New Dawn Diamonds®

Lab grown diamonds that are exactly the same as mined diamonds, except for their origin.

New Dawn Lab Grown Man Made Diamonds

Today not one shovelful of earth is moved to create New Dawn Diamonds, yet their beauty and brilliance will symbolize your love forever.

Rogers & Hollands® & Ashcroft & Oak® are now an Authorized Retailer of New Dawn Diamonds and we feel as strongly as you do that this is our chance to introduce something truly amazing - a new diamond to the world while contributing to healing the planet at the same time.


Q: Ho
w can I tell the difference between lab grown and mined diamonds?

A: These lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds and can only be distinguished in a gemological laboratory.

New Dawn Diamonds® believes in complete transparency for all our diamonds and has each and every diamond certified by internationally recognized gemological laboratories. A certificate of authenticity comes with each New Dawn Created Diamond.

Why Buy New Dawn Diamonds?

Q: Why should I purchase lab grown diamonds?

A: It is true… no one, outside of your jeweler, can tell mined and lab grown diamonds apart.

But now you have a choice….They will look and feel fantastic and special just the same as a mined diamond set in any jewelry. By purchasing a New Dawn Created Diamond, you will be helping our planet and shrinking your footprint.

New Dawn Diamonds, Chain of CustodyBecause of their complete chain of custody tracking system, New Dawn Diamonds® is able to bring you the perfect diamond for The Modern Woman and a verified path of its creation.

Our diamonds - from creation, through the cutting & polishing process, to our stores & our guests.Woman and a verified path of its creation.

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New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds is proud to support Kiva, a global non-profit organization that helps low income women in over 80 countries secure micro-loans and create better futures for themselves.

We economically empower women around the world by contributing money to Kiva for loans and encourage our New Dawn customers and authorized retailers to join us in this cause. Click here to learn more about the New Dawn Diamonds® & Kiva partnership »

100% Lab Grown Diamonds

Q: Where are lab grown diamonds manufactured?

A: New Dawn Diamonds® are grown in a select few highly advanced laboratories with themost current eco-friendly technology available.

Being socially responsible, our well paid trained technician’s work in a clean, safe and comfortable laboratory environment.

The laboratories that grow New Dawn Diamonds® use a minimal amount of energy and have almost no emissions or pollutant bi-products.