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Keepsake & Heirloom Jewelry for Passing Down from Generation to Generation

More than an added sparkle or accessory, keepsake jewelry can have significant sentimental meaning to a person (or even an entire family). What makes jewelry so different from other keepsake gifts is its ability to keep family history alive, while also having the longevity to be passed down from one loved one to another. 

As a family-owned business for over 100 years, to us this is one of the most important gifts you can give. It’s basically a gift of yourself and a representation of your family. Read on to find out how to pick the perfect piece to represent your family legacy, and shop our top 10 jewelry keepsakes recommended from our family to yours.


Things to consider when choosing keepsake jewelry gifts

Just like any item, when it comes to longevity -- quality matters. Meaning, this is not the time to cut costs o

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Guide to Engagement Rings by Personality Type

It seems like there are a million ways to decide which engagement ring is truly the right ring for you. Maybe it’s the sparkly ring in the display box that caught your eye when you passed by, or a fun, trendy ring shape like pear or princess-cut, or the classic diamond solitaire that you’ve always dreamed about… but with so many different and beautiful ring options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure!

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2020 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide By Price

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. That’s why, more than ever, we all want to brighten up our loved one’s holidays with the perfect gift. Simply put, there’s nothing more thoughtful, meaningful, or practical, than the gift of jewelry. It makes even the hardest people to shop for on your list happy! Even though we may be stuck in quarantine and don’t have as many reasons to get dressed up and go out, the gift of a special piece of jewelry will be treasured for years to come - and just imagine how it will light up a Zoom meeting!

free shipping

To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve put together a list of the hottest jewelry trends and fashion-forward favorites. Plus, we have gorgeous, hand-picked favorites and top sellers for all price categories! So whether you’re ballin’ on a budget, or ballin’ out, this is th

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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Band For Your Man

There’s more to the metal! Here are some quick tips, options, and advice to consider when beginning your search for the perfect wedding band for him.

Men’s Weddings Bands: A Brief History

Ladies’ wedding rings have long been a symbol of everlasting love. It is believed the Egyptians and the Greeks chose the ‘ring finger’ because they thought it contained a vein leading directly to the heart. However, it is only recently that men have begun wearing wedding bands. They were used as a symbol of commitment by men during WWII while overseas to remind them of their wives and families back home. Now, wedding bands are a staple of modern matrimony.

    1. Flashy or Modest? You know him better than anyo
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Birthstone Engagement Rings Buying Guide by Month

Adding personality, color, and a unique flair to your engagement ring is a trend that's here to stay.

While some people may add a touch of "self" to their engagement ring through customization or vintage flair, others make unique ring selections by incorporating birthstones!

First, we've listed the birthstones for each month of the year!

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Lab-Grown Diamonds Vs. Mined Diamonds: What you should know

Are lab diamonds, real diamonds? YES! Are lab diamonds worth anything? YES!

There has been a lot of debate regarding what a lab-crafted (also known as lab-created) diamond is and if it’s a “real” diamond. 

Let’s dive into what sets these stones apart (or doesn’t) from naturally-mined diamonds. Of course, it’s a personal preference, but we don’t think lab-grown diamonds are a fad, in fact, we think they’re here for the long haul. Here are some of the facts so you can decide what’s best for you!

What is a lab-grown diamond?

The main difference between a lab-grown diamond and a naturally-mined diamond is simply the way it is created. A mined diamond is formed naturally deep beneath the Earth’s crust where temperatures and pressures are very high. These diamonds can only be mined when rare volcanoes erupt and bring them close to the surface.  

We imitate that same process in our lab using a High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. What starts as a diamond seed— a minuscule slice of a diamond— blossoms into a large, rough diamond as carbon atoms grow around it. These elegant pieces are grown in certified labs that use very limited energy and emit next to no emissions.

Lab-Crafted Diamond Rings



  1. Lab diamonds usually cost about 30% less than natural diamonds of similar size & quality.

  2. The grown diamond process duplicates what occurs naturally- making it impossible for the human eye to identify the difference of lab-grown or earth mined.

  3. They are certified & graded to the same standards as mined diamonds.

What are lab-diamonds made of?




  1. There is a large selection readily available of designs, sizes, and shapes to choose from.

  2. Diamonds formed from earth’s crust with incredible quality are rare, and that’s part of their appeal. Formed under the earth’s crust over billions of years

  3. Those mined today formed billions of years ago, giving them an unprecedented historic charm.



Frequently Asked Questions About Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Get up to 30% more diamond for your money

1. Why are lab-grown diamonds cheaper?

Lab-created and natural diamonds have the same costs when it comes to cutting, polishing, and inspection. The difference in price stems from the difference in the costs and processes leading up to that point, the heavy cost of mining. 

2. Is a Cubic Zirconia (CZ) the same as a lab-grown diamond?

Absolutely not. A diamond is made of carbon and cubic zirconia has zero carbon, making it much weaker and with different light performance than lab-crafted or natural diamonds.

3. Do laboratory-grown diamonds look real?

The short answer: Yes, because they are real diamonds. Lab-crafted and natural diamonds cannot be differentiated with the naked eye. They also have that same sparkle you’d look for in a natural diamond. You can’t tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and real diamonds without specialized equipment, even if you’re a professional gemologist! The best way to tell the difference between lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds is to look at the grading report.

4. Are lab-grown diamonds GIA Certified?

A lab-grown diamond is graded and certified using the same process as a mined diamond. Just like our mined diamonds, our lab-crafted diamonds are sent to a gem lab that specializes in grading diamonds. Each diamond is graded using the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat). Both are held to the exact same standards. (Learn more about the 4Cs.

5. Do lab-grown diamonds have flaws?

Both mined and lab-crafted diamonds are at the mercy of science, and there is no way to guarantee a perfect diamond. All diamonds will inevitably include different amounts of flaws and inclusions, which is why they are graded and certified. It is important to note that lab-grown

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Design My Own Custom Engagement Ring

Your love with your partner is unique and personal. It’s something only the two of you share, which means you probably want a unique engagement ring that reflects these defining principles.

If you haven’t been able to find the perfect ring yet, it may be time for you to look into creating your very own customized engagement ring. 

The task of creating a piece of jewelry from scratch may seem like a near-impossible task. We’re here to tell you that it’s not! With the help of professionals (and the combination of specific personal and industry research), creating a one of a kind ring for your partner will be easy. All you’ll have to worry about is how to ask them! 

Read on as we break down everything there is to know about designing and crafting the perfect, custom engagement ring. 


Things You Should Know Before Designing A Custom Engagement Ring

Before making any crucial step in customized ring shopping, there are three pieces of information about the ring you should know and present (or show) to the jeweler. 

  1. Future Fiance’s Stone Preferences: The type and shape of the stone can be a very personal preference. Do they want cushion or round cut? A diamond or sapphire? These are all preferences that are very tailored to your partner’s wants when it comes to picking out the stone. Whether you talk directly with your partner or a friend, it’s important to seek out these details before going through with ring development. 

  2. Type of Metal: Just like stone preferences, knowing what color or style metal your partner prefers is a vital component of a ring. Some examples could be 14K gold, white gold, rose gold or even platinum. 

  3. Ring Size: Whether you find out from friends and family, or you use our guide on how to (discreetly) measure ring size when choosing a ring, it’s best not to guess. Depending on the band, it may be hard to alter later. 

anatomy of a ring

How Do You Make Custom Engagement Rings?

Thankfully, the act of creating your customized engagement ring doesn’t come down to your drawing ability or your connections in outsourcing metal and stone. By working with the right individuals, you’re better able to make the ring one that reflects what you and your partner both want. By shopping at the right jewelers, setting a particular timeline and budget, as well as knowing your preferences and research; you’d be surprised to learn how easy and possible it is to customize your own piece of jewelry. 

custom drawing

Where Can I Design My Engagement Ring?

A big question when it focuses on engagement rings, where can I go? This is a decision that requires peer review, trust, and overall good report. There are two options, try booking an appointment with a local jeweler (with good reviews), or try trusted online retailers that will make it a point to cater to your needs during the creative and logistical process. Additionally, it’s okay to book several consultations and shop around. Not only do you want to make sure your jeweler understands your creative vision, but that your rapport with one another is strong.

How Much To Spend On A Custom Engagement Ring?

There’s back and forth discussions on how much one should pay for an engagement ring (even with the idea of customization). While the old rule of thumb was a two-month salary, couples are making their own rules. Overall, pay what you’re comfortable paying. Our guide on how much to spend on an engagement ring might also help.

engagement ring

Implementing Other Stones Into A Custom Engagement Ring 

Many engagement rings are saying goodbye to diamonds and embracing other beautiful and colorful stones. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic diamond, talk to your partner about their interest in a potentially different stone. Not only can it impact the cost of a customized engagement ring, but it also plays up the unique nature of a customized engagement ring. Some stones couples use for their engagement rings include rubies, sapphires, morganite, and emeralds

How Long To Design A Custom Engagement Ring? 

Many factors come into play when creating an overall timeline for a customized engagement ring. Some examples include access to stones, intricate design, review period and cost. This process can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. Below we’ve broken down a typical timeline of the logistical process to give a better understanding of the amount of time, energy and effort that goes into creating your perfect ring.  

ring in box

The Timeline

Step 1: Engagement Ring Consultation.
This usually takes anywhere from a half-hour to several hours, this is where you’ll set up an appointment with the jeweler and discuss designs, output, and next steps. Having your background information, budget and projected timeline as soon as the first consultation can guarantee smooth sailing for the remainder of the process. 

Step 2: Select The Ring’s Stone
This can be done in addition to the initial consultation or done afterward. This is where you discuss with the jeweler what stone your partner may prefer for their ring. 

Step 3: See A Digital Rendering
Depending on the jewelers' timeline (staff, outsourcing, etc) it may take anywhere from five days to two weeks to see an online CAD rendering of your customized jewelry piece. From here, you either give your ok and move forward, or go back and forth until the ring fits your creative vision. 

Step 4: Mock Ring Design
Once the digital rendering is given the ok, the jeweler will then create a mock ring, typically made from wax. It’s here where you’ll be able to feel and interact with the ring in person. Just like the creative process with the digital rendering, you’re allowed to give creative feedback and alter if need be. 

Step 5: Engagement Ring Casting
The final step! Once the mock ring is given your stamp of approval, the ring is then cast in your metal of choice with your desired stones. 

Step 6: (Optional) Take it a step further and have your custom engagement ring engraved to signify your wedding date, a word that has meaning to only the two of you or anything that makes this ring extra special.

Know Your Engagement Ring Lingo

Before you walk into your consultation appointment (step one), it may be wise to brush up on some engagement ring terms. For a brief lesson on common terminology, we’ve provided a glossary below: 

  • The 4Cs Standing for Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat.
  • Round Cut Comprising of 58 facets, this popular cut of stone gives the ring a dazzling sparkle. 
  • Cushion-Cut A rounded (or softened) square-shaped stone often referred to as a pillow cut diamonds.
  • Princess-Cut A perfectly square stone, this particular cut engagement ring is one the most popular.
  • Pear-Cut Otherwise known as teardrop (with a more positive name), this particular cut. resembles a half oval shape with an alternate pointed edge.
  • Emerald-Cut A wide rectangular stone with dramatic edges (with facets resembling stairs).
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Sizing Up: How to Find Her Ring Size

Unsure of your or even your partner’s ring size? No worries, you’re not alone!

Getting ready for the next step in your life [engagement] can be scary. Finding out her ring size doesn't have to be so tricky.

Many individuals who make their way into the local jeweler (when purchasing or considering rings), ask to be properly sized by a professional. Luckily, while seeking out help from an outside source is an option, there are many ways to discover you or your partner’s very own ring size from the comfort of your home.

To help you find your ring size, our diamond experts have created this complete ring size guide with a ring size chart, printable ring sizer, and even tips for measuring at home.

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The Meaning Behind Promise Rings & Why They’re An Important Next Step

What is a promise ring? While many have heard of the practice or know someone who may be wearing a promise ring alongside their partner, a lot of individuals admit they’re unsure of the purpose of promise rings and the significant meaning behind them.

More than gifting a piece of jewelry, promise rings for couples (as well as individuals) symbolize a token of longevity and commitment.

Read on to see if you, or you and your partner, could be ready to make the next big step and commit a promise.  

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On Time: Best Timepieces for Mom

...Because she always taught us the importance of being "on time". Celebrate mom with the perfect timepiece. If you’re not sure which to choose, don’t worry, we’ve laid out the perfect choice based on her lovable personality below.
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