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5 Happy Birthday Jewelry Gifts to Put on your Birthday Wishlist Now

Celebrate your birthday with those earrings and that necklace you’ve wished for, for so long! We bring you the five best jewelry ideas for your birthday wishlist.

Although every birthday deserves the glamorous gift of fine jewelry, some birthdays require a gift far more decadent than others. At Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak, we've spent decades adorning men and women in the just-right wedding bands, diamonds, necklaces, and timepieces for every special occasion. Ahead, you'll find the best jewelry birthday gifts to celebrate every decade in style.


Jewelry for 21st Birthday: Pave Diamonds

There's a special, sparkly significance that comes with your 21st birthday. Perhaps it's the fact you can enjoy your first (legal) alcoholic drink that makes turning 21 so impressionable.

If you have plans to celebrate by clinking champagne flutes with your besties, why not match the effervescent glint of dancing champagne bubbles with the equally intoxicating shimmer of pave diamond jewelry?


From the o

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5 Gorgeous and Simple Women’s Wedding Band Designs

Your engagement ring is the star of the show — you and your partner put time, effort and research into finding the perfect ring to represent your personality and love. It will be a sparkling symbol of your lasting relationship for the rest of your life, and you should definitely show it off with pride.


However, your wedding band deserves its own time to shine. The rings you exchange with your partner during your wedding ceremony hold such a special meaning because they solidify the promise you made to each other with your engagement. Wedding bands are not always as flashy as engagement rings, but they can carry so much meaning and love.


The key to finding your perfect wedding band is to figure out what kind of band will pair well with your engagement ring and be comfortable to wear alongside it. These simple, clean wedding bands can fit with nearly any engagement ring and have lots of opportunities for meaningful customization.


Julianna II. Matching Diamond Wedding Band 1/8ct. t.w. in 14K White Gold

Perfect for stacking — this simple diamond studded band will complement nearly any engagement ring style.


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Anniversary Ring: The Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Gift

Many happy couples say the first 10 years of marriage fly by, but it can still be surprising when you realize your 10 year anniversary is getting near. You made it through 10 years’ worth of life’s highs and lows together, and you’ve come out on the other side as steadfast partners with even more love. That’s something worth commemorating.


Anniversary rings are unique pieces of jewelry meant to celebrate a milestone in a marriage, and they make a perfect gift for a 10 year anniversary. You can choose a ring to expand upon your partner’s bridal set, or you can choose a ring for a different finger that you think captures the beauty of your continuing love. Here are a few of our favorite options for anniversary rings:


Round Diamond 1/4ctw. Band in 14k White Gold

This occasion calls for diamonds. Make your engagement ring pop even more with the extra diamonds on this band.


Ruby and Diamond Anniversary Ring 1/3ctw in 14k White Gold

Build on their jewelry collection with this magnificent ruby and diamond band.


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Find A Perfect Lindsay Lohan Engagement Ring Replica

Photo: Instagram- @lindsaylohan 

This summer, Lindsay Lohan tied the knot with her husband Bader Shammas and we couldn’t be happier for her! After dating for three years, Bader proposed in November 2021 with a stunning and simple cushion-cut engagement ring.


Lindsay posted pictures with this gorgeous 5-carat ring on Instagram the day of her engagement. If you’re inspired by Lindsay’s elegant ring choice, we’ve pulled together a few Rogers & Hollands/ Ashcroft & Oak rings we think are beautiful replicas of her fairy-tale-worthy ring.

Cushion-Cut 2ctw. Created Moissanite Bridal Set in 14k Rose Gold

This clean, simple cushion-cut ring is a trendy twin to Lindsay’s ring. This ring also has stones lining the band for a bit of extra sparkle.


Parker. Princess-Cut Lab Grown 2 3/4ctw. Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

If you’re going for all out stunning glam, this is the ring for you. A diamond halo surrounds a magnificent princess-cut center stone to create a cushion shape effect.


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5 Best Replicas of Gabrielle Union’s Wedding Ring

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are one of those adorable, loving celebrity couples we just can’t help but root for. Gabrielle has built her career as an influential actor, author and activist, and Dwayne ranks among the greatest basketball players of all time. They’re a true power couple, and Gabrielle has the perfect engagement ring to represent their love.

Dwayne proposed to Gabrielle with a magnificent 8.5 carat cushion-cut diamond. The ring is an absolute stunner that reportedly cost upwards of $1 million. We found five bold, glamorous engagement rings that capture the power of Gabrielle’s ring at a much more budget-friendly price range.

Lab Grown 7/8ctw. Cushion-Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Halo rings are everywhere right now — including this list — and it isn’t hard to see why. Halos add sparkle and elegance, and this cushion-cut ring is pure elegance.


Celine. Cushion-Cut Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

There’s a fairy-tale kind of magic to this double halo ring. The vaulted sides add some drama as the two diamond halos beautifully frame the cen

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Check Out These Stunning Designs! Summer Look: 5 Gorgeous Romantic Jewelry Pieces on Sale Now

As we settle into the middle of summer, you might be looking for a little bit of sparkle to complete your perfect summer wardrobe. Here at Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak, we have lots of bright, clean, trendy styles that will take your summer jewelry options to the next level. And bonus — these styles are ALL on sale right now.

Check out some of our favorite summer designs below, and be sure to grab them before they’re gone!

Opal Oval-Shape Diamond Halo Ring in Yellow Gold

Ethereal, shimmering opals are trendy yet timeless and the perfect addition to any summer outfit. If you’re looking for a colorful alternative stone for your engagement ring, this ring is an absolutely gorgeous option.


EFFY Aquamarine Pendant with Brown & White Diamond Halo in 14k White Gold

It’s not hard to get lost in the beauty of this ocean-colored, cushion-cut aquamarine pendant. Aquamarine is the birthstone for anyone born in March, so grab this pendant for the Pisces or Aries in your life before it's gone.


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The Hottest Summer 2022 Engagement Ring Trends Every Bride Should Know

Finding your engagement ring style can seem like one of the most intimidating choices you’ll ever make. You want to choose a ring that’s trendy and stylish but also has a design that will stand the test of time. You might want a lab-grown diamond or a unique gemstone or a specific diamond shape. But above all, you want to find a ring that matches your personal style and the kind of love you and your partner share.

There’s plenty to consider when browsing engagement rings, so it’s okay to feel a bit overwhelmed. At Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak, we’ve been matching people with their perfect rings for years, so we are happy to guide you in your search.

A great place to start is by identifying what styles of rings you like. It’s always a good idea to keep track of current engagement ring trends to discover new styles you might not have even known you wanted. Below we have four of the top engagement ring trends for summer 2022. Who knows, you might uncover your dream ring right here.

Toi et Moi Rings

When Ariana Grande got engaged to her now husband Dalton Gomez, her bold, unique ring caused plenty of buzz and debate online. Ariana’s ring featured not one, but two center stones in an asymmetrical formation on a simple band. This kind of ring is called a “toi et moi,” or “you and me,” ring and it has slowly but surely gained popularity since Ari’s engagement. It’s perfect for people who don’t want to choose just one center stone and it can have a beautiful significance with a stone to represent both you and your partner.

You & Me Two Stone 1ctw. Di

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How To Wear Your Promise Ring After The Wedding

Promise rings are beautiful, small symbols of commitment. They are often more modest pieces of jewelry than engagement rings, but still pretty and meaningful gifts that you can wear every day. If you have a promise ring, then you and your partner have probably known for a long time that you want to get married.


Now finally, your wedding has arrived and you can start your forever together! We are thrilled you are taking this next step as a couple. But despite the fact that you’re married now, your promise ring may still be a very important symbol for you and your partner. So how can you keep wearing your promise ring even after marriage?


We have three simple ideas to give your promise ring a new life after your wedding, so you can remember the early days of your love for the rest of your life.


Get your promise ring resized to wear on another finger.

Your promise ring can make a stunning accessory to wear on your right hand or another finger on your left hand. At Rogers & Hollands/Ashcroft & Oak, we are happy to help you craft your promise ring into a custom ring that will fit exactly how you want. You can even resize your promise ring to give to a relative or one of your children.


Repurpose the stones for a new piece of jewelry.

If your promise ring has diamonds, sapphires or any kind of shining stone, it can be repurposed into a new piece of jewelry. Transform the stones into a pendant, a pair of earrings or any kind of jewelry you wear on a regular basis. By creating a new piece of jewelry, you’re giving your promise ring a fun new life you’ll love for years to come.


Add the promise ring stones to your wedding band.

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5 Budget-Friendly Hayley Erbert Engagement Ring Replicas

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert are engaged! Hough, the Emmy Award winning dancer, actor and judge of Dancing with the Stars, proposed to So You Think You Can Dance star Erbert at their home this Spring.

On Erbert’s Instagram, @hayley.erbert, the couple discussed all the planning that went into their perfect, cozy home proposal. Derek went out of his way to make every detail perfect for Hayley, and that includes the ring. Reportedly, Derek consulted with the co-owner of Paris Jewellers, Chau Lui, to craft the magnificent, 4.5 carat ring.

It makes sense that a couple with such stunning talent would also choose a stunning ring. This sparkling oval cut diamond shines alone on a platinum band with a hidden halo to give it some extra shine. Hayley’s ring is trendy yet timeless, bold yet simple and the perfect ring to inspire your engagement ring search.

Here are five budget-friendly replicas of Hayley’s gorgeous ring to immediately save to your wedding mood board.

Gianna. Lab Grown 1 1/3ctw. Diamond Oval Hidden Halo Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow & White Gold

Available in yellow and white gold, this ring captures the classic yet eye-catching essence of Hayley Erbert’s ring. One oval diamond sits on top of a hidden halo of small sparkling diamonds on this timeless ring.

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4 Amazing Alternative Metal Men’s Wedding Bands: Platinum, Tungsten, Silver, and Steel

Did you know that men’s wedding bands can be made of platinum, rose or white gold, titanium, tungsten, silver, and even Damascus steel? We bring you the best men’s wedding band designs!

For every engagement, there is always a flood of friends and family who want to see the gorgeous engagement ring you spent so much time choosing for your future spouse. Their engagement ring is an important symbol in your marriage story, but your wedding band is just as important and meaningful. You’ll wear your wedding band for the rest of your life, and it should be a personal, durable, stylish band you can cherish forever.

Fortunately, men’s wedding band options have vastly expanded in recent years, so you have plenty of choices. The sheer number of possible rings can be overwhelming, but a great place to start is by selecting the kind of metal you want. Men’s wedding bands used to be offered mostly in gold, but there are now several metals to choose from — each with their own benefits.

Platinum, tungsten, silver and steel are all excellent alternative metals for men’s wedding rings, and we’ll discuss each of their strengths here. Once you figure out what metal and style you want for your ring, it’s easy to find a wedding band you’ll be proud to wear forever.


Platinum has been a popular metal in the jewelry world for years and it’s no wonder why — platinum’s unbelievable durability and beauty make it a perfect metal for lifelong wear. Even tougher than gold, platinum can handle nicks and scratches from everyday use. Platinum is also great for people with allergies and sensitivities to certain metals because it’s hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for a premium men’s wedding band with a matte, silvery look that you can pass down for generations, platinum might be the right metal for you.


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