One diamond cut that has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2021, specifically in wedding rings, is the radiant-cut diamond. The radiant-cut combines the round-cut facets with the general shape of the emerald-cut. The radiant-cut is known for its brilliance and also happens to be one of the more affordable options for larger diamonds. This is mainly due to the fact that the cutting saves most of the raw diamond it is cut from.

One example of this beautiful cut is the Rayne, a radiant-cut Diamond halo engagement ring set in 14kt white gold with 1ctw of Diamonds.

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

While the underlying angles are the same in all radiant-cut diamonds, there is some room to customize the shape to the taste of the wearer and the ring setting. The overall category of radiant-cut diamonds has a wide variety of length to width ratios, with two basic shapes. The “rectangular radiant” and the “square-cut radiant”. Most consumers prefer the ratio of 1.15 length to 1.35 width for a rectangle, and the square-cut is generally 1 to 1.


The color attribute is more important in the radiant-cut more so than it is in round or brilliant cuts. Platinum and white gold settings will showcase the colorless radiant-cut stones, as the colorless metal broadcasts and amplifies the clarity. However, if the setting you are looking at for your ring is in the yellow gold or rose gold variant, the lower color grades will be far more difficult to identify. Diamonds in colored gold settings will hardly show any tint to the naked eye.


Radiant-cut diamonds bring more brilliance than virtually any other cut. Fortunately, it is the shape and facets, which are engineered to bring the most fire and flash out of your ring, that mask inclusions in lower quality stones. While these stones on paper may never make it into the higher range of standard diamond cuts, with radiant-cuts they offer a more attainable option.

Diamonds aren't the only stone that can take advantage of the radiant-cut. With the non-traditional engagement ring stones and styles seeing a rise in the market, gems like the blue topaz and sapphire are being cut in the radiant style to gain that extra sparkle.

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