Are you obsessed with checking out engagement ring styles on Pinterest? Or maybe you’ve been gushing over popular bridal magazines! No matter where you’re looking, you’re likely seeing and reading about the recent hype over oval engagement rings!

While we can’t say we’re ones to always hop on the bandwagon - for oval shaped engagement rings, we’re making a huge exception. 

Dazzling, unique, and extremely elegant, an oval diamond engagement ring is one of the most desired and popular stones for an engagement ring in 2020. There are hundreds of reasons why brides-to-be fall in love with an oval stone.

The History Oval Diamonds

While it seems like the oval engagement ring and oval diamond cut are newcomers to the bridal jewelry scene, this style has been around for quite some time. Oval diamonds can be found dating back to the 1300s. Some famous pieces of writing and literature even feature this style stone as a staple in the 19th century. The oval cut stone we know and love today was actually made famous by a Russian diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan, in the 1950s. He was tasked with the challenge of turning a rough stone into something beautiful. By taking the time to craft something meaningful that fit the diamond’s natural shape - he crafted the modern-day oval stone. And boy, we are SO thankful!

Fun Fact! This cut has perfect sophistication for the bride who has flair for all things creative & individualistic.


Why We Love Oval Engagement Rings

Aside from its shine and luxurious look, there are so many reasons why we love the style of the oval engagement ring.  First and foremost, it’s a stone that has a traditional feel, but with a modern and unique twist. While it’s common to get a round stone, an oval engagement ring has its own personality. Aside from the twist on tradition, opting for an oval stone over a round-shaped or brilliant-cut diamonds means your stone will appear larger! The oval has a larger surface face, so while the stone may be similar in carat size to another cut, physically it looks bigger. And, bonus, for those self-conscious about the length or size of their fingers, oval stones are notorious for making a hand look long and slender! 


What To Look For In Oval Diamonds 

Oval stones, while possessing amazing and beautiful qualities, can also be tricky stones to buy if you’re not working with a trusted jeweler. First and foremost, it’s important to balance a perfect length to width ratio of your stone - ideally a 1.35 measurement. 

Another thing to know about oval cut stones is their iconic bowties. Bowties are light reflections that hit oval rings, making the negative dark space give off the appearance of a bowtie. While a subtle bowtie is a signature look, it’s important to avoid a dark and prominent bowtie. Schedule a visit today to ensure you’re selecting the most quality style, cut, and stone for your oval engagement ring.


The Top Six Oval Engagement Rings

Some Of Your Favorite Oval Engagement Ring Styles

#1 The 'Ophelia' Ring

Like the popular Lumineers song, this ring will be on your mind! Crafted in a unique 14 karat white gold setting with an oval diamond center, this beautiful piece is surrounded by an oval halo of white diamonds for added sparkle and elegance - creating a stunning design.

ophelia engagement ring



#2 The 'Lovely' Ring

Meet one of our newest styles, the Lovely! Perfect for the bride who brings a sparkle to your eye. The Lovely embodies an everlasting love with three oval-cut, sparkling diamonds set in 14 karat white gold. Each diamond is surrounded by a breathtaking halo - bringing this ring to a new height in class and elegance. 

lovely oval engagement ring



#3 Lab Grown Solitaire Oval Diamond Ring

Just like the oval engagement ring, lab grown engagement rings are growing in popularity. This stunning 1 carat oval stone is simple and elegant - its dainty band heightens the shine of the lab grown diamond, and is a perfect piece for a bride-to-be who wants her stone to steal everyone’s attention. 

oval solitaire



#4 The 'Giovanna' Ring

Start your fairytale with the Giovanna oval engagement ring, featuring a stunning oval center diamond set in 14 karat polished white gold. With 36 diamonds on the setting, (you read that right, 36!) this design is glamorous and fit for any princess. 

giovanna ring



#5 East-West Black Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

For those looking for an engagement ring with true character, and an opportunity to bring individual traits and qualities to a jewelry piece - this ring is for you! For the bride who has a wardrobe full of black staples, this unique engagement ring will go with any outfit. Featuring a round-cut treated black diamond centerpiece and 22 bright, round-cut genuine white diamonds, this extraordinary halo ring is a conversation piece. 

oval black diamond



#6 Oval Morganite and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K Gold

Like Kate Middleton, you can rock an oval engagement ring with a different stone! While Princess Kate wears a blue sapphire, we’re loving this engagement ring featuring an oval morganite center surrounded by diamonds! Set in 14 karat rose gold, this ring is classic and elegant, with a touch of playfulness. 

oval morganite ring



Promise Rings

If you and your partner are a ‘forever love’ but you’re not ready to tie-the-knot just yet, a promise ring is a signature move to declare your love and future commitment to each other. There's plenty of opportunities to have some fun with promise rings - why not experiment! Oval promise rings are a great way to showcase the beauty and opulence of a new stone (perhaps a birthstone or a stone of your partner’s favorite color). Some of our favorites are the oval pink sapphire ring and the oval created ruby and diamond ring

Looking for the perfect diamond for your engagement ring? One can’t go wrong when pairing the oval stone cut with an elegant and charming band. Styled modern, minimal, vintage, or halo - the options are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect oval engagement ring. A truly universal (yet unique) stone, whatever engagement ring you chose will be in style and totally on-trend.