Emerald RingEmerald rings allow the wearer to take full advantage of the stone’s rarity and at the same time add the splash of color which falls directly in line with modern taste. One category of ring design which cannot be ignored is the vintage emerald engagement ring style. With the emerald being a softer gemstone, falling in at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, surrounding it with a halo of diamonds is a purposeful design concept which has been utilized for hundreds of years.

From the Georgian era to the Victorian era, this diamond halo ring approach originally created to mimic flowers, resurged in the deco era of the 1920’s, and now in modern times as emerald rings are at the top of the list for many brides-to-be.

This created emerald ring to the left features a genuine cushion-cut 5mm created emerald center surrounded by a halo of diamonds, all set in sterling silver.

Emerald engagement rings certainly make up the top-tier when it comes to ring categories, but under this umbrella of emerald rings, emerald gemstone bands are highly sought after as well. Being the official stone of Spring, and also the birthstone for May, it is the perfect time to bring this symbol of rebirth into your collection. Whether paired with a white gold band that subdues the color of the emerald or the classic yellow gold pairing which offers the full flash the green stone is capable of, there is a triple meaning of life, royalty, and power which is contained in these emerald rings, and unleashed when worn.

Diamond Emerald Ring

This princess-cut band to the right features both emerald gemstones and diamonds all set in 10 karat white gold.

What makes an emerald? Emerald rings are something truly special to behold. The deep green gemstone is said to be rarer, and at times, more expensive than diamonds. The emerald holds properties in its geological makeup putting the stone in a category all on its own! Beryl, the mineral variety to which the emerald belongs, is generally found pure, in a colorless state.

When trace amounts of chromium or vanadium are present the familiar emerald color is developed. To even be considered an emerald, it is the color which makes that determination. The stone must fall in the range of bluish green to slight yellowish green. Any stone with a weak saturation or too light a hue is simply green beryl, if the stone is too greenish blue it becomes aquamarine, and if it is too greenish yellow it becomes a heliodor.

Emerald BandThe “jewel of kings” is the nickname attributed to the emerald. The emerald has held an honored status in virtually all cultures at one time or another around the world. Emerald rings have held this same level of importance with power and royal figures. Cleopatra, in ancient Egypt, lifted the popularity of the emerald and even went so far as to take her own emerald mine from the Greeks.

Modern day English royalty are adorned with emerald jewelry and have been for hundreds of years. This has been translated into Hollywood entertainment royalty as well, stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie have all been wed with the gorgeous green gemstone.

This stunning emerald ring to the left features round genuine green emerald gemstones & white diamonds, all set in 10 karat yellow gold.

Whether it is the underlying meaning, healing power, or royalty, a wave of positivity is always associated with emerald rings. Bring this symbol of Spring into your collection and take advantage of this time tested mark of life. Shop all emerald rings here.