For those of you who are genuinely curious about fashion and jewelry trends through the decades, and for any history buffs out there, we’re here to enlighten you on the hottest engagement ring trends by decade. Understandably, engagement ring trends follow the fashion trends of the decade, so blast back into the past for some serious vintage vibes, and learn about the engagement ring styles that were popular in 1910 all the way to 2020 and beyond! 


Engagement Ring Styles by Decade



Jewelry design in the 1910s had a delicate and intricate look. The ladies of the 1910s had no electricity, so their diamonds really had to shine in the flickering candle light. That could be why rings during this decade typically had larger diamond center stones offset by really exquisite designs, like beautiful lace-like filigree in platinum settings. These intensely elegant details were typically symbolic, featuring hearts and other motifs representing unity. 

Get the look: For a 1910-style engagement ring, we recommend Abel by Gabriel & Co. Perfectly vintage, this bold 14 karat white gold diamond semi-mount includes stunning halo and Victorian detailing to compliment the center stone. Time to schedule a candle-lit dinner... 



During the roaring twenties, the Art Deco design style dictated trends in everything from architecture and cars to fashion and jewelry! The Art Deco era was full of bold geometric shapes (think Gatsby!) and this look definitely inspired some extravagant and unique engagement ring styles by mixing stone sizes and cuts.

Get the look: This Art Deco diamond and sapphire engagement ring semi-mounting perfectly captures the style trend of the 1920s. This style diamond semi-mounting features a bold princess-cut center diamond surrounded by sapphire stones and fine handcrafted detailing, this ring is sure to be the life of any party. 



Believe it or not, few engagement rings featured a diamond center stone prior to World War II. After the Depression, however, engagement rings from the “Retro Era” started to feature simple designs with large diamond center stones. The 1950s gave us the iconic and enduring style of a large center diamond with symmetrical smaller diamond features! Solitaire rings and baguette side stones were also super popular during this era. 

Get the look: This gorgeous three-stone radiant and pear diamond engagement ring is a 1950s dream. Inspired by the Retro Era, this engagement ring features an octagon prong-set center stone with pear-cut side stones in a high polish finish for some serious shine. 



As the era of glam and modern style, the 60s made unexpected center stones and extravagant diamonds in white metal settings all the rave. Plus, shoutout to one of our favorite style-icons, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, for bringing back colored gemstones! Along with Art Deco styles, bright colored gemstones became a popular choice for engagement rings - a trend that is popular again today! 

Get the look: This adorable ring has the perfect colored gemstone center stone… a heart-shaped emerald! Our emerald and diamond heart engagement ring is set in yellow gold and is a romantic and dainty choice for a unique engagement ring. Shop all colored gemstone engagement ring options here. 



The fashion trends of the 70s included bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye t-shirts, ponchos, maxi dresses and plenty of peace signs. In terms of engagement ring trends, new diamond cuts became trendy in the 70s, including princess and emerald-cut diamonds as well as matching wedding bands! Groovy, baby!

Get the look: Our show-stopper engagement ring Elegance serves up some serious 70s vibes. This 1 carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring also features two princess-cut diamonds on both sides, plus additional diamonds on the shank for all that extra sparkle. 



Any look that was over the top (hello, shoulder pads and puffy sleeves!) was totally in style during the 80s. Understandably, engagement ring styles follow the fashion trends of the decade, so in the 80s engagement rings were used to make a big statement. Yellow gold also had a big moment, so naturally yellow gold engagement rings were all the rave during the 80s. 

Get the look: Our three-stone radiant and round diamond engagement ring perfectly captures the style of the 1980s. This bold yet classic look features a gorgeous radiant-cut, multi prong-set diamond flanked by two round-cut diamonds in a high-polished 14 karat yellow gold setting. 



90s babies gave us the rise of even bigger center stones and fancy-cut diamonds. In the 90s, bling was king! Because of the craziness of 80s fashion, the trends in the 90s did tend to be much simpler. Solitaire settings made a comeback, marquise-cut diamonds became especially popular and white gold and platinum came back in full force.

Get the look: We’re totally buggin for Georgia, our marquise-cut diamond engagement ring. Featuring a marquise-cut center stone with brilliant-cut accent diamonds crafted in 14 karat yellow and white gold, this ring is a must-have. 



In the new millennium, three-stone designs became popular because of the symbolism behind the design; the three stones are said to represent a couple’s past, present and future together. Halo diamond ring settings also became a super sparkly trend. Did you know a diamond halo ring setting tends to make center stones appear larger? That’s hot! 

Get the look: A ring fit for a throw-back 2000s moment, this lab grown three-stone engagement ring features one stunning lab grown center stone and two lab grown side diamonds for an overall sentimental and beautiful ring. 



We have Kate Middleton to thank for the majority of the engagement ring styles that were popular in this decade. The royal wedding gave colored stones a serious moment. Also trending during this decade were pavé-encrusted bands and cushion-cut diamonds. Plus, this era is when rose gold first began to emerge! 

Get the look: Inspired by Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, (which was passed down from Princess Di!) this gorgeous oval sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring is a show stopper. Featuring a large oval sapphire center stone, surrounded by white diamonds and set in 14 karat white gold, this ring will never go out of style. 


2021 and beyond

In this decade, people are taking note of celebrity engagement ring styles by embracing emerald-cut and oval-shaped center stones (thanks, Hailey Bieber and Meghan Markle!). Young Millennials and the first of the Gen-Z’s are preparing to tie the knot, which has heightened interest in the more bang-for-your-buck lab grown diamond trend. We predict seeing non-traditional colors emerge too - specifically emeralds and black diamonds! 

Get the look: Hop on the bandwagon with this over-the-top Shy Creation emerald-cut diamond double halo engagement ring. Featuring an emerald-cut center stone, this beauty also has a double halo consisting of 60 total diamonds! This ring really is a work of art. 


It’s clear that engagement ring styles through the decades have fluctuated, but one thing will always remain the same…they’re all so sparkly


Engagement Rings Through the Decades: Q&A 

Q: When did engagement rings start in America?

A: Engagement rings came to America in the 1840s, but were still relatively uncommon at this time. Diamond engagement rings didn’t become popular until the end of the 1940s! 


Q: When did engagement rings become a tradition?

A: 1477 - woah! Anthropologists believe the tradition of an engagement ring originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their ownership. Luckily, nowadays engagement rings do not represent ownership but instead commitment and loyalty. In 1477, Archduke Ferdinand commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record!