Welcome to the world of birthstone jewelry! Did you know there is a specific birthstone for each of the twelve months? These gemstone varieties represent a different and unique personality and embrace stunningly beautiful colors. Check out these birthstone favorites and see if yours matches your style and individuality based on when you were born.

Here is the BEST birthstone jewelry for every month.


January’s birthstone is Garnet, a vivid red stone symbolizing passionate love and commitment. This Garnet & Diamond Infinity Drop Pendant in Sterling Silver is the epitome of eternal beauty and elegance. Paired with the sparkle of diamonds, the pendant's infinity design makes it endlessly appropriate for anyone born in January.

ruby pendant


The regal Amethyst is the February birthstone, famous for its stunning purple hue. People born in February are known for their creativity and individuality, symbolized by this Hexagon Amethyst & Diamond Ring in 10k White Gold. The geometric design of this ring and its brilliant diamonds create a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that perfectly captures the essence of this fascinating gemstone.

hex amethyst


March’s birthstone is Aquamarine, a sky-blue-colored gem. Said to have calming energies, Aquamarine represents clarity and purity. This Emerald-Cut Aquamarine & Diamond Ring in 10k White Gold is the perfect representation of its serene qualities. With its elegant emerald-cut design, sparkling diamonds, and natural beauty, it’s the ultimate chill pill to delight March babies.



April’s birthstone is Diamond, the most popular stone of them all, known to symbolize strength and everlasting love. This Diamond Infinity Ring in Sterling Silver is a timeless piece that captures the eternal bond of love and friendship. The Infinity Ring and its shimmering diamonds represents the unbreakable spirit and limitless potential of all those born in April.

diamond infinity ring


Emerald is the May birthstone, believed to symbolize rebirth and love. The intricate swirl design of this Chatham Created Emerald Swirl Pendant is a beautiful representation of the never-ending cycle of life and the love that endures through it all. Those born in May are known for their warm and loving personalities, and this emerald March beauty best captures their joyful, free-spirited nature.

emerald pendant


June's birthstone is the timeless Pearl, representing purity, innocence, and integrity. This Freshwater Pearl 11-12mm Bracelet in Sterling Silver is a classically beautiful piece with large pearls that make a bold statement and can be worn for any occasion. As elegant as it is eye-popping, the pearl bracelet is the perfect gift for anyone born in June, since it embodies the essence of endless beauty.

freshwater pearl bracelet


The perpetually red-hot Ruby is July's birthstone, known to represent passion, love, and courage. This Pear-Shaped Ruby & Diamond Halo Ring in 10k White & Yellow Gold showcases a stunning pear-shaped ruby surrounded by a halo of diamonds to represent the fierce and passionate spirit of those born in July.

ruby ring


August's birthstone is the refreshing Peridot, beloved for its bright green color, and believed to promote good health and prosperity. These Cushion-Cut Peridot & Diamond Halo Stud Earrings create a dazzling set of jewelry that perfectly capture the positive energy and good fortune associated with Peridot, and those lucky enough to be born in August.

peridot earrings


The true-blue Sapphire is September's birthstone, the embodiment of loyalty and wisdom. The remarkable design of these Sapphire & Diamond Scalloped Dangle Earrings combined with the sparkle of diamonds and the deep blue of the sapphires perfectly represents the inner-strength and beauty of those with September birthdays.

sapphire earrings


October’s birthstone is Opal, a stone with a transcendent reflection of prism colors. The opal is believed to symbolize creativity, inspiration, and hope. This Pear Shape Opal & Diamond Pendant in 10k Yellow Gold with diamond accents captures the ethereal beauty and uniqueness  of everyone born in October.

opal pendant


Citrine is November’s birthstone, bathed in warm sunset yellow. Citrine is known to represent joy, abundance, and positive energy. This Citrine & Diamond Swirl Ring's citrine stones and sparkling diamond accents beautifully embodies the positivity of all those associated with this gemstone.

citrine ring


December’s birthstone is Blue Topaz, a bright turquoise blue gem. Blue Topaz is believed to represent love, affection, and strength. This JK Crown London Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant is a show-stopping gift for any December birthday recipient you want to impress. This stunning pendant's intricate crown design and the deep blue of the topaz symbolize the power, beauty, and strength of those born in December.

topaz pendant

Birthstone jewelry is an ideal gift that gives friends and loved ones a special connection to their birth months. When shopping for birthstone gifts, there are endless possibilities for the lucky recipient. Whether it’s a ring, necklace or earrings, we adore birthstone jewelry no matter what month it is!

To help you find the perfect birthstone jewelry, start with these ideas for inspo!

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