In a year of unconventional weddings and engagements, one option for engagement ring stones is the white sapphire. While the diamond and the moissanite are fiery and brilliant in sparkle and sheen, the white sapphire is the subtle sister. Instead of comparing moissanite vs white sapphire or diamond vs white sapphire, look at the beauty and uniqueness it brings.

Drawing attention with its natural deep haziness and a millennium’s worth of symbolism the colorless sapphire makes an excellent choice for rings and jewelry in general. When we picture sapphire, often an infinite spectrum of blue comes to mind but the sapphire is actually found naturally in a wide range of colors, even colorless.

The value in sapphire lies in the affordability, the durability and the size. It is not hard at all to get an eye clean, larger stone, in a great setting, on anyones budget, and with a 9 on the Mohs scale there will be no issue with everyday wear. The GIA does not grade these white sapphires, but does report on Color, Carat weight and if they have undergone a heat treatment process.

There is a subjective beauty to these stones that the wearer must appreciate, this really can't be reported in an objective fashion. If you, the wearer, finds it stunning, no writing on a certificate can put a number to that. Going further into the meaning, kindness, wisdom, and strength bond the wearer to the giver in the same way humans have since ancient times. There is a deep spiritual connection that has long been associated with sapphires, particularly the clear stones. Take advantage of the clarity that a white sapphire engagement rings brings to your self, your mind, and your relationship. Find beautiful white sapphire rings, necklaces, and other jewelry throughout our site.