Floral Diamond Engagement RingIt is no surprise that in virtually all eras from the Georgian to the modern, the ring design that continues to remain popular for couples all over the world is the floral engagement ring. Floral-inspired diamond engagement rings are typically found in many different diamond shapes and sizes so there are plenty of options if a floral engagement ring is on your mind!

The ring to the left features a beautiful scalloped diamond halo creating this floral design, all diamonds are set in smooth 14 karat white gold.

floral engagement ring

This exclusive floral halo engagement ring to the right is crafted in luminous sterling silver. This elegant flower wedding ring features a round-cut black diamond center stone surrounded by a halo of pear and round-cut, glittering created white moissanite gemstones expertly arranged in a floral pattern. Liven up your outfit with this bridal ring and look as luxurious and elegant as the Queen with this beauty on your finger. A valuable addition to any jewelry collection.

Flower engagement rings offer an elegant look, as a result, many couples are drawn to flower rings thanks to their classic looks, incredible sparkle and relatively good value. This means a flower engagement ring can be a great option if you want something that’s large, elegant and timeless without the price tag of a higher weight diamond.

floral fashion ringThis gorgeous diamond halo flower fashion ring is crafted in 14 karat white gold and features ½ct. total weight brilliant-cut round diamonds.

A diamond ring is a universally established symbol of matrimony and while it is possible to design a floral engagement ring with large, flawless, colorless, diamonds, flowers are all about color. Pairing the various meanings of flowers with the meanings of gemstones can greatly elevate the underlying symbolism of the floral engagement ring. Tulips and roses correspond to love, violets to faith, and orange blossoms symbolize everlasting love.

With their blooming petal motifs, delicate leaves and gently curving lines, flower-inspired diamond engagement rings capture the beauty of fresh spring blossoms.

Flower engagement rings are a type of cluster diamond ring. Instead of using a single diamond, like a solitaire diamond ring, flower engagement rings use a large center stone surrounded by several smaller diamonds arranged in a flower-like or petal pattern.

Citrine Floral Engagement Ring

This gorgeous ring features a citrine gemstone surrounded by genuine white round diamonds, all hand-set in smooth 14 karat yellow gold.

Floral engagement rings have long been a popular option for couples looking to celebrate natures beauty and incorporate that into their marriage. From 17th century royalty, to modern celebrities, there is a unique and head-turning beauty that follows the floral engagement ring. Thanks to their unique design, flower engagement rings can stand out from the crowd and receive a lot of attention. Discover our selection of floral-inspired jewelry and flower diamond rings!