Did you know that men’s wedding bands can be made of platinum, rose or white gold, titanium, tungsten, silver, and even Damascus steel? We bring you the best men’s wedding band designs!

For every engagement, there is always a flood of friends and family who want to see the gorgeous engagement ring you spent so much time choosing for your future spouse. Their engagement ring is an important symbol in your marriage story, but your wedding band is just as important and meaningful. You’ll wear your wedding band for the rest of your life, and it should be a personal, durable, stylish band you can cherish forever.

Fortunately, men’s wedding band options have vastly expanded in recent years, so you have plenty of choices. The sheer number of possible rings can be overwhelming, but a great place to start is by selecting the kind of metal you want. Men’s wedding bands used to be offered mostly in gold, but there are now several metals to choose from — each with their own benefits.

Platinum, tungsten, silver and steel are all excellent alternative metals for men’s wedding rings, and we’ll discuss each of their strengths here. Once you figure out what metal and style you want for your ring, it’s easy to find a wedding band you’ll be proud to wear forever.


Platinum has been a popular metal in the jewelry world for years and it’s no wonder why — platinum’s unbelievable durability and beauty make it a perfect metal for lifelong wear. Even tougher than gold, platinum can handle nicks and scratches from everyday use. Platinum is also great for people with allergies and sensitivities to certain metals because it’s hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for a premium men’s wedding band with a matte, silvery look that you can pass down for generations, platinum might be the right metal for you.


Men's 6mm Satin Finish Center Wedding Band in Platinum


Here’s the cool thing about tungsten wedding bands: they never, ever lose their shine. They keep their luster through everything and exude strong, grounded, masculine energy. Tungsten is a rare metal of extreme hardness, so it can manage wear and tear with ease. It also has a nice dark gray color that complements other metals, stones and wood accents.


For a modern looking ring with decades of durability, choose the unique, smoky shine of a tungsten wedding band.


Triton Tungsten Espresso Center 8mm Wedding Band



While platinum and white gold are also popular metals that offer a silvery shine, there is a certain value to choosing silver as your wedding band metal. Silver, particularly sterling silver, is a versatile metal that can adapt well to your life and your tastes. Sterling silver can be produced in many textures to fit a variety of styles: polished silver for a classic look, hammered silver for an artisanal look, and brushed silver for a rugged look.

Silver is a more affordable wedding band metal that allows the flexibility to change and upgrade the band’s finishing touches as the years go on.

Men's 1/2ctw. Black & White Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver



Stainless steel is a common alloy of iron and chromium that serves countless purposes for tools, appliances, buildings and now jewelry. Few metals hit the sweet spot of incomparable durability and affordability like stainless steel does, and that makes it an amazing choice for a wedding band.


Steel is not as flexible or adaptable as silver, but it shines like a precious metal and requires minimal cleaning to stay beautiful. A carefully carved steel ring can be a solid choice for someone seeking an eye-catching and affordable ring.


Men's Gunmetal 10mm Ring in Stainless Steel

Beyond the four metals discussed in this blog, there are still plenty of metal options for your men’s wedding band. We offer gold, rose gold, white gold, titanium, Damascus steel and more. Each has their unique properties, so ask your local Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak to help find the perfect men’s wedding band for you.