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Black & Copper Axis Single Watch Winder

Trusted patented technology and sleek design make Axis an ideal addition to your collection. Features custom copper metal plating, micro suede interior, locking glass cover, backlit LCD display, copper finished hardware, and a single winding module. What is a WOLF Watch Winder? A WOLF winder is a handmade precision instrument. From the optimum size of drum and cuff to the technology that delivers exact turns per day, we test the test to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality – nothing is left to chance. A WOLF winder focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Only a WOLF counts rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. Ensuring the highest commitment to quality, every WOLF winder is covered by a 2-year warranty and can be traced to birth by its serial #.

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    5.5"L X 8.75"W X 6.75"H
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