While a holiday gift guide will give you trendy options for a significant other or loved one this holiday season, a gift that is timeless will continue to turn heads when the trends have long vanished. Cue, the diamond heart pendant necklace.

The name and description is quite simple but therein lies a virtually endless combination of shapes, colors, and metals available at every price point for every level of relationship. The theme of love represented with the heart and the everlasting nature of the diamond combine into a memorable gift for anyone you deem worthy.

Suppose you are looking for something even more personal? Take advantage of the combination birthstone-diamond settings or make a statement with diamond set words or phrases dedicated to “mom”, or “loving someone forever”.

The diamond heart pendant necklaces embody this love you have for each other and will bring you closer than ever before. Throw away the gift guides this year, and go with something from the heart. We provide a beautiful collection of diamond heart pendants and heart jewelry.