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How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are very similar to the ring finger they are worn on, they get dirty, and this dirt can come from a variety of sources. Dirt and sediment from daily wear can build up in the crevices of the ring, specifically where the stone meets the metal. Dust can accumulate from storing your engagement ring or other jewelry out in the open, when you take it off to sleep or to exercise.

There are also several liquid elements which can eliminate the sparkle and shine of your engagement ring. Soap scum from washing your hands or doing the dishes is very common, and will easily dull the sparkle of even the highest quality diamond. The oils from lotions and even our natural skin oils can smudge and tarnish stones and metals of an engagement ring. Aside from the vanity aspect of a freshly cleaned diamond ring, the cleaning process is key in observing any flaws or potential structural issues which could eventually lead to a lost stone or a fractured band.

To begin cleaning your engagement ring at home you will need a bowl, dish soap, warm water, and a soft bristled toothbrush.

How to Clean an Engagement Ring

1. First make a solution with the warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

2. Let your engagement ring soak in this solution for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the level of impurities. (Shampoo or body wash can work in a pinch as long as there are no moisturizing elements present.)

3. After this soak, brush the stone with a very soft bristled toothbrush and rinse under warm water.

4. It is highly recommended to repeat this process for rings that haven't been cleaned in a while.

5. After the cleaning cycle is complete, dry the ring with a soft cotton

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Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts Delivered On-Time

If you’re wondering what to get mom for Mother’s Day at the last-minute and are in need of some last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’re not in trouble! We’ve got you. We know mom can be tough to shop for, and with tons of different gift options out there, it’s hard to find the perfect gift that you know your mom will love… and will deliver by May 9th! 

Luckily, we have plenty of last-minute jewelry ideas for you at affordable price points that will deliver just in time for Mother’s Day! See, we told you we’ve got you! Now that your heart rate has slowed down and you know there’s no need to panic, browse our list of last-minute presents for Mother’s Day hand-picked by our very own jewelry experts. Oh, mama! These diamond and gemstone jewelry pieces are perfect for any mom on your list, and will be a gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Delivery - Top 5 Expert Jewelry Gift Picks! 


Stunning Pear-Shaped Blue Sapphire Pendant

sapphire pendant

This pendant is so elegant she’ll never know it was a last-minute Mother’s Day gift! Perfect for any sophisticated mom, this pendant features a stunning pear-shaped created blue sapphire on a beautiful sterling silver chain. Expert tip! Sapphire is the September birthstone, so if your mom was born in September, this pendant would be a super thoughtful gift. Click here to browse our entire collection of sapphire jewelry for more last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.


Classic Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

Probably the best Mother’s Day jewelry gift is a pair of gold hoops. Gold hoops will always be in style, and they go with absolutely everything. Whether you’re shopping for a mom whose style is trendy, sophisticated, classic or cool, these versatile gold hoop earrings are crafted in 14 karat yellow gold, and will give any mom the best gift - a look that will never go out of style!


Pretty Heart Purple Cubic Zirconia Crystal & Opal Bear Pendant

bear necklace

If mama bear loves cute jewelry and fun little knick-knacks, this bear pendant is a fun and sweet gift! Perfect for new moms, this cuddly bear pendant features a round opal stone and one purple heart cubic zirconia stone all set in sterling silver. Whether mom has a gang of cubs she’s constantly taking care of or is a brand new mama bear, this adorable necklace is the perfect way to thank her for being the best mom ever.


Mom Blue Magic Topaz and Diamond Heart Pendant

mom necklace

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Emerald Earrings | Choosing the Best Emerald Earrings

Emerald Halo EarringsEmerald earrings are a category of emerald jewelry which packs a virtually endless supply of symbolism, style, healing, and positivity into an approachable package perfect for the Spring. Since ancient civilizations, earrings have always been associated with womanhood and self-identification. We still acknowledge this meaning as piercing the ears is a rite of passage for infants in many cultures.

These halo stud earrings to the left feature one 8mm round created emerald surrounded by a unique rope look all set in 14 karat white gold.

While earrings can be quite simple, the emerald has an abundance of style to offer. Holding significance in almost every holy and spiritual denomination, the emerald symbolically is so vast the wearer can hand pick what precisely the green gem means to them. For starters, the emerald represents rebirth, and life. This cements the emerald as the official stone for Spring, and also birthstone for the month of May.

Shop oval-shape emerald earrings here.

Emerald earrings are a style staple in every wardrobe. The luxuriant green exudes elegance and spirit. On the ears, the green will make brown eyes deeper, blue eyes more striking, there is a reason the popularity has spanned the ages. When paired with yellow gold, this duet is the go to combination for formal occasions and black tie affairs. Emerald earrings with white gold or sterling silver can walk the line of casual or formal, and bring excitement and class to a ballgame or the opera.

Emerald Drop EarringsThese gorgeous

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Emerald Necklaces | The Green Birthstone of May

Emerald NecklaceOne color in particular that simply cannot go unnoticed this Spring 2021 is green. This color is synonymous with new life, nature and good luck. With shades of luxurious green making waves in the fashion world, one green gemstone growing rapidly in popularity is the emerald. Most specifically, emerald necklaces.

The emerald is the gem of Springtime, the birthstone for May and the gem to mark the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. This vibrant green stone ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale giving it a durable property which makes it ideal for everyday wear on anything from an emerald ring to an emerald necklace. While there are other green

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Emerald Rings | Top Styles for Every Woman

Emerald RingEmerald rings allow the wearer to take full advantage of the stone’s rarity and at the same time add the splash of color which falls directly in line with modern taste. One category of ring design which cannot be ignored is the vintage emerald engagement ring style. With the emerald being a softer gemstone, falling in at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, surrounding it with a halo of diamonds is a purposeful design concept which has been utilized for hundreds of years.

From the Georgian era to the Victorian era, this diamond halo ring approach originally created to mimic flowers, resurged in the deco era of the 1920’s, and now in modern times as emerald rings are at the top of the list for many brides-to-be.

This created emerald ring to the left features a genuine cushion-cut 5mm created emerald center surrounded by a halo of diamonds, all set in sterling silver.

Emerald engagement rings certainly make up the top-tier when it comes to ring categories, but under this umbrella of emerald rings, emerald gemstone bands are highly sought after as well. Being the official stone of Spring, and also the birthstone for May, it is the perfect time to bring this symbol of rebirth into your collection. Whether paired with a white gold band that subdues the color of the emerald or the classic yellow gold pairing which offers the full flash the green stone is capable of, there is a triple meaning of life, royalty, and power which is contained in these emerald rings, and unleashed when worn.

Diamond Emerald Ring

This princess-cut band to the right features both emerald gemstones and diamonds all set in 10 karat white gold.

What makes an emerald? Emerald rings are something truly special to behold. The deep green gemstone is said to be rarer, and at times, more expensive than diamonds. The emerald holds properties in its geological makeup putting the stone in a category all on its own! Beryl, the mineral variety to which the emerald belongs, is generally found pure, in a colorless state.

When trace amounts of chromium or vanadium are present the familiar emerald color is developed. To even be considered an emerald, it is the color which makes that determination. The stone must fall in the range of bluish green to slight yellowish green. Any stone with a weak saturation or too light a hue is simply green beryl, if the stone is too greenish blue it becomes aquamarine, and if it is too greenish yellow it becomes a heliodor.

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The Meaning & History of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone RingThe moonstone has been used in jewelry since the time of ancient civilizations. This translucent kaleidoscope-like stone, with otherworldly rainbow flashes of light from different angles has long held observers in awe. The Romans believed it was an actual solidified ray of light from the moon. The Greeks attached the stone to their lunar gods and goddesses as well.

More recently artisans of the art nouveau period, at the turn of the 20th century, created large quantities of jewelry with the moonstone. Found mostly in deposits in Europe, the moonstone can also be sourced in Mexico and the United States. The enchanting moonstone finds itself the official gemstone of the state of Florida due to the Kennedy Space Center, although no moonstone naturally occurs there.


The ring to the left features a 5x7mm oval moonstone and 2 round diamonds all set in 10 karat yellow gold.


According to, “Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability moonstone necklaceand stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.”


The pendant to the right features a 5mm moonstone surrounded by 12 round diamonds on an 18-inch whisper chain all set in sterling silver.


While a creamy rainbow, almost alien, refraction of light is common in the moonstone, the most sought after examples will be glassy with an electric blue shimmer. The moonstone is not the strongest stone, rating between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so care must be taken with all jewelry applications. Common designs will set the stone lower in a setting surrounded by harder stones to protect the moonstone from knocks.


Moonstone RingThe ring to the left can be worn in so many ways! Wear it as a stackable or let it shine on its own, it is very versatile! This fashion ring is created in 10k rose gold with a blue moonstone center set in a vintage-inspired setting.


With moonstone having an affordability and availability not shared by other stones of such extraterrestrial qualities, the moonstone jewelry sits at

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Mother-in-Law Jewelry Gifts | Necklaces, Bracelets & Earrings She Will Love

Mom-in-law can be hard to impress. No matter how close you guys might be, you’ll always want her to see you in the best light. When it comes to picking out a gift for her, though, she might just be the hardest person on your list to shop for! That’s where we come in. If you’ve ever wondered how you can thank your mother-in-law, or what special gift you should get her for Christmas, Mother’s Day, her birthday, you name it… we’ve got you covered. 

The gift of jewelry is a timeless and thoughtful gift that truly comes from the heart. Your bonus mom is sure to love a piece that you’ve picked out to show her how much she means to you. Keep reading for a list of easy jewelry picks that will not only knock her socks off, but will be a gift she’ll treasure for years to come. Plus, if you’re on a budget, we have plenty of different price ranges to help you find a beautiful piece of jewelry that will impress her

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Everything You Need To Know About April’s Birthstone: The Diamond

Songs are written about them, wars have been fought over them, the iconic diamond is a luxury that truly lures in passion, love and respect. While every stone captivates with its beauty and meaning, there’s something about the diamond that makes it a girls’ best friend. For those born in the month of April, you’re in luck! Your birthstone, the diamond, is one of the most precious stones in the world. From the stone’s sparkle, durability and rich history, it’s a valuable stone that suits any piece of jewelry or precio

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Floral Engagement Rings | Why It's So Popular

Floral Diamond Engagement RingIt is no surprise that in virtually all eras from the Georgian to the modern, the ring design that continues to remain popular for couples all over the world is the floral engagement ring. Floral-inspired diamond engagement rings are typically found in many different diamond shapes and sizes so there are plenty of options if a floral engagement ring is on your mind!

The ring to the left

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What is a Pre-Engagement Ring?

Pre-engagement rings are seeing a rise in popularity, with the non-traditional matrimonial norms over taking the traditional. 

Heart Pre-Engagement Ring

The concept of pre-engagement rings is nothing new in our society, and this idea has been traced all the way back to 15th century England. In that era these posy rings, as they were called, were engraved with romantic poetry, and adorned with gemstones. 

See this beautiful Diamond Cluster Heart Shape Pre-Engagement Ring to the right in 10K Rose Gold > 

As the "posy ring" faded in popularity, the acrostic ring (a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words) was the pre-engagement ring of desire for the Georgian and Victorian era. These rings would feature an array of gemstones that would spell out a “secret” message between the giver and recipient. For example, “Adore” would be spelled with the stones Amethyst - Diamond - Opal - Ruby - Emerald. Now, that’s a trend worth making a comeback. The white & rose gold diamond pre-engagement ring shown here features 1/4 carat total weight brilliant-cut white diamonds.

Pre Engagement RingTHE PROMISE RING

The promise ring would appear in the more recent past, the 1970s. High school boys gave a ring as a sign of “going steady.”  While the names and historic significance are different, the meaning is the same. Pre-engagement rings are just what they are, a promise to marry, eventually. Whether due to financial circumstances, or merely one’s desire to take things slow in the relationship, the pre-engagement ring is a gesture of commitment.


Pre-engagement rings and promise rings are similar in the sense of the representation of commitment, but they differ in how they are worn. Since pre-engagement rings are a placeholder for the soon-to-follow engagement ring, they can be worn on the recipient’s left ring finger. Promise rings are generally worn on any of the other fingers, but that one.  Typically, to avoid confusion, the promise ring is worn on the right ring finger.

Is a pre-engagement ring or promise ring right for you? That is the underlying question. Marriage is not for every

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