Your new favorite and most meaningful piece of jewelry just hit your left ring finger: what’s next? Somewhere in between calling your loved ones and scoping out possible wedding venues, you’re going to want to share the news on social media. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have taken the place of traditional engagement announcements that were once shared in local newspapers. Sharing the news to your network of online friends can be a fun way to make things personal, tell the story of your love and how it happened or simply show off your new bling.

You absolutely don’t have to be a professional to snap a gorgeous ring selfie. Follow these 10 tips and tricks from your friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak to land the perfect engagement selfie.

#1 Treat yourself to a manicure.

Don’t worry if the love of your life popped the big question in between your nail appointments - after all, there really is no better time to treat yourself! Schedule a manicure and consider a bright pop of color to make your ring stand out, a sparkly ring fingernail to stay on trend, or a classic neutral tone to fit the bridal motif.

 engagement ring selfie 101

#2 Scout an exciting backdrop.

Showcase your new bling with the background it deserves. This could be your blooming flower bed, a funky wallpaper design or the memorable place it all happened. Wherever it is, pay close attention to the background behind your ring.

engagement ring picture with cool background

#3 Include your furry best friend!

Dogs and diamonds, there’s just nothing we love more! Your pets are a part of your family, too! Nothing will pull at the heartstrings more than featuring your announcement alongside your fur baby.

engagement ring picture with dog

#4 Accessories that won’t outshine the ring - if that’s even possible.

Just because it's shiny and new doesn’t mean your engagement ring needs to be the only piece of jewelry on your hand. Play around with some of your favorite accessories to add to the photo. Bangles, other rings or a watch will accent your new ring elegantly - or, a simple band on your pinky or thumb like this guest showed us below.

engagement ring morganite picture

#5 Hands can be awkward, grab a prop!

Let’s face it: taking a photo of your hand doesn’t always turn out great. Do yourself a favor and grab a prop! Hold a coffee cup with a clever saying, interlock your hand with your partner’s hand or simply don’t include your hand at all! Perfume bottles, champagne glasses and trendy accent pillows make for great ring props!

 engagement ring selfie on instagram

#6 Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to catching sparkle.

If you've snagged yourself a sparkly engagement ring, you'll probably want to show it off in its best light. A Boomerang video is a great way to catch the sparkle in your diamond. Likewise, stand close to the window and let natural light work its magic!

 engagement ring picture tips

#7 Avoid zooming in.

It’s best to not use the zoom feature on your camera. This can make the photo of your ring appear pixelated and grainy. Instead, play around with different angles and distances to really capture the 360° view. You can always zoom & crop later for better overall resolution. Bonus tip: If you’re using an iPhone, tap the square on the screen around your ring to focus the camera!

engagement ring picture tricks and tips

#8 Feature your fiancè and those who made the proposal happen.

Proposals can take a village to pull off. Consider featuring your soon-to-be dearly beloved in a photo and tagging those who helped pull off the big day: photographers, restaurants, family members who kept the secret for really make the announcement meaningful.

engagement ring selfie

#9 Edit before you post.

Now, complete your gorgeous ring selfie with some essential finishing touches. Play around with filters and adjustments to make the ring really pop. Brightness, focus and defocus, contrast and different filters can really help bring out the shine in your jewelry.

engagement ring best filters to use

#10 Share with your social networks.

...but not before the most important people in your life have heard the news from you! We know you’re excited to share the news online, but be sure to personally tell those closest to you. Nothing will beat the genuine and raw excitement of telling your closest loved ones personally.


Now that you know all the tricks of sharing your engagement ring online for all to see, why not try out some of these techniques to see what works best for you? Practice makes posting perfect! Remember to tag us on Instagram - @rogersandhollands or @ashcroftandoak - you might even get featured on our page!