Losing an engagement ring is every woman in love's nightmare. Sadly, for Ciara, it became her reality. "I went running one night and when I got home I look down and realized I had lost my rings," she said, "Me and my husband, who recently proposed after returning home from a nine month deployment in Afghanistan, looked everywhere.

I have never prayed over a material object as I did during these two days, because the ring was more than that. It had come from my soulmate. I was heart broken and devastated."  

Spent and exhausted, Ciara posted on every yard-sale website in Clarksville. Her message was simple. 

"If there are any good people left in this world, my wedding bands & engagement ring were lost last weekend...Please, please be a good soul and turn it in. I'm hoping it turns up. My husband and I have looked for 2 days now." Ciara also emailed all the local news websites, lost / found pages and soon had hundreds of people sharing her story across social media. 

That same day, a woman in Clarksville found a ring in a parking lot.  Naturally, she didn't know to whom it belonged but she noticed two engravings inside the ring. The first said "Gabriel & Co."


Because of what this woman - who prefers to remain anonymous - noticed, this story went from tragedy to triumph.  Knowing our brand, she reached out to Gabriel & Co. to help find the owner.

She went directly to our Gabriel & Co. website and through it contacted one of our community managers, who received the message within the hour and immediately enlisted our social media and sales rep teams in order to track down the owner of the ring. The ring was traced to an Ashcroft & Oak store in Tennessee. One of the store clerks not only recognized the ring immediately, but remembered Ciara and how happy she had been to get it.

By the next morning not only had the ring been safely delivered to the Ashcroft & Oak store, but Ciara had been notified of its return. 

For Ciara it was an unforgettable experience. "I had stayed up till 6 am that morning keeping up with social media,' she recalled, "seeing if anyone had heard anything. I finally fell asleep at 10am, awakening to discover I had a missed call on my phone. Little did I know it was my local jewelry store calling to tell me "Ciara, we have your ring". I broke down in tears of joy. I couldn't believe it had been returned! Me and Brandon now joke we already have the best bedtime story to tell our future children,"

Had the ring bore another brand name, it's unlikely Ciara and Brandon would be the bearers of such a happy bedtime story.

Each engagement ring's inscribed individual serial number is Gabriel & Co's way of helping a couple fulfill the promise of eternal love.  

It is a commitment we take seriously. It is a commitment that sets Gabriel & Co. apart from all other creators of bridal jewelry. We couldn't be more proud of this singular reputation.  And we couldn't be more pleased to know that because of our commitment, Ciara will never forget that the return of her ring  was "One of the best days of my life!"

This story was originally published on the Gabriel & Co. Tales Of Engagemen