People born in February are often recognized for being honest, authentic and devoted. The February birthstone is thought to keep its wearer clear-headed and clever. If you’re shopping for a gift for someone born in February, or even treating yourself, Amethyst jewelry is known to bring its wearer good fortune. 

Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this prized gemstone, complete with great gift ideas for anyone who wants to express their authentic selves. 


What Is The Birthstone For February?

The birthstone for February is the beautiful and radiant Amethyst. In the quartz family, wearing an Amethyst not only puts you in good company (as individuals like Leonardo De Vinci were rumored to wear Amethyst stones), it represents a long line of rich history that swears the gemstone can enhance intelligence and protect against evil thoughts. 


What Color Is Amethyst? The color of an Amethyst is purple but can vary from light violet to a deep, or royal, purple color. This stone is given its unique purple hue from color centers in the quartz that are exposed to natural radiation from other rocks (also known as irradiation). Given its stunning purple shade, many ancient Greeks associated the Amethyst with the wine God Bacchus.

Because purple is the combination of red and blue, the color (and even price) can be factored upon which of these two secondary shades outshine the other. One of the most valuable forms of Amethyst follow the 75% red and 15% blue traces (this is known as the Deep Siberian Amethyst).


How To Pronounce Amethyst? The best way to pronounce the stone Amethyst is to break up the word into three parts. The first part of the word is the general ‘a’, followed by the sound ‘muh’, and finished with the vernacular ‘thuhst’.  In unison, the word is pronounced a-muh-thuhst. 

It’s Greek name, Amethystos, literally translates to “remedy against drunkenness.” In fact, back in ancient Greek times, this precious stone was known to ward off drunkenness in its wearer and provide a clear mind. (Making it a great gemstone to wear while drinking your Valentine’s Day wine.)  Even Leonardo Da Vinci believed the stone had a magical presence and helped him gain intellect.


How To Tell If Amethyst Is Real?

There are a few ways to tell if an Amethyst stone is real with the naked eye. One of the first indications has to do with color, as color ranges from one end of the purple spectrum to the next. The precise color doesn’t help distinguish its authenticity, but the range of colors in the stone does. For example, the traces of red and blue tones should create some color disturbances through the stone. If a stone is a singular color throughout (not changing upon light or rotation), it might be fake. In addition to color, Amethyst stones, in general, are eye clean and free of any cloudy residue in the stone. 


Where Is Amethyst Found?

While Amethyst can be found all over the world, the largest quantity of stones mined comes from fractures and cavities in the countries of Brazil and Uruguay. In the United States, Amethyst gemstones can be found in the state of Arizona (in the Four Peaks Mine). 



How Is Amethyst Formed? After an active volcano has erupted, lava makes its way to the earth’s crust and cools as it covers. Gas bubbles from the lava will try to get to the surface before the lava hardens. Oftentimes these bubbles of gas are trapped in the lava as it instantly cools - this is the first step in the creation of an Amethyst. Millions of years will then go by, and as the gas condenses over time, a beautiful and precious stone is created. 


How Amethyst Interacts With The Zodiac The Amethyst is known as the clarity stone. In fact, many use this stone to clear the crown chakra and provide balance to the mind. Many believe that those who were born in the eleventh house (Aquarius) and are tied to their birthstone (the Amethyst) through proximity and wearing the stone will have heightened use of the mind. 


Amethyst Jewelry Favorites

There are so many ways to wear an Amethyst stone. The unique color and healing properties are really great for anyone as a birthday gift, Valentine’s Day gift or even just to treat yourself. You can browse our selection of Amethyst jewelry and enjoy 30% off any Amethyst piece during the entire month of February. 

If you need some expert picks, we’ve rounded up a few of our personal favorites below.

Amethyst Earrings

  1. Amethyst Inside-Out Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver These striking and unique hoop earrings feature Amethyst gemstones inside and out and are set in genuine smooth sterling silver.
  2. Oval Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings Set in 10k white gold, these gorgeous earrings feature oval Amethyst gemstones adorned with diamonds.
  3. Beats of Love: Amethyst & Diamond Drop Earrings in 10K Rose Gold  These gorgeous sterling silver and 10 karat rose gold drop twist earrings feature a round "beating" genuine Amethyst center gemstone accented with a row of diamonds beneath. These earrings pair perfectly with our Beats of Love Twist Pendant featured next.

amethyst earrings

Amethyst Necklaces

  1. Beats of Love: Amethyst & Diamond Twist Pendant in 10K Rose Gold From our Beats of Love Collection, this gorgeous sterling silver and 10 karat rose gold drop twist pendant features a round "beating" genuine Amethyst center gemstone accented with a row of diamonds beneath.
  2. Amethyst & Diamond Infinity Drop Pendant in Sterling Silver  This Amethyst infinity design drop pendant features a genuine round gemstone center surrounded by diamonds, all set in sterling silver.

amethyst pendant

Amethyst Rings

  1. Amethyst & Garnet Three Row Band in 10K Rose Gold This three-row band features bezel-set amethysts and garnet gemstones set in a 10 karat rose gold design.
  2. Amethyst & Diamond 3 Stone Baguette Ring in 10k White Gold This vibrant Amethyst 3 stone band is crafted in 10-karat white gold and features white brilliant-cut diamonds on the outside. A modern take on the classic baguette-cut, the perfect addition to any jewelry box.


Amethyst Engagement Rings

  1. Emerald-Cut Amethyst Solitaire Engagement Ring This trendy and sophisticated African-Amethyst and diamond ring is crafted in lustrous 10-karat rose gold and features an octagon-cut African-Amethyst at its center with 26 round-cut, buttercup and pave-set diamonds along its delicate band.
  2. Vintage Amethyst Engagement Ring This vintage-inspired ring is crafted of 14k rose gold and features three beautiful emerald cut Amethysts at its center. 


Amethyst Bracelets

  1. Amethyst & Rose De France Gemstone Bracelet in Sterling Silver This colorful bracelet features gorgeous round genuine Amethysts and Rose De France gemstones crafted in sterling silver.
  2. Amethyst & Diamond Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver This colorful and candid genuine gemstone bangle bracelet features a genuine pear-shape Amethyst gem surrounded by round diamonds & adjacent end is also adorned with round diamonds; crafted of polished sterling silver.

amethyst bracelet
Want to shop more Amethyst jewelry? Browse through our entire Amethyst collection here or find one of our stores near you and let one of our jewelry consultants help you pick out the perfect piece.