We all hear from the experts that we should be organizing our belongings to better reduce stress and get more things under control. This is the same idea with your jewelry! Are you one of those people that have your rings, necklaces and earrings all over the place? Maybe some in the bathroom, some in your closet, a ring on your nightstand...and just some you have no idea where they are at? It is time to change all that by organizing your jewelry for 2021! 

Organize Your Jewelry

One of the easiest ways to declutter your jewelry is with a jewelry organizer. And the best type of jewelry organizer? The jewelry box. Jewelry boxes are something that have been popular for decades. They allow you to organize all your jewelry in one place so that everything is together and everything has a place. Jewelry boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. They can match your furniture, your closet and just your entire style. Most jewelry organizers have slots for all your rings, places for your earrings and even area to hang necklaces without getting them all tangled up next time you want to wear them!  And these jewelry organizers aren't just for jewelry; many are for watches too! Many men have watch organizers that help store watches, especially if you are the type of man that doesn't wear anything other than your wedding band. It is so refreshing going to look for a piece of jewelry to wear and knowing that everything is in one place. This makes it extremely simple to not only try on different jewelry, but to take inventory of everything you have. Especially over the years, do you really remember every piece of jewelry you have purchased or been given?

Types of Jewelry Organizers

Other types of jewelry organizers include hanging, wall mounted and over the door. While these are used quite a bit, they don't offer the style and safety that a jewelry box can. Jewelry boxes can be hidden, and while many do have locks, this offers little protection if the entire jewelry box is found. But can help, if you often have people in your home. Some of our customers store their jewelry boxes in their closest, some in their bathroom, others have stands and cabinets just for them right in their bedroom. We even have some DIY customers that have created make up vanities that are include a jewelry box as part of it. So many different things you can do here. Whatever idea you come up with, decluttering your jewelry can make life just a little more easier on yourself!

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Traveling with Jewelry

While most people keep their jewelry at home when they travel, many people still take jewelry with them. This is especially true with engagement/wedding rings or if you are going somewhere fancy and you want to be able to dress up and where all the jewelry you have. The good news is that there are safe options for traveling with jewelry.  Popular sellers at Rogers and Hollands for travel are our jewelry cases


Now for our business travelers, one of our most popular items is the Snap Valet Tray. This is a great way to keep everything together when traveling for business and all the different hotels you may be staying at. The Snap Valet Tray is perfect to keep your watch, jewelry, keys, glasses or other valuables together. Whether right next to you on the nighstand, or in the safe when you leave the room, this is perfect for traveling!

The last jewelry type organizer is perfect for the man that travels. Whether for vacation or for business. Our black leather watch and sunglass travel case is perfect to keep these two valuables safe. Not only from losing them, but from potentially breaking them during your travels. It has two compartments for your glasses and watches, which is has velour lining, to help prevent scratching and scuffing. All secured with a zip closure.

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