surely going to wow and impress your true love (especially if they’re born in the month of July). A halo setting complete with beautiful diamonds, this ring is put over the top by being set in a stunning 14 karat rose and white gold. 
  • Ruby & Diamond Halo Double Split Shank Ring Making this piece, with a beautiful 10 karat setting in rose gold, is a signature round ruby gemstone surrounded by round cut diamonds. As this is truly a one of a kind piece of ruby jewelry, make this item stand out by gifting as an engagement or promise ring to the one you love. 

Ruby Bracelets 

Whether a signature tennis bracelet or bolo style, there’s many ways to let classic ruby gemstones sparkle when worn on the wrist. We’re sharing with you, two of our favorite ruby bracelets, that are sure to be staple pieces added to your collection. 

  • Created Ruby & Diamond Halo Bracelet Complete with gorgeous round, created ruby gemstones, this bracelet is a perfect birthday gift for a mother, sister, or loved one who was born in the month of July. Surrounding the July birthstone, are small white diamonds, all set in sterling silver. 
  • Round Ruby Bezel Set Bolo Bracelet Adding to our list a classic bolo bracelet. While many say the charm of a bolo bracelet is in the customization and sizing, we’re going to have to say the addition of round ruby gemstones and beautifully crafted sterling silver, are reasons we’re loving this particular bolo bracelet.

Ruby Necklaces

Just like royalty, showcase your glow and protection by dawning the ruby around your neck. Below, we’ve listed our favorite ruby necklace that is both classic and modern with a simple elegance. 

  • Alternating Ruby & White Zircon Bar Necklace For those of you who are loving simple, geometric shapes in jewelry, you’re going to love this bar necklace. Complete with alternating square rubies and white zircon gemstones, this piece of ruby jewelry can be worn on any occasion and is extremely versatile. Best of all, this necklace is crafted from sterling silver. 

Ruby Earrings

Finishing our list off strong with a classic staple, ruby earrings. Nothing screams elegance and luxury, like red glowing gemstones framing the face. 

  • Everly Diamond & Ruby Stud Earrings Crafted in 10 karat rose gold, these Everly Collection artisanal stud earrings feature not only our favorite rubies but sixteen diamonds. As the diamonds are uniquely clustered in a square halo, not only are these earrings one of a kind, but add an elegant touch to almost any occasion (whether business or personal).

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Fun Ruby Facts!

  1. The ruby is one of the most precious & rare or today’s naturally mined gemstones.
  2. Sourced from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and India.
  3. Rubies can command the highest per-carat price of any colored stone!