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Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Delivered On-Time

If you’re wondering what to get mom for Mother’s Day at the last-minute and are in need of some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’re not in trouble! We’ve got you. We know mom can be tough to shop for, and with tons of different gift options out there, it’s hard to find the perfect gift that you know your mom will love… and will deliver by May 9th! 

Luckily, we have plenty of last-minute jewelry ideas for you at affordable price points that will deliver just in time for Mother’s Day! See, we told you we’ve got you! Now that your heart rate has slowed down and you know there’s no need to panic, browse our list of last-minute presents for Mother’s Day hand-picked by our very own jewelry experts. Oh, mama! These diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces are perfect for any mom on your list, and will be a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Delivery - Top 5 Expert Jewelry Gift Picks! 


Stunning Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Pendant

sapphire pendant

This pendant is so elegant she’ll never know it was a last-minute Mother’s Day gift! Perfect for any sophisticated mom, this pendant features a stunning pear-shaped created blue sapphire on a beautiful sterling silver chain. Expert tip! Sapphire is the September birthstone, so if your mom was born in September, this pendant would be a super thoughtful gift. Click here to browse our entire collection of sapphire jewelry for more last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.


Classic Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

Probably the best Mother’s Day jewelry gift is a pair of gold hoops. Gold hoops will always be in style, and they go with absolutely everything. Whether you’re shopping for a mom whose style is trendy, sophisticated, classic or cool, these versatile gold hoop earrings are crafted in 14 karat yellow gold, and will give any mom the best gift - a look that will never go out of style!


Pretty Heart Purple Cubic Zirconia Crystal & Opal Bear Pendant

bear necklace

If mama bear loves cute jewelry and fun little knick-knacks, this bear pendant is a fun and sweet gift! Perfect for new moms, this cuddly bear pendant features a round opal stone and one purple heart cubic zirconia stone all set in sterling silver. Whether mom has a gang of cubs she’s constantly taking care of or is a brand new mama bear, this adorable necklace is the perfect way to thank her for being the best mom ever.


Mom Blue Magic Topaz and Diamond Heart Pendant

mom necklace

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Gifts for the First Mother's Day

April showers bring May flowers, spring is the season of new life. In May we celebrate all mothers and their selfless care and devotion to their children, but this year we especially lift up first time mothers on their first Mother’s Day. Whether your gift on this first Mother’s Day represents the pride in your daughters life changing moment, or the love you feel for your wife and mother of your child, jewelry has a way of attaching a remembrance to a milestone when words can potentially fade away over time. 

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Diamond Heart Pendants

While a holiday gift guide will give you trendy options for a significant other or loved one this holiday season, a gift that is timeless will continue to turn heads when the trends have long vanished. Cue, the diamond heart pendant necklace.

The name and description is quite simple but therein lies a virtually endless combination of shapes, colors, and metals available at every price point for every level of relationship. The theme of love represented with the heart and the everlasting nature of the diamond combine into a memorable gift for anyone you deem worthy.

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2020 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide By Price

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. That’s why, more than ever, we all want to brighten up our loved one’s holidays with the perfect gift. Simply put, there’s nothing more thoughtful, meaningful, or practical, than the gift of jewelry. It makes even the hardest people to shop for on your list happy! Even though we may be stuck in quarantine and don’t have as many reasons to get dressed up and go out, the gift of a special piece of jewelry will be treasured for years to come - and just imagine how it will light up a Zoom meeting!

free shipping

To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve put together a list of the hottest jewelry trends and fashion-forward favorites. Plus, we have gorgeous, hand-picked favorites and top sellers for all price categories! So whether you’re ballin’ on a budget, or ballin’ out, this is th

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Contest Winners! Mother’s Day 2020 | My Mom Rocks!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked our guests to share with us how why their mom rocks for a chance to win prizes. Here are our five lucky winners and their stories! We were overjoyed with the number of submissions we received, and the amazing stories you shared.

Enough can never be said about the wonderful hearts and acts of the mothers in this world and we thank each of you who put up a nomination. You helped us spread the love of motherhood this 2020 Mother’s Day.


Winner, Bettina P. from Peoria, Illinois

"This Momma is my incredibly brave and strong sister. Not only did she have a heavy hand in raising my siblings and me, but She also put herself through school to become a Nurse Practitioner. A few years ago she was dealt a devastating blow with a diagnosis of breast cancer. After treatment and surgery, she is now in remission. She switched from family medicine to breast health shortly after beating cancer so she could hel

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A Match for Moms of all Types: 2020 Mom's Official Gift Guide

Mother’s Day may look a little different in 2020, but that gives us even more reason to celebrate her! There are still ways to show mom how much you love and admire her… even from afar. We’ve gathered our favorite Mother’s Day gifts to let her know you’re thinking about her. (All of these items are available for contact-free delivery, too.)

All moms are different and it can be tough to choose which piece of jewelry will best represent her personality and style. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to shop for mom while being safe at home. Just scroll through and find our recommended styles for each type of mom!


The Trendy Zoom Mom

These styles are for the mom who still manages to look trendy during all those video chats. She takes pride in always being up-to-date on the latest fashions and accessories. She follows all the fashion blogs and knows exactly what styles the celebrities are wearing. She’s dressed to impress and always sports the hottest looks. These styles from Shy Creation, Gucci and Coach are sure to make a trendy mom’s day.

diamond bracelet

The Classic Mom

She’s classically cool and effortlessly put together at all times. She somehow even makes those quarantine sweatpants look chic. Classic Mom loves the basics that never go out of style.  A strand of pearls, diamond studs, and a simple, yet elegant pendant is a must for this mom.


The Dog Mom

She loves her furbaby and is super excited to spend more time with her four-legged child. She is fully embracing this more walks and cuddles thing. Help fido show her how much they love the extra attention with a hand-stamped paw pendant or any other selection from our Dog Lover’s collection


The New Teacher Mom

She didn’t expect to have to become a teacher overnight, but somehow she manages to help the kids learn something while also balancing everything else that comes with everyone being home full time. Even if you can’t wait to get the kids back to the classroom (because let’s face it, we’ve never had more respect for teachers), this time together is still something to cherish. Shop our collection of lockets for a gift that shows The New Teacher Mom how much you (and the kids) appreciate her. Or, some of our fan-favorite mama bear jewelry!

Mama Bear bracelet

The Frugal Fashionista Mom

There’s nothing a frugal fashionista loves more than getting the hottest styles for the lowest prices! This mom wouldn’t want you to spend a ton of money on her Mother’s Day gift, but she would be delighted with any of the gorgeous pendants, rings, earrings or watches from our top gifts under $150 collection


The Modern Mom

She might not have showered today, her yoga pants are now everyday pants and the house is a mess… but who cares? She’s rockin’ all of it and going with the flow of this new normal. She’s made 20 loaves of banana bread, learned a bunch of TikTok dances, and has lost count of how many puzzles you and the kids have put together. Our Runs On Coffee bolo bracelet,

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Jewelry Edition

To help create a powerful sentiment like this, it’s time to gift that special someone jewelry.

However, we’re not just talking about any ordinary someone, but the amazing fathers in our lives.

Celebrate Father’s Day with your father, in-law, husband, son, step-father or grandfather with these 15 Father’s Day gift ideas, that are sure to fit every dad’s taste.

Whether it’s personalized Father’s Day gifts, or luxury Father’s Day gifts - we promise the dad in your life is sure to love it!

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A Match for Moms of all Types: Mom's Official Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift for the special mom in your life, whether it’s your mom, wife, sister, grandmother or your best friend.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans planned to spend $4.2 billion on jewelry for Mother’s Day, making it one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts.

But all moms are different and it can be tough to figure out which piece mom would like best.

Our Mother’s Day gift guide is here to help!  Whether your mom is trendy, sporty, all about the glam or classically elegant, we’ve got her perfect match. 

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On Time: Best Timepieces for Mom

...Because she always taught us the importance of being "on time". Celebrate mom with the perfect timepiece. If you’re not sure which to choose, don’t worry, we’ve laid out the perfect choice based on her lovable personality below.
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The Perfect "Fit" For Mom: Mother's Gift Ideas

Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. The old saying really does ring true. Choose pieces that can be worn regardless of size so that you aren’t left guessing whether or not the gift will fit. We put together a gift guide of “easy-fits” like bracelets, pendants & watches — if you see something you love, then click on the image to see more!
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