There is a long history of desire for simplicity among artists, designers and musicians, summed up by Leonardo da Vinci stating “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The simple approach to engagement rings is perfect for the couple who appreciates subtle elegance, the fiscally prudent traditional couple, and for those minimalist brides who desire understated, less flashy symbols of matrimony. Engagement rings can be visually impactful at all levels of extravagance. Metal color, diamonds or gemstones, and design all play a part in creating these stunning yet minimalist engagement rings.

These small and simple engagement rings still sparkle and shine for a subtle and gorgeous effect. Check out our three hand-picked favorites:

three stone princess cut simple engagement ringThree-Stone Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Solitaire Simple Engagement Ring

Diamond Round 1/2ct. Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Princess & Brilliant-Cut Diamond Engagement RingPaulette. 1 1/4ctw. Princess & Brilliant-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Simple engagement rings will generally be crafted out of one metal: white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

Due to the diamond being synonymous with marriage, love, strength, and everlasting affection, there is no better stone to serve as the centerpiece of an engagement ring. Practically speaking, with a diamond being the hardest and most durable stone choice, it is perfect for everyday use and will be resistant to the wear.

Small engagement rings are great if you have small hands. The size of your hands probably won’t change too much over the years. If you have small, petite hands then it might just make sense to go with a delicate and petite engagement ring. Opting for something larger and more extravagant could look out of place, especially if your fingers are slim and dainty.

The simple and dainty engagement ring serves as a token of promise in the traditional concept of marriage, and puts a greater weight to the meaning behind being engaged. Many women love the symbolism of the engagement ring more than the ring itself. It’s a symbol of the love they share and the choice they’re making to each other to walk through life together. Remember! You don’t need a large engagement ring for it to be meaningful.