November is the most wonderful month of the year to give thanks as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches! So in honor of extending gratitude to the many blessings in our life - we wanted to give thanks to the natural world too, in particular the beauty in the gemstone world. We’ll be discussing one of November’s birthstones, Citrine, which is said to be a gift from the sun with amazing healing powers.

Whether you are a November baby or you know someone who is, read on as we dive into what makes this stone so incredibly special and why it’s beauty goes beyond its radiant look.


What is the birthstone for November?

While in this particular post we’ll be focusing on the beauty of Citrine, we thought it’d be helpful to give some insight into November’s birthstones. Believe it or not, November has two birthstones! The Citrine and Topaz are both stunning, warm colored stones that are as beautiful as the autumn colored leaves during the change of seasons. But why does November have two? There are many reasons why a month is designated with two birthstones, some examples include: the variety of costs (giving more individuals access to their month’s stones from a price perspective), or availability in mining (if there’s a shortage of a particular birthstone they’ll introduce a second). 

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What is Citrine?

Citrine is an extremely rare and beautiful gemstone, the naturally occurring light yellow hue of the quartz stone can actually be referred to as lemon quartz. In the Citrine family, it’s most commonly known the darker the shade (almost a red or deep orange hue), the more valuable the stone. 



What does Citrine symbolize?

When wearing Citrine, it’s said that your hidden powers and traits are exemplified to bring forth luck and good fortune. As it focuses on the Citrine stone, some specific traits said to be evoked include: optimism, positive thought and humor, as well as honesty and integrity (with a touch of fun spirit).  

The Citrine for many, is considered the renaissance stone. Full of mystery and creativity, it’s said that this stone played a special role in many aspects of our history. From inspiring art deco pieces, to being revered in bold jewelry pieces during both World War I and World War II. Many individuals use this stone as a trademark piece to bring them back in time with classic or vintage pieces. 



What’s the connection between your birthstone and zodiac sign?

Did you know that there’s a strong connection that lays between wearing your birthstone during your particular birth month (as it pertains to your zodiac sign). The cosmos truly align to create harmony through your jewelry of choice. In fact, during the month of November, both Sagittarius and Scorpios can reap the benefits of wearing Citrine throughout the month of November.


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What is Citrine used for?

Besides wearing Citrine, many gemstones have interesting healing properties. Individuals use specific stones to assist in certain physical and mental ailments to align their heart, mind and body. The use of Citrine holds a special place in the meta-physical world. Some use this stone when healing the spiritual self, as many believe it’s a powerful booster of the body’s energy and increases the awareness for self-improvement. Additionally, many have been known to drink (yes that’s right) Citrine and use it as an elixir. The most common remedies have been known as keeping hormones balanced and aiding in adrenal fatigue. 


Are Topaz and Citrine the same?

While the warm golden colors of Citrine and the variation of yellow/orange topaz can give the appearance that the two stones are the same - they are not! In fact, each come from two different families. The Citrine is from the quartz family, whereas Topaz is a form of silicate mineral of aluminium. The Citrine’s colors range from pale yellow to golden brown, staying in the warm color sku. The Topaz stone can come in an extreme variety of color (including matching warm hues), but is also known to come in colors like blue or even pink!


Ways To Wear Citrine

Knowing how beautiful the Citrine is, along with the many healing properties the stone gives off - there are so many good reasons why November babies should wear their month’s gemstone with pride. We’ve broken down three ways to wear Citrine and how each of those locations (not only shows the stones off wonderfully) can impact your physical body. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Citrine best sellers, each giving a unique representation of the stone in a way that can be appreciated by all!


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Around The Neck

Necklaces, are close to the heart chakra and offer emotional connection to your stone. Whereas earrings are close to your head chakra and can impact your daily thought process. By choosing to wear the Citrine stone in a beautiful jewelry piece around your neck, you’re giving yourself many benefits as well as showcasing your precious stones to those around you in a flattering way. Read on as we review three of our best selling Citrine necklaces, and earrings. 

  1. Citrine Oval & Diamond Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold As Citrine is a remarkable stone to reflect the earlier times of art deco and strike a vintage appeal, this particular pendant brings these emotions to life! This striking genuine gemstone pendant features an oval citrine gem surrounded by 10 karat yellow gold and paired with glistening diamonds.
  2. Citrine Oval & Diamond Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold Matching the striking Citrine Oval & Diamond Pendant, these colorful earrings feature two oval Citrine gems and are finished in 10 karat yellow gold, each accompanied by diamonds - guaranteed to make your ears sparkle.
  3. Citrine & Diamond Birthstone Pendant in Sterling Silver  What we love about Citrine, the fact that it will never go out of style! This timeless, elegant, and meaningful stone adds a touch of nostalgia to any piece; this one is no different. This pendant is accompanied by a genuine cushion-cut citrine gemstone and surrounded by accent diamonds with a sterling silver finish. 


On the Wrist, and Around your Finger

One of our favorite ways to wear a unique and precious gemstone, is on the hand. Whether you’re completing your look with a variety of rings or bracelets, each offers a prime viewing of your beloved piece. Best of all, why wearing your Citrine piece around your wrist or finger, your dropped arms are draping your sacral chakra, which utilizes the many benefits of the stone as it pertains to balancing hormones and fatigue. 

  1. November Birthstone Petite Charm in 14K Yellow Gold If looking for something special to gift a November baby, a birthstone charm is a wonderful option. As it complements any bracelet (or even necklace) wonderfully, your gift will be versatile and remind them of their birthday (and you!) in a variety of ways. 
  2. Citrine Adjustable Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver  There are so many things to love about a Bolo bracelet. Not only do the Citrine stones compliment the sterling silver beautifully, the Bolo is fully adjustable - making it a perfect gift option (as there’s no need to worry about sizing).
  3. Round Cut Citrine & Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver  Infinity rings are the perfect compliment to the Citrine stone, as it’s classic style, elegance, and popularity will go on for an infinite amount of time. This beautiful infinity sterling silver ring features a stunning Citrine stone centered around 32 sparkling diamonds (totalling .10 carats).


The magic of the Citrine stone should be celebrated all year long, with its endless style points and many healing properties. We sure our lucky (and thankful) that the sun decided to gift us with such a beautiful stone.