Emerald NecklaceOne color in particular that simply cannot go unnoticed this Spring 2021 is green. This color is synonymous with new life, nature and good luck. With shades of luxurious green making waves in the fashion world, one green gemstone growing rapidly in popularity is the emerald. Most specifically, emerald necklaces.

The emerald is the gem of Springtime, the birthstone for May and the gem to mark the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. This vibrant green stone ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale giving it a durable property which makes it ideal for everyday wear on anything from an emerald ring to an emerald necklace. While there are other green gemstones in existence, it is the emerald which sparks images of the lushest landscapes and richest greens.

Emeralds have been associated with royalty in virtually every monarchy from Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, to the Duchess of Windsor in modern times. Further, emerald jewelry has held religious value in cultures on every continent. Even the Spanish explorers who valued gold and silver far more than gems would trade only the emerald for those precious metals. Emerald jewelry is a perfect symbol to another or to yourself this Spring to celebrate a rebirth or milestone, good fortune or youth.

This pear-shaped emerald necklace is an ideal setting to celebrate this Spring, without an enormous price tag. A striking pear-shaped emerald stone suspended from a sterling silver chain will channel good fortune into your day as it has for thousands of years.Cushion-Cut Created Emerald & Diamond Halo Pendant in Sterling Silver

Cushion-cut emerald gemstones are more of a traditional approach, and pairing a cushion-cut emerald with a diamond halo is a staple of timeless design. You can see this in the amazing diamond halo emerald necklace to the right.

However, when the term timeless is attributed to emerald necklaces, nothing is more representative of this than the “diamonds by the yard” (diamond accents along the chain) motif below. The focal point of the emerald necklace piece, a head-turning 7x5 millimeter oval-cut emerald surrounded by a halo of round white diamonds. This luxurious beacon of luck is crafted in a 14 karat white gold design.

Emerald Necklace

The emerald necklace is a quintessential piece of jewelry as we enter Spring. This gemstone oozes positivity and should bring you luck and good fortune as it has for generations. Check out our emerald necklaces (about 20 to choose from!) for the very best in unique designs right here on our website or in-store. You can find emerald necklaces in a variety of shapes and metal types including gold and sterling silver. Some with diamonds, some without.

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