If you’re searching for an engagement ring that stands out and matches your bright personality, a colored gemstone engagement ring is a perfect choice. Adding a bit more flair than a traditional diamond engagement ring, a colored gemstone engagement ring is a fun way to add your own style to your soon-to-be favorite piece of jewelry! Not to mention, colored gemstone engagement rings are one of the top popular engagement ring trends of 2020. 


If you have any hesitation on whether or not you should opt for more of a statement when it comes to your engagement ring, worry not! We have a list of some of the most gorgeous colored gemstone engagement ring options for brides-to-be, and while we can’t guarantee you’ll get the most likes on Instagram, we can guarantee you’ll be sure to love these styles! 


Here’s the list of our top five popular colorful engagement ring options to consider. We even did a deep-dive into their history and scoped out which famous celebs have been spotted rocking these gemstones! 


Ruby Engagement Rings

What is the history & meaning of rubies? Since the Middle Ages, the ruby gemstone has been known as an iconic stone with fulfilling prophecies and has been a staple stone in the life of the royal and elite. If you’re looking for a beautifully colored gemstone engagement ring with profound meaning, say yes to a ruby engagement ring. This gemstone symbolizes long-lasting passion and affection and is a symbol of a loving, lifelong relationship.


What should I know about rubies? While the iconic ruby is red, this stone can have hues that range from light pink to dark red. These different shades are because of the gemstone’s levels of mineral aluminum oxide. Perfect for an engagement ring, a ruby ranks 9th on the gemstone’s hardness scale (right behind a diamond) so it’s a wonderful stone for everyday wear. 


What celebrities have ruby engagement rings? Many celebrities have been asked by their loved ones to marry them with a ruby stone. Stars like Katy Perry with an oval ruby engagement ring, and Jessica Simpson are just two examples! 


Our Top Choice
Pear-Shaped Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring in 10K White & Yellow Gold
Crafted in 10 karat white and yellow gold, this pear-shaped ruby truly shines, and is surrounded by 38 round diamonds totaling .19 carats! Hint: Brilliant cuts (like a pear-shaped stone) enhance the ruby’s brilliance!

ruby engagement rings

Emerald Engagement Rings

What is the history & meaning of emeralds? Emeralds, for thousands of years, have been the stone that signifies immense strength and desire. It’s even said that in battle, many men would fight with embellishments of emerald stones on their breastplates. Emeralds make an incredibly popular choice for a gemstone engagement ring, as this gemstone also symbolizes love and new beginnings. 


What to know about emeralds... Emerald’s green hues can vary stone by stone based on the amount of chromium each stone has. These breathtaking green hues make any emerald piece of jewelry a standout, yet this gemstone pairs well with most styles, making emerald jewelry perfect to wear every day. And, speaking of everyday wear, emeralds are durable and pretty scratch-resistant, so don’t worry about showing off your emerald engagement ring all the time. Clean your emerald pieces regularly by rubbing the stone with a soapy cloth and rinsing lightly with water, and you’ll be good to go! 


What celebrities have emerald green engagement rings? Jackie Kennedy rocked a (huge) emerald engagement ring, and Halle Berry got engaged with an emerald engagement ring, too! 


Our Top Choice
Emerald & Diamond Princess Cut Band in 10K White Gold
Beautiful for an engagement band (or even a wedding band!) this princess cut ring features both emerald gemstones and diamonds for a stunning combination. 

emerald engagement rings

Morganite Engagement Rings 

What is the history & meaning of morganite? Morganite, a rare pink stone, was actually discovered in 1910 by Tiffany & Co’s gemologist, and is named after the banker J.P. Morgan, a gem aficionado! The unique gemstone has exceptional clarity, making it very sought after. 


Is morganite a rare gemstone?  While the signature morganite gemstone is pink, many stones have hues ranging from orange to pink, because of the mineral beryl. If you can find a significantly strong hue of morganite, the stone’s quality and price dramatically goes up - as this is extremely rare. 


What celebrity has a morganite engagement ring? Our favorite childhood style icon Hillary Duff has a morganite engagement ring! 


Our Top Choice
Round Morganite Bow-Design Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold
Morganite is a romantic and delicate stone, and is even more striking when paired with a rose gold setting, like our round morganite bow-design engagement ring in 14k rose gold. Decorated alongside contrasted diamond accents, this ring is perfect for any style or class. 

morganite engagement rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

What is the history and meaning of black diamonds? If one thing is for sure, it’s that the color black will never go out of style. If you’re searching for an edgier, timeless piece that will match everything in your closet, a black diamond engagement ring is the perfect colored gemstone engagement ring. This style is considered a rare piece of jewelry and signifies power, strength, and passion. 


Where do black diamonds come from? The black gemstone gets its color from the mineral Carbonado - so it does technically differ in stone matter than the traditional diamond. Black gemstones are a combination of diamond, graphite, and carbon to create this ‘tough as nails’ stone.


What celebrities have black diamond engagement rings?  If you’re a true Sex & The City fan, you’ll know Big proposed to Carrie with a black diamond engagement ring. Talk about trendy! 


Our Top Choice
Black Diamond & Created White Moissanite 3-Stone Ring in 10k White Gold
This remarkable three-stone octagon engagement ring is a perfect symbol of beauty and class. Crafted in 10-karat yellow gold, this stunning engagement ring features three octagon-cut, prong-set glowing created white moissanite stones at the center of the ring. Enhanced with a high polish finish, take your style to a new level with this fashionable octagon bridal ring.


Bonus! What is Moissanite? Moissanite, though it looks like a diamond, is actually compositionally and visually different from traditionally mined diamonds. Moissanite exhibits a different brilliance than diamonds, as its facing pattern is different and it contains more fire, emitting fiery rainbow flashes, almost like a disco ball. Created in a lab, moissanite is significantly less expensive than a mined diamond and is a more responsibility-sourced alternative. Check out our collection of moissanite jewelry to find the perfect piece for you! 


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What is the history & meaning of rose gold? An early 19th-century staple rose gold was beloved in parts of Eastern Europe, but it wasn’t until the Flapper Era in the 1920s when rose gold started to become popular again. Now, rose gold is a unique and sophisticated engagement ring style for any bride.


What is rose gold made of? Rose gold is crafted by combining silver, copper, and gold into one metal - making it more durable than yellow or white gold. It’s surprisingly affordable, and, bonus, rose gold complements all skin tones! We recommend this Gabriel and Co. “Kylie” 14k rose gold halo semi-mount as a perfect rose gold setting option to try. 


What celebrities have rose gold engagement rings? It’s likely all of your favorite influencers are rocking rose gold on their engagement rings. Celebs like Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad are wearing diamond rings set in dazzling rose gold settings. We love rose gold because, although it’s super trendy at the moment, it’s not likely to go out of style anytime soon, and is universally flattering, making it the perfect option for a unique yet timeless engagement ring. Shop all of our rose gold styles to find the perfect piece for you! 


If you, like tons of other millennial brides-to-be, are exploring ring options that go beyond the traditional diamond, colored gemstone engagement rings are an amazing option. Not only do they tend to be cheaper than traditional diamond engagement rings, but they offer the perfect opportunity to add personality and self-expression to your engagement ring. 

While this list has our favorite gemstone engagement ring options, there are tons of other gemstone engagement ring styles to choose from on our website. Bottom line is, with so many colored gemstone engagement ring styles to choose from, you’ll regret not taking part in this trend!