It seems like there are a million ways to decide which engagement ring is truly the right ring for you. Maybe it’s the sparkly ring in the display box that caught your eye when you passed by, or a fun, trendy ring shape like pear or princess-cut, or the classic diamond solitaire that you’ve always dreamed about… but with so many different and beautiful ring options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure! If one thing is for certain, your engagement ring needs to be the perfect symbol of your loving relationship and a reflection of your unique self. You’re the one who will be wearing it forever after all!

A fun way to determine your perfect engagement ring is based on your personality! To find an engagement ring that matches your personality type you need to know who you are and the personality type that best describes you… are you modest, artistic, active, outgoing? There are so many unique qualities that make you who you are. Your engagement ring should reflect your individuality! Luckily, we have a wide selection of engagement rings for every kind of woman. 

Our quick and easy quiz will tell you your personality type and which engagement ring styles you should consider! Keep scrolling to take the quiz and find out which engagement ring best matches your personality. 


Take Our Quiz to Find Which Engagement Ring Matches Your Personality

Get out a piece of paper and remember to take notes on your answer A, B, C, D, or E!

Your idea of the perfect date night: 

  1. Taking the dogs for a hike before hitting the couch to cheer on your favorite home team 
  2. Dinner at your favorite restaurant followed by a movie
  3. Roses and a note on the bed with an outfit picked out for you to wear to a surprise location!
  4. Visiting a new art gallery
  5. Grabbing drinks before heading to a bar or club to dance the night away 


On your days off, you can be found: 

  1. Waking up early to hit the gym - gotta get in those extra miles! 
  2. Curled up with a book and a cup of tea
  3. Binge watching romcoms on Netflix 
  4. Working on a new project or painting
  5. Brunching with all of your friends


Your go-to coffee order is: 

  1. Black 
  2. Medium dark roast with cream and sugar 
  3. Mocha (with whipped cream!) 
  4. Large cold brew with almond milk 
  5. Not a coffee drinker!


Your favorite pair of shoes: 

  1. Nike training shoes 
  2. A pair of classic black flats 
  3. Pink satin high heels with a bow 
  4. Birkenstocks 
  5. A bright colored pair of Converse or Adidas 


What’s your ideal honeymoon location? 

  1. Heading out west to camp and hike at a few different national parks 
  2. A relaxing vacation in Hawaii 
  3. Paris - très romantique!  
  4. Italy - so many amazing museums to see! 
  5. A cruise - tons of people to meet and hang out with!


Now, add up your choices, and find your results below! 

Quiz Results & Engagement Ring Picks!

If you got mostly A’s: Your second home is the gym and you love to be active

Chances are you’re working hard, indoors or outdoors, so you need an engagement ring that matches your motivated personality and the daily demands of your workout grind! You should never have to choose between style and functionality. You need a ring that is durable, beautiful and matches your active lifestyle. 

Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring  This ruby and diamond engagement ring is gorgeous and unique, with a ruby center stone in yellow gold prongs, surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds. The prongs will keep the center stone safe, and a ruby gemstone is a great choice as it measures a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it an extremely durable gemstone. You won’t have to worry about this ring, and it’s beauty is unmatched! 

ruby ring

Shaylene Ring This beautiful ring is perfect because it has a wide band and doesn’t feature any diamonds on the shank, so you won’t have to worry about losing any! Don’t worry, you’re not sacrificing any sparkle...the gorgeous brilliant cut center stone diamond is flanked by 4 diamond accents. This engagement ring is beautiful and practical - you won’t need to worry about damaging it while you’re playing your favorite sports and breaking a sweat! 


If you got mostly B’s: You’re a traditionalist! 

You’re a bit more on the conservative side, you value responsibility and you’re totally focused. You’re also cautious to accept new ideas. You need a gorgeous engagement ring that is classic, will never go out of style, and matches your traditional values and ideals. 

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring  You simply can’t go wrong with the most classic and timeless engagement ring - a diamond solitaire. This brilliant cut 1ct diamond solitaire is set in 14k white gold. Simple, stylish and elegant, this is the perfect ring for your traditional personality! 

engagement ring

Giovanna Ring A sparkly twist on a classic. This gorgeous engagement ring features a stunning oval center surrounded by 36 diamonds to make up its halo and shank. This ring adds a bit of glamour to a traditional-style engagement ring. 


If you got mostly C’s: You’re a true romantic at heart. 

You cry everytime you watch The Notebook (who doesn’t!) and you’ve always dreamed about having the perfect love story. Now that you do, you need an engagement ring that will make all of your dreams come true! You’re inspired by beauty in the small details and love when a piece of jewelry signifies a deeper meaning. 

Three Stone Oval and Pear Diamond Engagement Ring  This gorgeous, dainty ring features an oval-cut pronged white diamond at its center, with 18 bright round cut diamonds along the sides. Crafted in 14 karat white gold and enhanced with a high polish finish, this ring is everything you need to complete your fairytale. Plus, three-stone engagement rings have an incredibly romantic meaning; the stones represent your past, present, and future love story together.

oval and pear ring

Cara Ring This beautiful cushion-cut champagne diamond engagement ring is complete with a brilliant diamond halo and is crafted in 14k rose gold for an extra touch of romance. Beautiful, sparkly and unique, this ring is the picture-perfect start to your forever, and will leave you breathless. 


If you got mostly D’s: You have a creative spirit, a great eye, and an artistic flair about you. 

You love getting lost in your work and creating something unique and beautiful. Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your personality and your individualism, and should be anything but ordinary. You need a ring that is a work of art and speaks to your true sense of self. 

Gia Ring This precious engagement ring has an extra touch of flair - just like you! This unique ring features a gorgeous round center diamond flanked by two matching round diamonds on its side, making it a beautiful three-stone ring with a diamond twist shank. The stunning twist on this ring really adds a level of artistry that is only fitting for an artistic and creative personality. 

morganite pear ring

Morganite Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring  Brighten things up with a splash of color! This beautiful and popular engagement ring features a morganite gemstone center surrounded by a halo of white diamonds in a 15 karat rose gold finish. It’s the perfect engagement ring for someone who is drawn to color and creativity, as morganite is a unique choice for an engagement ring. This ring is anything but ordinary and a true work of art - just like you. 


If you got mostly E’s: You’re an extrovert and always the life of the party. 

You love to socialize and you’re always planning fun outings for you and your friends. Plus, you make new friends everywhere you go and your calendar is always booked! You need an engagement ring that steals the center of attention - like you! Your ring should sparkle and shine just like your outgoing personality. 

Isabella Ring This ring brings the wow factor, and will certainly give you plenty to talk about with everyone who will stop to marvel in its beauty. Isabella features an unbelievable emerald cut diamond center, surrounded by 36 sparkling brilliant cut diamonds for extra glamour. This ring will make the perfect accessory to your outgoing and fun-loving personality and style! 




The Celebration Ring This engagement ring can’t help but to be the talk of the town… you’ll have tons of Instagram and Facebook comments to respond to once you show this baby off! This halo engagement ring features both baguette and round diamonds totaling 1 ¾ carat weight set in 14 karat white gold. This ring is truly a reason to celebrate… and its sparkle will match your outgoing smile and bubbly personality to a T! 


Share this blog and our quiz with your besties so they can find the ring that matches their personality, too! And, if you need to drop a not-so-subtle hint, let your significant other know your quiz results so they can shop for a ring you’re sure to love. Click here to shop our entire engagement ring collection to find an engagement ring that matches your personality.