For a unique and individualistic bride, finding an engagement ring that is trendy but also distinctive can be quite the feat. With so many different styles and cuts to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find a ring with the perfect amount of flair that will never go out of style. For those looking for a ring that is both beautiful and different, a pear shaped engagement ring will check off all of your boxes. Pear shaped engagement rings have grown in popularity and offer something a bit less traditional than a typical engagement ring, while remaining elegant and eye catching! 

If you’re interested in a pear shaped engagement ring, or want to learn more about this trendy engagement ring style, we have the complete guide to shopping for this lovely and unique ring shape! 

Meaning of The Pear Shape Ring

For the woman who loves to stand out, a pear shaped engagement ring is perfect for you! The teardrop shape of the diamond is said to symbolize tears of joy, while the style of the ring represents a woman who is bold and creates her own path in this world. This is the perfect style for an empowered woman with a taste for glamour and romance. 


How to Wear Your Pear Shaped Engagement Ring  

A pear shaped engagement ring can be worn however you like, however, it’s most common to wear it with the tip of the diamond pointing out towards your fingers. This way, when you raise your hand to look at your ring, it looks like a falling teardrop. IWearing the stone this way helps to elongate fingers and make them look more slender!


Top Selling Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings: 

The Palmer Ring

palmer ring

One of our favorites, this pear shaped engagement ring is truly breathtaking. This fancy double diamond halo ring has 1 ⅓ total carat weight, fashioned in 14 karat white gold. The double halo adds extra sparkle and shine, and the center pear shaped stone is an absolute marvel! Plus, if you want to start your forever as soon as possible, this engagement ring is a quick ship item. 


The Adelaide Ring

alelaide ring

This classic elegance engagement ring features a pear center surrounded by brilliant cut white diamonds totaling ⅞ carat weight, set in 14 karat white gold. The dainty diamonds and extra halo bring out the ultimate shine in the pear center diamond. You’ll be obsessed, and this is another quick ship item, so drop him a hint so you can swoon over your ring sooner rather than later! 


The Austin Ring

austin ring

Extra trendy, this pear shaped diamond halo engagement ring features ⅞ total carat weight of diamonds set in 14 karat rose gold. The rose gold setting adds romance to this gorgeous ring. Plus, rose gold and pear shaped engagement rings are super trendy right now, so you’ll make everyone jealous with this beautiful rock. 


The Ella Ring

the ella ring

Be wowed with this pear shaped engagement ring. Unique, classic and incredibly stunning, this ring is crafted in 14 karat white gold with a pear shaped center diamond, surrounded by 50 genuine white diamonds for added sparkle and elegance. This double halo is unlike anything else. Cassandra, a verified buyer, says, “My fiance proposed with this ring and it’s beautiful!! I get compliments everyday and still can’t stop staring at it.” 

Colored Gemstone Pear Shaped Engagement Rings 

Like pear shaped engagement rings, colored gemstone engagement rings are super hot right now. Knock out both trends with any of these knock-out rings! 


This pear shaped morganite diamond halo ring set in 10 karat white and rose gold is beautiful and perfect for the girly girl in your life. She’ll love the stunning pink center stone surrounded by 89 (you read that right!) sparkling white diamonds. This ring is sure to make her feel like a princess. 

Another morganite favorite, this pear shaped morganite engagement ring makes quite a statement with a pear shaped morganite center surrounded by a double halo of sparkling white diamonds. Beautiful and romantic! 

Black Diamond 

black diamond pear shape ring

For a more dramatic bride-to-be looking for extra flair and personality, this black diamond pear shaped engagement ring is crafted in 14 karat white gold. This gorgeous wedding ring features a pear-cut prong-set black diamond at its center, embedded with 20 round cut dazzling diamonds on the band. Check out our entire collection of black diamond engagement rings to find the perfect fit! 


Color & Clarity

Also known as the teardrop, pear shaped engagement rings are a combination of round brilliant cut and marquise, as one side is rounded and the other is pointed. Your pear shaped ring should have perfect symmetry. To achieve this, make sure the tapered or pointed part of the diamond perfectly aligns with the center of the round edge. The curves on each side of the stone should be identical.

Pear shaped diamonds, like marquise and oval shaped diamonds, show color the strongest. On the color scale it’s best to choose H or higher to make sure your stone will be white. Pear shaped diamonds are also great at hiding inclusions. For the best value, stick to S12 clarity or S11 clarity. 


Three Stone Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring 

The Melina Ring

melina ring

This pear shaped, three stone halo engagement ring features 1 carat total weight of brilliant cut white diamonds, set in 14 karat white gold. Three stone engagement rings represent a couple’s past, present and future, so this ring can reflect the love you’ve shared, the love you have now, and the love you will always have for each other. Symbolic and gorgeous, this ring is the perfect testament of your unique love. 


Lab Grown Diamond Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

This gorgeous lab grown diamond pear double halo twist engagement ring is crafted in 10 karat white gold with a stunning, sparkling lab grown pear shaped center stone. Lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity and have become super popular when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Sustainable and affordable, lab grown diamonds offer more diamond for your money, with no recognizable difference to a mined diamond! To learn more about everything lab grown diamonds have to offer, check out our lab grown diamond education page


Celebrity Pear Shaped Engagement Rings 

The most popular pear shaped diamond probably belonged to Elizabeth Taylor, and was known as the “Taylor Burton diamond” at an estimated $18.9 million dollars. Too large to be worn as a ring, Elizabeth Taylor had the diamond placed on a necklace instead. Other fashionable stars such as Victoria Beckham, Princess Charlene and actress Katherine Heigle rock pear shaped engagement rings!


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