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5 Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands for the Modern Man

Do guys wear diamond wedding bands? Of course, they do! We bring you the 5 best diamond wedding ring designs for the cool and stylish guy.

From ancient times, men have worn precious metals and gemstones to express wealth, personal style, and marital status. While men have traditionally worn their diamonds on pinky rings and class or college signet rings, diamond-adorned bands are on the rise in popular wedding rings for men. Guys no longer need to reserve the glamour for the fiancé's engagement ring and are starting to claim theirs…in carats!

Whether you’re a bride and groom, or groom and groom, Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak has an unbelievable selection of men’s wedding bands. From black and bold to classic gold, you are sure to find a men’s diamond wedding band to match your vibe. Here are five of our favorite men’s diamond wedding bands that prove diamonds are a guy's best friend.


This Men’s Diamond 1ctw. Wedding Band in 14k White Gold has a sleek and streamlined design with its channel-set diamonds. A classic and timeless men’s diamond wedding band for the more traditional, yet stylish, taste.



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Anniversary Ring: The Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Many happy couples say the first 10 years of marriage fly by, but it can still be surprising when you realize your 10 year anniversary is getting near. You made it through 10 years’ worth of life’s highs and lows together, and you’ve come out on the other side as steadfast partners with even more love. That’s something worth commemorating.


Anniversary rings are unique pieces of jewelry meant to celebrate a milestone in a marriage, and they make a perfect gift for a 10 year anniversary. You can choose a ring to expand upon your partner’s bridal set, or you can choose a ring for a different finger that you think captures the beauty of your continuing love. Here are a few of our favorite options for anniversary rings:


Round Diamond 1/4ctw. Band in 14k White Gold

This occasion calls for diamonds. Make your engagement ring pop even more with the extra diamonds on this band.


Ruby and Diamond Anniversary Ring 1/3ctw in 14k White Gold

Build on their jewelry collection with this magnificent ruby and diamond band.


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8 Ideas For Bridesmaids Gifts They Really Want

You’ve scheduled the hair and make-up artists so that everything from your bridesmaids’ locks to their lashes will look absolutely stunning on your big day. But don’t forget to give your besties something that will forever show how much you appreciate them for standing by your side.

Whether your budget is big or small, you can build your own bridesmaids gift boxes, mixing and matching a few of our stunning selections of earrings, bracelets and necklaces your girls will want to wear well after the wedding. 


Bridesmaid Gift Set

If you intend your gift to be worn the day of the wedding, opt for one of these meticulously matched three-piece sets.

1. Pearls for the Girls

   pearls set 

Pearl jewelry never goes out of style, so your ladies will love mixing and matching this set to wear with their own collection. Learn more >


2. Diamond Florets

diamond florets

  Inspired by the beautiful flowe

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Summer 2021 Top 3 Women's Diamond Wedding Bands

While engagement rings tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to marriage-related jewelry, wedding bands shouldn’t be overlooked. Wedding rings are symbolic and are a practical expression of your love, commitment, and union with your significant other. Plus, they add a little extra sparkle to your ring finger! At Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak, we offer a large selection of timeless and traditional wedding bands. 

This summer, diamond wedding bands and diamond rose gold wedding bands for women have emerged as a breakout trend. Here are three of our favorite women’s diamond wedding band styles to sparkle your 2021 wedding! 


#1: Twist Diamond Wedding Band

white gold diamond twist wedding bandThis gorgeous wed

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Best Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…traditions are special, especially when it comes to weddings! Wearing “something old” represents a bride’s past, while wearing “something new” symbolizes a couple’s happy future. “Something borrowed” is supposed to be something from someone happily married, so the good fortune rubs off on the new bride, and “something blue” denotes fidelity and love. While these “somethings” can be anything from hair pins to ribbons to earrings, it’s no doubt that on your wedding day, the jewelry that you wear is incredibly significant. 

Your expert friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak have tons of unique and special wedding day jewelry options to help you feel even more fabulous on your big day. We can only guess that mom has been in your ear about what you should wear… but sometimes, mother doesn’t always know best! This day is all about you - whether you go bold or simple with your wedding day jewelry choices, you’ll remember the jewelry you wear on your wedding day forever. Maybe you’ll pass these pieces down to someone special on her big day, or keep them forever as a special memento of one of your most favorite days! Either way, we have the perfect list of jewelry for your wedding day.


Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

When it comes to finding the perfect jewelry to highlight your wedding dress on the big day, our best advice is to stic

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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Band For Your Man

There’s more to the metal! Here are some quick tips, options, and advice to consider when beginning your search for the perfect wedding band for him.

Men’s Weddings Bands: A Brief History

Ladies’ wedding rings have long been a symbol of everlasting love. It is believed the Egyptians and the Greeks chose the ‘ring finger’ because they thought it contained a vein leading directly to the heart. However, it is only recently that men have begun wearing wedding bands. They were used as a symbol of commitment by men during WWII while overseas to remind them of their wives and families back home. Now, wedding bands are a staple of modern matrimony.

    1. Flashy or Modest? You know him better than anyone else does. His everyday style and personality should help you in choosing the right wedding band. If he likes to stand out from the crowd, look for bands with distinct features like two-tone metals or detailed patterns. If he is more modest, look for a band you know he’ll be comfortable with (literally) like this Triton Comfort-Fit Tungsten Carbide band. The inside of a men’s wedding band is a very important factor in its comfort. This is because the inside is what pushes on your skin! Consequently, you don’t want it to pinch or scrape against your skin.

    2. Manly Metals. Lifestyle & work environment are two of the most important factors to consider when looking for a wedding band. You want this b
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