When we think of engagement rings, immediately images of solitaire diamond rings come to mind. Opulent, head turning, and nearly flawless, these are the rings of the traditional. However, due in part to the financial constraints of an uncertain economy or the changing tastes which find opulence taking a back seat to subtlety, more and more couples are going in the opposite direction this year. We will look at three main themes in non traditional engagement rings, gemstones, lab crafted and design.

Opal Engagement Ring


Diamonds are without a doubt the most popular choice for engagement rings, but for the non traditional there is an infinite color spectrum to oppose the colorless rock. Sapphires, commonly deep blue, are striking in person, pair with all precious metals and are very reasonably priced compared to its clear counterpart. Even more mysterious are Opals, which bring a murky pearlescent face and are even more unique and affordable than the sapphire. On the affordability front, one cant go wrong with a birthstone ring, unique enough to the wearer and special enough you will not readily see the same in public.

Lab Created Halo Engagement Ring

Lab Grown

Nearly perfect, colorless, symmetrical, conflict free, ethically sourced, all for far less than its naturally sourced counterpart. A lab grown engagement ring will check everything off when it comes to picking your perfect stone. Traditionally a natural stone is the popular choice. However, going the lab crafted route will ensure you take advantage of the highest level of whichever gemstone you chose. Inclusion free diamonds, fiery moisannites devoid of imperfections, deep blue sapphires, all affordable and without any worry of conflict or unethical practices.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring


The design element is the one which has no rules. White gold band paved with diamonds and sapphires, rose gold set with amethyst, there is an endless combination available for virtually any taste. Further from the normal, Claddagh rings bring an Irish element steeped with meaning to the engagement. The love knot design ascribes the concept of infinity to surround your relationship. If meaning is there, regardless of the opinion of others, the ring will rise to the occasion.

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