Rising to popularity in the eighties and fizzling out shortly thereafter, the personalized jewelry trend is back. With the advancement of laser engraving and cutting, these pieces are more stunning, and eye catching than ever before. When it comes to giving jewelry as a gift, pearls, diamond earrings, elaborate necklaces all exist for the formal occasion. What do we have for the casual setting? for lounging around the house? going to the bars? and just hanging out? Name plate necklaces, a unique, personal way to dress down the precious metals and bring a subtle pizzazz to your look.

Personalized Handwriting Necklace

From a very affordable Rhodium plated sterling silver option, to the head turning 10k yellow gold pendants there is a price point and style for everyone. Why stop at the necklaces, name plate rings, bracelets, cufflinks for the gentlemen, all customized for you and yours. With the advancement of jewelry design, you can take the personalization a step further by engraving handwriting on pendants to be worn. What better Christmas gift for a mother than her child’s handwriting memorialized in gold or silver.

Cutout Heart Name Necklace

A simple “I love you” engraved for your significant other, serving as a resounding reminder of your feelings. With so much of the online shopping spectrum turning into an “add to cart”, “buy it now”, impersonal and expedited experience, bring the personality back with customized jewelry that honors the individual. We also offer initial and other name jewelry that will give your gift that extra personal touch.