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3 No-Fail Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Has procrastination gotten the best of you, and you’re finding yourself currently giftless for the rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day? Well before you dash out and purchase a place-holder present that lacks meaning or passion, consider these Cupid-approved picks that pack all the love and magic the lady in your life deserves.

1. Charm Bracelets

Start a new tradition by commemorating Valentine’s Day, and every holiday after, by building a beautiful charm bracelet. Rembrandt Charms crafts miniature works of art that stand in as precious, and oh-so personal, mementos of your adventures together. First trip to Paris? Add a lustrous silver Eiffel tower charm to her bracelet. Does she play a musical instrument? Peruse an entire orchestra of options including flutes and guitars. The combination you create over the years will be as unique as your one-of-a-kind love.

This Valentine’s Day, we recommend adding a heart to start on the cable link bracelet of your choice to express your aim to share and cherish your special moments together in the years to come.

charm bracelet            heart charm

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Valentine’s Day Guide 2022: New Jewelry & Engagement Ring Designs

The moon and stars, champagne and bubbles, and X’s and O’s. When it comes to celebrating your one-of-a-kind love, few pairings are as iconic as Valentine’s Day and jewelry. And nothing delights more brilliantly than the gleam of a diamond beaming from a little square box. If you’re reading this article, it's safe to assume you are past the just-getting-to-know-you chocolates and in search of that perfect something for your special someone. Good thing we’ve curated for you the most-loved styles, like ruby earrings, and big-moment pieces, like new engagement rings to give your Valentine.


THINK PINK: Pink Sapphire Jewelry

pink sapphire ringpink and white sapphire


Whether set in sterling silver, like these luminous cushion-cut pink sapphire earrings or set in rose gold, like our rose gold cros

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Summer 2021 Top 3 Women's Diamond Wedding Bands

While engagement rings tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to marriage-related jewelry, wedding bands shouldn’t be overlooked. Wedding rings are symbolic and are a practical expression of your love, commitment, and union with your significant other. Plus, they add a little extra sparkle to your ring finger! At Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak, we offer a large selection of timeless and traditional wedding bands. 

This summer, diamond wedding bands and diamond rose gold wedding bands for women have emerged as a breakout trend. Here are three of our favorite women’s diamond wedding band styles to sparkle your 2021 wedding! 


#1: Twist Diamond Wedding Band

white gold diamond twist wedding bandThis gorgeous wed

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Best Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…traditions are special, especially when it comes to weddings! Wearing “something old” represents a bride’s past, while wearing “something new” symbolizes a couple’s happy future. “Something borrowed” is supposed to be something from someone happily married, so the good fortune rubs off on the new bride, and “something blue” denotes fidelity and love. While these “somethings” can be anything from hair pins to ribbons to earrings, it’s no doubt that on your wedding day, the jewelry that you wear is incredibly significant. 

Your expert friends at Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak have tons of unique and special wedding day jewelry options to help you feel even more fabulous on your big day. We can only guess that mom has been in your ear about what you should wear… but sometimes, mother doesn’t always know best! This day is all about you - whether you go bold or simple with your wedding day jewelry choices, you’ll remember the jewelry you wear on your wedding day forever. Maybe you’ll pass these pieces down to someone special on her big day, or keep them forever as a special memento of one of your most favorite days! Either way, we have the perfect list of jewelry for your wedding day.


Wedding Day Jewelry for the Bride

When it comes to finding the perfect jewelry to highlight your wedding dress on the big day, our best advice is to stic

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Self-Gifting 101: Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Let’s be real – it’s been quite the year. This summer, we are seeing the world return to a bit of normalcy after the pandemic, so it’s definitely the right time to pat yourself on the back. Even if most days all you could do was get out of bed – that’s a feat worth celebrating!

Some of us might not be comfortable treating ourselves. It might seem a little foreign to reward ourselves for our own accomplishments, and while being humble is an important quality… sometimes you have to take a step back and admit that you’re a total winner! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself and indulging in a bit of self care and self-gifting when you know you deserve it. 

So… what are good self care gifts? How about gorgeous pieces of jewelry that sparkle just as much as you do. We’ve put together a list of self care gifts to buy yourself this summer. These are the perfect gifts for yourself - everything from birthday presents, job promotion gifts, self love gifts, and even gifts for weight loss success and personal goal milestones. Jewelry is the perfect gift to buy yourself because every time you look in the mirror, you’ll be reminded of all the hard work you have accomplished. Keep reading for self-gifting 101! 

Happy Birthday to… YOU! Birthstone Earrings - Birthday Gifts for Yourself 

Celebrate another trip around the sun! Admit it... (we won’t tell!) you know exactly what you want for your birthday. Don’t wait for someone else to give you the best birthday gift - buy a birthday gift for yourself! Birthstone jewelry makes the best birthday gift for yourself because it’s spe

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Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Delivered On-Time

If you’re wondering what to get mom for Mother’s Day at the last-minute and are in need of some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’re not in trouble! We’ve got you. We know mom can be tough to shop for, and with tons of different gift options out there, it’s hard to find the perfect gift that you know your mom will love… and will deliver by May 9th! 

Luckily, we have plenty of last-minute jewelry ideas for you at affordable price points that will deliver just in time for Mother’s Day! See, we told you we’ve got you! Now that your heart rate has slowed down and you know there’s no need to panic, browse our list of last-minute presents for Mother’s Day hand-picked by our very own jewelry experts. Oh, mama! These diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces are perfect for any mom on your list, and will be a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Delivery - Top 5 Expert Jewelry Gift Picks! 


Stunning Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Pendant

sapphire pendant

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Blue Topaz | The December Birthstone Guide

Learn about Blue Topaz, the birthstone for December. Find out the meaning, the benefits, the history and more. Shop Blue Topaz rings, necklaces, earrings and more.

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2020 Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide By Price

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. That’s why, more than ever, we all want to brighten up our loved one’s holidays with the perfect gift. Simply put, there’s nothing more thoughtful, meaningful, or practical, than the gift of jewelry. It makes even the hardest people to shop for on your list happy! Even though we may be stuck in quarantine and don’t have as many reasons to get dressed up and go out, the gift of a special piece of jewelry will be treasured for years to come - and just imagine how it will light up a Zoom meeting!

free shipping

To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve put together a list of the hottest jewelry trends and fashion-forward favorites. Plus, we have gorgeous, hand-picked favorites and top sellers for all price categories! So whether you’re ballin’ on a budget, or ballin’ out, this is the holiday gift guide for you. Keep reading for our top picks for gifts for her, for him, even for you! So you can give the gift they’ll always remember in a year we’d all like to forget.

Best Jewelry Gifts Under $150

Pearl Bolo Bracelet

If you’re looking for a timeless gift, you can never go wrong with pearls. Show off your gifting smarts with this super popular pearl and sparkle bead bolo bracelet from our Imperial pearl collection. This bracelet features 13 freshwater pearls and sparkle beads connected on an adjustable chain, so it’s a gift that is guaranteed to delight (and fit!)

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Anniversary Jewelry by Year, Inspiration, and Gift Ideas

In 1922, Emily Post published her first etiquette guide, which included a list of anniversary gifts for each year. 

Many are familiar with traditional anniversary gifts, but did you know that there is also a gemstone or metal associated with each anniversary? 

This list of anniversary jewelry is endorsed by Jewelers of America and The American Gem Trade Association. No matter how many years you’ve been married, a gift of jewelry is always a beautiful symbol of love and commitment.


1st Anniversary: Gold

1 Year Anniversary Jewelry: Gold

You’ve made it through your first year! Hitting that 1-year mark is a fantastic milestone in a couple’s life. You’ve learned even more about each other and grown closer than you could imagine. It’s been a year filled with firsts; maybe you bought your first home together or adopted your first pet. 

All of those big

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Sapphire Birthstone Guide | History & Meaning

September’s birthstone (the sapphire) is said to be one of the most sought after gemstones for the majority of human civilization.

It represents qualities like sincerity, faithfulness and truth.

One of the most romantic and royal stones on planet earth, the sapphire has earned itself quite the reputation. Read on to find out more about the sapphire’s important past and promising future.

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