The Trendy Mom

The Trendy Mom is always up-to-date on the latest fashions and accessories.  She follows all the fashion blogs and knows exactly what styles all the celebrities are wearing.  She’s dressed to impress and always sports the hottest looks.  These styles from Shy Creation and Gucci are sure to make a trendy mom’s day.



The Classic Mom

She’s classically cool and effortlessly put together at all times.  Classic Mom loves the basics that never go out of style.  A strand of pearlsdiamond studs, and a simple, yet elegant pendant are a must for this mom.


The Frugal Fashionista Mom

There’s nothing a frugal fashionista loves more than getting the hottest styles for the lowest prices!  This mom wouldn’t want you to spend a ton of money on her Mother’s Day gift, but she would be delighted with any of the gorgeous pendantsringsearrings or timepieces from our top gifts under $150 collection!


The Glamorous Mom

Glamorous Mom is all about the bling!  She wants all the sparkle, glitz and glam she can get. These gifts from EFFY Jewelry and Movado timepieces will definitely satisfy the glamorous mom’s flair for pizzazz!


The Artistic Mom

She’s all about color and unique designs.  Artistic mom will love colored gemstonesbirthstone jewelry, and pieces with intricate patterns.


Athletic Mom

Sporty moms are jewelry fans too! Whether it’s a bangle with a charm representing her favorite sport, or a watch or earrings that are perfect for wearing while going for a run, we’ve got plenty of choices to make athletic mom’s day!


The One-of-a-Kind Mom

This mom loves to be unique.  Nothing thrills her more than owning one-of-a-kind or personalized pieces.  If you know a mom like this, check out our exclusive JK Crown collection, designs & pieces which you can only find on our website and in our stores.


We hope this guide takes some of the guesswork out of choosing the perfect piece of jewelry for mom. Comment below and let us know which type of mom you’re shopping for this year, and which item you think best fits her personality!