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When Can Children Wear Jewelry?

Are you thinking about buying jewelry as a gift for a child, but also wonder when it’s safe for kids to start wearing jewelry?

While there's no hard rule, here are some general guidelines to follow to help ensure better fashion safety when you’re dazzling the kiddos in jewelry.  

If you are shopping for that perfect accessory, it’s important to be cautious with jewelry that dangles or has small parts that pose a choking hazard for toddlers.

Here is a safe and spectacular special occasion option! Featuring genuine pearls and a sterling silver clasp to make it safe, this Infant Cultured Pearl Bracelet is perfect for a messy birthday cake smashing, christening celebration, or as an unforgettable keepsake.

infant pearl bracelet


Gold jewelry is often a popular choice for children because it's durable and hypoallergenic. Some little ones have negative reactions to non-hypoallergenic piercings, so this is especially important for ear piercings.

If you are on the hunt for kids’ earrings made out of a soft material like gold, and with screwable backs that can be securely fastened, these Baby & Children’s Crystal Cross Earrings in Yellow Gold are an adorable gift to consider.

infant cross earrings

As kids get older, they’re likely to gain interest in fashion and accessories

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3 Push Present Ideas Your Wife Will Love

Push presents are gaining popularity with new parents. Carrying and delivering a baby is no easy task! If you want to show your partner how much they mean to you, how grateful you are to them for bringing your new baby into the world, or simply want to capture the special moment you became a new family, a push present is a great idea. Here are three beautiful gifts to pamper your baby mama.


The rose gold and sterling silver Mama Diamond Hearts Bolo Bracelet has sweetness written all over it. With 12 sparkly diamonds and an adjustable bolo-style closure, it’s the perfect gift for any new mom.

A new mom has one thing on her mind and a lot of love in her heart. Give her a keepsake like the Mother & Child Embrace Diamond Pendant to help capture all that this precious season brings.

The gorgeous Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings will add just the touch of feminine beauty she needs to go along with her new mom look. These elegant earrings can be worn every day to make her feel like the queen she is.

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5 Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands for the Modern Man

Do guys wear diamond wedding bands? Of course, they do! We bring you the 5 best diamond wedding ring designs for the cool and stylish guy.

From ancient times, men have worn precious metals and gemstones to express wealth, personal style, and marital status. While men have traditionally worn their diamonds on pinky rings and class or college signet rings, diamond-adorned bands are on the rise in popular wedding rings for men. Guys no longer need to reserve the glamour for the fiancé's engagement ring and are starting to claim theirs…in carats!

Whether you’re a bride and groom, or groom and groom, Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak has an unbelievable selection of men’s wedding bands. From black and bold to classic gold, you are sure to find a men’s diamond wedding band to match your vibe. Here are five of our favorite men’s diamond wedding bands that prove diamonds are a guy's best friend.


This Men’s Diamond 1ctw. Wedding Band in 14k White Gold has a sleek and streamlined design with its channel-set diamonds. A classic and timeless men’s diamond wedding band for the more traditional, yet stylish, taste.



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5 Gorgeous and Simple Women’s Wedding Band Designs

Your engagement ring is the star of the show — you and your partner put time, effort and research into finding the perfect ring to represent your personality and love. It will be a sparkling symbol of your lasting relationship for the rest of your life, and you should definitely show it off with pride.


However, your wedding band deserves its own time to shine. The rings you exchange with your partner during your wedding ceremony hold such a special meaning because they solidify the promise you made to each other with your engagement. Wedding bands are not always as flashy as engagement rings, but they can carry so much meaning and love.


The key to finding your perfect wedding band is to figure out what kind of band will pair well with your engagement ring and be comfortable to wear alongside it. These simple, clean wedding bands can fit with nearly any engagement ring and have lots of opportunities for meaningful customization.


Julianna II. Matching Diamond Wedding Band 1/8ct. t.w. in 14K White Gold

Perfect for stacking — this simple diamond studded band will complement nearly any engagement ring style.


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Anniversary Ring: The Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Many happy couples say the first 10 years of marriage fly by, but it can still be surprising when you realize your 10 year anniversary is getting near. You made it through 10 years’ worth of life’s highs and lows together, and you’ve come out on the other side as steadfast partners with even more love. That’s something worth commemorating.


Anniversary rings are unique pieces of jewelry meant to celebrate a milestone in a marriage, and they make a perfect gift for a 10 year anniversary. You can choose a ring to expand upon your partner’s bridal set, or you can choose a ring for a different finger that you think captures the beauty of your continuing love. Here are a few of our favorite options for anniversary rings:


Round Diamond 1/4ctw. Band in 14k White Gold

This occasion calls for diamonds. Make your engagement ring pop even more with the extra diamonds on this band.


Ruby and Diamond Anniversary Ring 1/3ctw in 14k White Gold

Build on their jewelry collection with this magnificent ruby and diamond band.


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4 Amazing Alternative Metal Men’s Wedding Bands: Platinum, Tungsten, Silver, and Steel

Did you know that men’s wedding bands can be made of platinum, rose or white gold, titanium, tungsten, silver, and even Damascus steel? We bring you the best men’s wedding band designs!

For every engagement, there is always a flood of friends and family who want to see the gorgeous engagement ring you spent so much time choosing for your future spouse. Their engagement ring is an important symbol in your marriage story, but your wedding band is just as important and meaningful. You’ll wear your wedding band for the rest of your life, and it should be a personal, durable, stylish band you can cherish forever.

Fortunately, men’s wedding band options have vastly expanded in recent years, so you have plenty of choices. The sheer number of possible rings can be overwhelming, but a great place to start is by selecting the kind of metal you want. Men’s wedding bands used to be offered mostly in gold, but there are now several metals to choose from — each with their own benefits.

Platinum, tungsten, silver and steel are all excellent alternative metals for men’s wedding rings, and we’ll discuss each of their strengths here. Once you figure out what metal and style you want for your ring, it’s easy to find a wedding band you’ll be proud to wear forever.


Platinum has been a popular metal in the jewelry world for years and it’s no wonder why — platinum’s unbelievable durability and beauty make it a perfect metal for lifelong wear. Even tougher than gold, platinum can handle nicks and scratches from everyday use. Platinum is also great for people with allergies and sensitivities to certain metals because it’s hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for a premium men’s wedding band with a matte, silvery look that you can pass down for generations, platinum might be the right metal for you.


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Graduation Gift Ideas: 6 Watches to Gift Your Graduate

Graduating with a degree is an achievement worthy of pride, pomp and circumstance. And a graduation ceremony is the symbolic step that brings you into the next exciting phase of life. With graduations come new jobs, new opportunities and new adventures — all of which can call for different and upgraded wardrobe pieces.


A brand new watch is the ideal wardrobe item to symbolize the accomplishment of graduation and add an elevated look to new outfits. Watches are perfect graduation gifts, and we have six watches here that any graduate would be thrilled to unwrap on their special day.


Citizen Ladies' Two-Tone Ceci Watch

This delicate, elegant watch has a two-tone silver and pink gold look that makes it go with almost any outfit.



Citizen Men's Corso Watch

This watch is for the grad who likes equal parts sophistication and sparkle. The gold-tone band, crystal bezel and black watch face complement each other to create a look that is perfectly classic and bold.


Movado B

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Graduation Jewelry: The Perfect Graduation Gift

Whether they’re finishing high school, completing an undergraduate degree, or trailblazing their way to a masters and beyond, graduates have earned a major accomplishment that deserves shining recognition. They put in countless hours of work to reach this point, and while they can enjoy the fruits of their labor forever — graduation only happens once.


Celebrate your loved one’s graduation into the next phase of their life with a gift that truly says, “I’m proud of you.” Jewelry is a gift that will remind them of their once-in-a-lifetime achievement and your support for decades to come.


Here are six pieces we think will make perfect graduation gifts for the graduate in your life. (Or treat yourself to one of these for your graduation — you’ve earned it!)


Bezel-Set Diamond 1/10ctw. (HI, I2-3) Solitaire Pendant in 10k White Gold

This simple, elegant pendant adds a touch of sophistication to every look and will make a perfect accessory for post-grad job interview outfits.

Sapphire & White Zircon Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Sil

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Rose Gold 101: All About the Precious Pink Metal

Rose gold has been around since the early 19th century, but it’s never been so popular among fashion influencers and women on the hunt for jewelry that really stands out. But what is rose gold made of, and why is it so pink-tastic? Find out more about this trending precious metal.


The days of choosing only between gold or silver for rings, earrings, and wedding bands are gone. The rise of rose gold offers the single most important element to style-conscious women: options! Pairing beautifully with colored gemstones, diamonds, and other metals, rose gold is what brides-to-be are increasingly choosing to express their unique fashion sense.

But for all the recent hype rose gold receives, not many people know what gives it its pinky tone. Here’s everything you need to know:


What Is Rose Gold 

Rose gold is made by combing yellow gold, copper, and sometimes silver. Copper gives rose gold its pinky hue, and the higher the copper content, the rosier the gold appears. And it looks amazing against absolutely any skin tone.



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8 Ideas For Bridesmaids Gifts They Really Want

You’ve scheduled the hair and make-up artists so that everything from your bridesmaids’ locks to their lashes will look absolutely stunning on your big day. But don’t forget to give your besties something that will forever show how much you appreciate them for standing by your side.

Whether your budget is big or small, you can build your own bridesmaids gift boxes, mixing and matching a few of our stunning selections of earrings, bracelets and necklaces your girls will want to wear well after the wedding. 


Bridesmaid Gift Set

If you intend your gift to be worn the day of the wedding, opt for one of these meticulously matched three-piece sets.

1. Pearls for the Girls

   pearls set 

Pearl jewelry never goes out of style, so your ladies will love mixing and matching this set to wear with their own collection. Learn more >


2. Diamond Florets

diamond florets

  Inspired by the beautiful flowe

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