Everyone should feel like royalty on their wedding day and looking to the royal family for ring inspiration is a no-brainer. Their fashion and etiquette are rooted in regal tradition. Colored stones and vintage settings are often seen on the hands of royal women, but elegance and luxury don’t have to come at a royal price. At Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak, you can find your royal dream ring and feel like Princess Diana on your wedding day, and every day.

Princess Diana of Wales iconically wore a blinding sapphire engagement ring, but that wasn’t the only blue stone in her collection. Princess Diana famously switched out her engagement ring for an emerald-cut aquamarine ring with white diamonds and set in 24-karat gold in the late 90s. Today, that same aquamarine ring can be seen on the hand of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Here are two of our favorite look-alikes:

aquamarine ring

aquamarine ring


Princess Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring found a new home on the hand of her son’s wife, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Colored stones have been a tradition in the royal family for quite some time, dating back to the early 1840s. Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and now the modern royal women have all worn iconic colored stones at one point. Make a royal statement and shop Rogers & Hollands and Ashcroft & Oak sapphire rings that can become a tradition in your family. Here are two of our favorite look-alikes:

sapphire oval ring

oval sapphire ring


The most recent addition to the family, Meghan Markle, moved away from the family’s colored stone pattern and decided to go with an elegant three-stone ring in a simple yellow gold setting. The gold ring was a gift from the Queen herself and carries on the century-old royal tradition of being crafted from Welsh gold (Some members of the British Royal Family have used pure Welsh gold to create their wedding rings, since 1923). Some of this very same rare Welsh gold is contained within each piece of Clogau jewellery, making it some of the most exclusive jewellery in the world. The content of Welsh gold can be identified by the Welsh dragon stamp, and other unique marks that denote a genuine piece of Clogau. In addition to Meghan and the Queen herself, Princess Anne, Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Eugenie have also worn wedding bands of the ultra-rare gold. Here are two of our favorite look-alikes:

3 stone engagement ring


yellow gold engagement ring