Summer is officially in full swing. While there is nothing better than soaking up the sun, hitting the lake or the pool and spending time at night under the stars by the campfire, there are tons of activities that happen during the summer that put your diamond wedding band or diamond engagement ring at risk.

Let’s face it; jewelry care probably won’t be top of mind during your fun in the sun. While the summer is (hopefully!) your chance to relax, you might have a bit of anxiety about when to take off your engagement ring, and may even have some more specific questions, like, can I shower with my engagement ring? Can I wash my hands with my engagement ring? Can I wear my engagement ring to the beach? 

So, when should you take off your wedding band or engagement ring in the summer? We can put your mind at ease with expert advice on when it’s best to take your ring off. Plus, we’re also giving you the hottest engagement ring styles of the summer!

#1 Swimming 

It’s safe to say that you should take your engagement ring off when you go for a dip this summer. The chlorine in the pool can tarnish or damage sterling silver engagement ring and discolor the mounting of your ring. Plus, cold water shrinks your fingers, making it really easy to lose your ring in the water, which would obviously be a disaster. If you’re at the beach, you also risk the sand getting stuck in the crevices of your ring, and even scratching the stone. It’s definitely best to leave your engagement ring off during your summer water activities. 


#2 Showering

While we’re on the topic of water… if you’re wondering if you can wear your engagement ring in the shower, the answer is that you probably shouldn’t. The shower is another opportunity for your ring to slip off your finger, since you’re all lathered up with slippery soap, and no one wants to dig around for an engagement ring that has slipped down the drain! Plus, oily soaps can dull the finish of your diamond, and exfoliating soaps will scratch it. Best to take it off so your ring stays in tip-top condition!  


#3 Washing Your Hands

Similar to the situations listed above, it’s a good idea to take your engagement ring off when washing your hands - just to be extra safe (make sure to place it in a safe place away from the sink). A soap and water combo makes it easy for your ring to slip off your finger and fall down the drain, and a constant build-up of soap can tarnish your ring’s sparkle. 


#4 Grilling or Preparing Food

With summer comes lots of BBQ’s, baking, and dinner parties. If you find yourself in the kitchen a lot, it’s probably best to have a place where you can keep your engagement ring safe while you chef it up. Aside from the food particles that build-up on your ring (gross!) there is the possibility of scratching or banging up your ring when you’re working with food. There’s also the chance that you could lose your ring in the process of whipping up a meal!


#5 Gardening

In terms of when to take off your engagement ring, gardening is an activity where it’s best to ditch your ring. This summer you’ll definitely be outside tending to your tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and all of your gorgeous flowers… but beware. Dirt and small rocks are pretty abrasive to jewelry, and if your jewelry isn’t cleaned right away, there could be permanent damage. Watch out for those gardening gloves, too! They can scratch or damage your sparkly center stone. 


#6 Hiking

If your plan is to spend your summer hitting up different National Parks and checking some sweet hikes off your list, you might want to consider leaving your engagement ring somewhere safe. The outdoors pose a number of threats to your engagement ring, and you don’t want to lose your favorite piece of jewelry in the middle of the woods, or risk bumping it or scratching it on the trails. If you’re generally an outdoorsy person, it’s a good idea to get an engagement ring with a platinum setting because it’s strong, durable, and will stay bright and shiny! 


So, do you wear your engagement ring all the time? The short answer is no. As you just read above, there are definitely times when taking your engagement ring off will help keep it safe and give you peace of mind. You’ll have way more fun during your summer activities if you know that your beautiful engagement ring is safe and sound in a jewelry box. Don’t forget to visit our jewelry cleaning professionals in-store to keep your glam looking shiny and new! 


Bonus! Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of Summer 2021:

The 'Haven' Engagement Ringhaven engagement ringThis diamond cushion halo engagement ring in 10 karat white gold will have you grinning from ear to ear. One of our newest styles, this uniquely designed engagement ring features brilliant-cut, genuine white sparkling diamonds. This new arrival ring is sure to keep the sparkle in your eye forever. 


The 'Piper' Engagement Ringpiper engagement ring pearThis trendy pear-shaped diamond halo engagement ring is designed with intricate details and unique personality. This timeless ring features a pear-shaped center diamond. Plus, 38 genuine round diamonds surround this breathtaking center stone in a stunning halo. Piper is definitely one of the hottest engagement rings of the season! 


Champagne and White Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

champagne diamond ringTime to pop the bubbly! This gorgeous ring features genuine white and champagne diamonds set in a beautiful 14 karat yellow gold design. The champagne diamonds featured on this ring add a subtle pop of color and make this ring one to remember. It will look fabulous with a tan and is one of our favorite trending summer engagement ring styles!


Blue and White Diamond Engagement Ring

blue diamond engagement ringThis luxe blue diamond engagement ring is the perfect ring to propose with this summer. It will look amazing in your photos with stunning blue backdrops, such as a clear summer sky or a sparkling lake or ocean view. Crafted of lustrous white gold, this beautiful ring features one round-cut, prong-set gleaming genuine blue diamond. Detailing this center stone are 20 round-cut, buttercup and prong-set diamonds for a glimmering halo, adding a touch of femininity and elegance. One look at this ring and you’ll be in love!